March 13, 2012

Leadership is not easy

With leadership comes great responsibilities.

One has to change in many ways in order to be a good leader ( I mean at the personnel level). The personnel qualities of a person have to improve inorder for him to be a good leader. Good lisetening skills, controlled temperamnet, people hadeling, control over what you say etc., are just a few areas that a person has to improve if he wants to be a good leader.

Unfortunately I have learned this the hard way, that is by making big mistakes. It did hurt (badly) when I realized what had gone wrong, but the positive was I learned and am now in the right track.

What is important to remember is that a true leader is one that sticks to the correct way and does not go back to his old ways at times of crises or pressure.

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  1. Yaqin. Zhu

    Nice post. what is correct way? What do you think about it ?

    13 Mar 2012, 04:50

  2. By correct way, I meant the changed way of the person.
    The changed way is after over comming the personnel weaknesses, like short temper, not being a good listener, being in the habit of saying things out of context (loose talking), etc.
    Hence the correct way would be to try to adopt and practie all the properties that a good leader should posses (I have mentioned some in my earlier posts).
    It is hard, but nothing is impossible and practice makes perfect !

    13 Mar 2012, 04:58

  3. Yaqin.Zhu

    Nice comments. Sometimes we loose talking might because some key words what we received are too remarkable.

    13 Mar 2012, 05:50

  4. Yaqin. Zhu

    Hey, saying things out of context shows those ones who have out-box thinking. They might not be good at process thinking, but those individuals might be good at creative thinking. You could force creative people to do process work well, but you might cannot force process people to do creative work well. What do you think about it ?

    13 Mar 2012, 09:29

  5. Ilektra-maria Kaldi

    I think that only by the fact that you want to improve your skills as an individual and a leaders as well by doing a master, seems that you’re a person who doesn’t rest in his laurels. You understood that your leadership skills weren’t the appropriate in the hard way, but you didn’t give up. That is what many leaders might have done when they had the same problem. Instead you’re trying and I’m pretty sure that you like the changes and improvements that you see in your leadership style. :)

    15 Mar 2012, 01:14

  6. Yaqin.Zhu

    There is no reason that we should give up. I am sure that there will be ones speak out the fair voice.

    15 Mar 2012, 04:03

  7. Daniella Abena Badu

    The module leadership and excellence has surely made a positive impact in my life as I can see its made impact on yours to. It has literally transformed my perception of the organisation I work for, initially I used to see my job as a place where I had to work hard or get sacked but enlightenment from the course makes feel that am a valued staff, with my presence contributing to the profits of the organisation. I know I won’t get sacked because am good at what I do. What a relief.

    15 Mar 2012, 22:24

  8. Yaqin

    A good learning enviroment should let the voice to be heard by anyone. It should welcome anyone’s coments. Because it is a sharing learning enviroment, isn’t it?

    18 Mar 2012, 08:23

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