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September 29, 2010

Halloween Music Challenge

Today I was challenged to record a song for Halloween. I was hesitant at first — I have better things to do, like sitting around wondering whether to switch to soy for good — but I accepted the challenge in the end.

You can listen to the result here. No viruses — I promise.

Putting poetry to music is like putting music in a toaster.

I don't know how many active musicians are in the postgraduate program at Warwick, but I'm always looking for new people with whom to collaborate.

Yesterday, in conversation with one of my tutors, I got the idea to record a song the lyrics to which would be a poem by the relatively obscure American, Jack Spicer. This is the result. You can download the mp3; there are no viruses.

Putting poems to music is a great pastime. I've done it with WWI poems, Yeats poems, and a couple of poems by Alasdair Gray. So far I'm happiest with this one.

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