June 10, 2013

journey towards excellence

through waveriders we got to know how to achieve excellence in an organziation. solving this case study has helped us in getting an insight about our future, we know how important leadership is in any organization, we know how to make robust decisions, we know how to manage assets and lastly we know how important knowledge management is.

all the presentations made till now incorporated tools that helps in achieving excellence in any organization.

we are aware of all th tools and techniques that we can use in our jobs and businesses that can guarantee fruitful results.!


this was the model we proposed during our presentation to promote KM in waveriders. Km is new to waveriders so it becomes very important to start from the basic level. KMMM helps the comapny to share knowledge no matter at which level they are operating to start with ad-hoc. once the company understands how important knowledge is then they would take every possble way to share it more so that the goals of the organization are achieved in every possible way.!

as it is derived from the EFQM model and the company implements EFQM therefore the self assessment process is not new to the company, but now the employees can evaluate themselves in terms of how efficient they are in sharing knowledge and learning.

for any organization to function effectively it becomes important to become a learning organization first where there is an urge to learn more and where there are no personal goals instead shared goals.

the day the organizations understand what KM is and the day they realize how important it is then half of their success would already be achieved.


Benchmarking is another very powerful tool with the help of which any asset can be managed. it helps in bridging the gap between where one is and where they see themselves in the future.

it helps in understanding where the performance is lacking and helps in choosing the most appropriate processes.

in case of waveriders it was must to go with competitive benchmarking where they can see in which aspect their competitors are performing better and where they are better than them. the best competition is with the company itself and they have to perform better than what they were performing the year before.

internal benchmarking helps the company to know where they are lacking internally within the departments, within the production units situated overseas.

no major expenditure is incurred in this rather than it provides a platform for more effective planning and improving the process.

therefore in such a situation it is a must for waveriders where they are tight on expenses and are trying to improve their current situations!!


when we here the word outsourcing the first thing that comes into our mind is that it is very expensive and can u really trust the other person who is doing the job for you. but thats really not the case. outsourcing is in practice since 1980s and there a numberof options available so as to how a company wants to outsource.

the best way to avoid the contractors greed for profit and vat on the services is to enter into an agreement with them where they provide services on the basis of user-fee. in house management team should also be involved so that they learn how to managae things on their own. giving the entire responsility to the contractor is never a good option therefore it is always good to share the responsibilities

it is an ideal way to function when you tend to operate overseas and you can manage everything at the same time. sometimes company enter into a joint venture with an oversea company so that respnsibilties can be taken care off but when the option for Joint venture is closed then outsourcing is the best option.

upgradation of technologies

gone are the days when an architect had to sit and design any building and manually do all the artwork, time has changed a and a number of softwares are available which people are still not aware about for example CAFM. mini based cad systems together with CAFM can help an organization in a number of ways. options like 2 - D and 3-D modelling are available which can help in desgning even the most diffcult drawings. majr advantage of using this is that it is really cost effective and that was one of the reasons for choosing it as a tool for waveriders.

company is not in a position to spend so much therefore there was an urgent need to come up with a plan which does not press the finances of the company. with the help of this company can be more innovative, though initially they require a consultant who can guide them with the process. another major advantage is that it can monitor the alterations of the company's profile and can make projections for the next 5 years.

apart from being economical it can be very easily used as it makes use of the spread sheet something of which we are aware since childhood. it serves as the databases for inventories, project budget etc. in short it is a very powerful tool.

June 09, 2013

Facilities management and situational awareness

facilities management takes a holistic view of almost all the other aspects of asset management therefore it is referred to as asset management..situational workshop was conducted during the module where we realized that even a small mistake can create a big blunder.. FM acts as a monitor over all the other aspects as it has its hands in almost all the department.

in an organization it becomes very important that the enviornment in which the workers are working should not be harsh i.e they should not work in extreme conditions because it increases their chances of making mistakes and that can cause havoc.

the space within which the workers are working is extremely important and this is one area which normally the management ignores, sometimes it becomes very important to work where there is no space to walk specially in manufacturing companies where there are big big machines fitted in the working area with no space to walk also. such issues are important because they can damage the productivity of the workers which in turn damages the productivity of the organization, therefore it should be of utmost importance for any company to pay attention to such things as well. paying salaries to the workers is just not enough creating a healthy spacious working environment is also their moral responsibilty.

April 28, 2013


Going back to October during our first module we came across this term learning organization and after the completion of this module we have finally witnessed one.it is none other than our class room, where we used to gather to share information, learn each from other and minimize te barrier to learning.. ealrier we were instilled with competition but now we know how bad it can be for any individual or any organization, it can deccelarate the growth, by bad am not saying its an evil but in our daily routine we become so much engrossed in it that we want to limit knowledge just to ourselves in order to become superior.. but now thats not the case for most of us... we know by sharing we learn more..and continue to practice throughout our lives.!!

knowledge management!!

asset management is incomplete without knowlege management and thats why it explains why they both can be integrated...

knowledge management is important for every organization but mostly the organizations are unaware of it.. knowledge sharing just like asset management is an integral part of any organization but there are various barriers to this learning, sometimes there is mis-communication , sometimes the culture of the organization does not support it.

the model suggested by our team KBMM can be very effective for any organization as it starts at the basic level where no one really knows about what knowledge management is all about.. there are stages to it and any company depending on which model they use can track their growth. like for example in case of waveriders , the compant implements efqm model therfore they can use self assessment in order to track their growth..

definitely like ay other model, this model also has some specific guidlines and criteria which one has to follow..it does not make you perfect in the field of knowledge management but surely increases your understanding and awareness about it.

asset management and situtuational awareness!!

with respect to asset management, situational awareness becomes very important and that is the reason why that workshop was conducted.. making use of the best practice is just not enough what becomes more important is the situational awareness while managing the asset.

as mentioned earlier sometimes labours are required to function in extreme conditions due to which they are tired and more prone to making mistakea and such small mistakes can have large implications.

in order to avoid this proper training is required, apart from this there should be proper communication between the employees, and monitoring mechanism should also be used, for example cctv cameras should be installed everywhere, there should be a separate department to monitor the activities, layer of management can also be increased sometimes.

after watching those videos everyone has realized the importance of situational awareness and am sure it becomes the responsibility of everyone to increase the awareness.!!

use of Portfolio

this was our very first module where me made a portfolio which comprised of all the justifications of our choices, meetings and conclusions..

this was a very good measure because in order to provide justification to something you first need to analyze the matter very carefully, which helped us in in- depth understanding of the topic, secondly recording the minutes of the meeting and the decisions made helped us in working more efficiently and linking our work to the very first day we started working , whenever the meeting used to happen we already knew what decisions had already been made and used to follow from there.

plus it gave a professional taste in the way we worked, it gave a feeling that we are actually working for a company in real, and because of maintaining a portfolio we did make better decisions!!

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