May 04, 2012

KNowledge management in my company

Knowledge management is important as it can be used as a sustained competitive advantage which would not only be difficult by competitors to copy, but give the company a source to always rely upon for information.

Basically knowledge could be classified into three categories:

Impersonal knowledge which consists of ideas and information made explicit in documents and files (explicit knowledge). Personal knowledge which is tacit and stored in the brains (tacit knowledge). Inter personal knowledge which is communicated implicitly in the conversations and connections of people (implicit knowledge). (Boughzala et. al.)

I have found it real difficult to getthe tacit and implicit knowledge. In my company we are trying to capture the tacit knowledge through training, by making the holder of the knowledge responsible for training others. This approach has helped but people still continue to hold back some vital information ( i keep using knowledge and information - got to clear the difference between the two). Got lot of work to do to really make our company a company that knows how to manage knowledge !

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  1. Mythili Madapati

    Paminder what you said in class the other day really struck me. You said it took over 20 years and its still in the process of implementing knowledge management in your company. What confuses me about this is that knowledge is the basic intellectual need of man. We talk about and implement what we learn day in and day out. Why is it that the most basic need takes us soo long to store and balance? Is it because there are not enough effective tools which show us how we can capture knowledge or is it because we give knowledge management the last priority and focus on other areas of the business first? Are there no tools because knowledge is based on human characteristics and every employee is different from the other??
    When we were making the presentation for kbam i remember assigning knowledge management for only the first 2 years of the change plan. After listening to what you said we decided to keep it for all 5 years and so on and so forth till the company survived. Why is it that it is so difficult and takes so much hard work to store what we ourselves produce??

    06 May 2012, 15:21

  2. Mythili, I know i am late in responding to your comment. But how i see it, is that we take the knowledge we have for granted. We think that we will never forget. we assume that all the people around us are going to remain there for ever. But how wrong we are, neither do people stay for ever nor do we have such a strong memory that we can remember everything.
    More over it is human nature to improve upon what ever we haave. So if we set upa Knowledge managing system today, it is bound to be out dated or improved upon in the near future. Knowledge management has to be an on going process just like knowledge improvvement !

    19 Jun 2012, 10:49

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