March 11, 2013

QRM Lecture Day 1

Quality is the grade of excellence which is the grade that satisfying customers or answering the customers needs. It is very important to the business because quality shows the company's performance, increase customer satisfaction, eliminate errors, and it is the result of the business' performance. Moreover, quality isn't just for the business but it's also for services, such as schools and healthcares.

Reliability means the quality over the "period of TIME". This session said about the cost of unreliability or unaviability which are related to each other. the examples of the business which are required reliabilty as the main thing are airline and military.

This module (QRM) will concern about the whole of product life cycle.

-Aid to decision making

-Gives perspective

-Understanding major issues


-Useful tools

-Relevant to all products, processes, and services

Quality is done for customer satisfaction. Thus, we have to know that there are 2 types of customers. One is internal customers. It is the person in the chain. The latter is external customers which is the end customers. The company has to focus on the customers rather than the shareholders because it will please to the benefit of shareholders. If it focus too much on shareholders and not satisfy the customers, the shareholder won't get any prifit.


Policy Deployment

People didn't plan to fail but they fail to plan. There are 4 types of planning: strategic planning, operation planning, project planning, and financial plan. The efford that company should put on design, operation, and maintenance is 1:10:100. It is because the last one is relate to the customer which is the main thing that should be concerned about.

There is a diagram called IMAI which is put quality on Y axis and time on X axis. Between the loop of plan-do-check-act, it is suggested that the company should put a quality control to. In this case it is reccommended that the company should implement ISO9000 system between the loop.

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