March 13, 2007

Paganism and Buddhism

Writing about web page

A propos events. There is a discussion on this at the Earth Spirit’s meeting on the 18th April. Have look at the website for details.

Time: 18th April, 20pm
Location: Albany Pub in Earlsdon (upstairs)

Mercian Gathering

Writing about web page

I was asked to announce this by Anna Franklin :

The Mercian Gathering
Pagan Camp 31st August, 1st September and 2nd September
Nr Nuneaton, Warks
Adults £37, Child under 16 £13, under 6’s free
Talks from Michael Dames, Pete Jennings, Rae Beth, Anna Franklin and many more
Workshops on wand making, belly dancing, morris dancing, ritual movement, Mithraism, herbs and many more
Entertainment- Vikings, bardic evening with Damh the Bard, Taliesin, Gary Brienholt, Saturday night with the fabulous Dolmen, Ash and Ian, Morris Dancers
Flaming labyrinth, wicker man, waywyrd fire show, stilt walkers
Cafe, hot tubs and much, much more

February 18, 2007

Paganism and other religions

This is a memorandum on the occasion of the upcoming WIRD meeting.

On paganism:
Paganism is a collective term which encompasses traditional belief systems based on pre-christian mythologies and metaphysical world views driven by the concept of magic. Individual pagan practices are often hybrid in nature, pulling from many different sources.

Relation to other religions:
Other religions are typically regarded as a source of inspiration for individual ritual work. For historical reasons there are some tensions with the Christian churches, which have claimed copyrights on pagan festivals like Yule (Christmas) or Ostara (Easter).

What we would like to get out of WIRD:
  • an understanding of the nature of the different religions represented at Warwick
  • understanding of other mystical concepts and ritual techniques

What we can contribute to WIRD will strongly depend on the nature of the meetings. Let’s see…

Pagan Society Social 1st of March

Dear all,
I would like to invite you to the first social of the Pagan society in this year. We will have it on the thursday evenning (8pm), which is the 1st of march. For a location I suggest the Inspires Cafe in Coventry. Let me know if you intend to come so I get an idea of numbers.

Since the last meeting is quite a while back, I will set no specific discussion topic. Although I might have some things to report from the meeting of the WIRD (warwick inter faith round table) meeting which is held this week. =) Also let me know in case you are interested to represent the Pagan society at this meeting with me.

Hope to see you at the social if not before!


November 07, 2006

Pagan society meets

Follow-up to Welcome Back and Introductory Meeting from Pagan Society

on the 15th of november from 8pm in the Inspire Bar in Coventry.

October 05, 2006

Welcome Back and Introductory Meeting

Hello and welcome back! Our first meeting/social will be on the

thursday, october 12th from 7pm in the graduate.

Come along to find out what Pagan soc is about, chat with old friends and make some new ones. =)

May 02, 2006

Next meeting: Satanism

Update: The meeting will take place on the evening of monday, the 29th of may.

Time and Location: From 8pm in the Whitefriars Pub in 114–115 Gosford street, Coventry

( I put together some powerpoint slides, which I deposit here for later use. )

For the next meeting we aim at Monday the 22nd of may – with a backup alternative of the 24th. We'll talk about Satanism and I will dig out a bit of background knowledge as a basis for discussion.

Some motivating questions which have been raised at the last meeting and which we will examine are:

  • Why is Paganism often linked with Satanism? In particular the way paganism or occultism is portrayed in films.
  • Evolution of the devil: From Pan and Prometheus to Lucifer.
  • What is the Church of Satan? What are its principles?
  • Satan as the chaotic forces of nature?

March 12, 2006

Meeting on Beltane

They society will reconvene in april to discuss matters around the upcoming high festival of Beltane [ wiki ] [ BBC ] .

Time and location were 1st of may in the City Arms in Earlsdon. (was arranged last minute so I had no time to update it here).

On the name Beltane: Wiki . Old gaelic or irish, meaning something like "bright fire".

On the gods: By Belenos! By Belisama!

And via paganweb:

Appropriate Deities for Beltane include all Virgin–Mother Goddesses, all Young Father Gods, all Gods and Goddesses of the Hunt, of Love, and of Fertility. Some Beltane Goddesses to mention by name here include Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Artemis, Astarte, Venus, Diana, Ariel, Var, Skadi, Shiela–na–gig, Cybele, Xochiquetzal, Freya, and Rhiannon. Beltane Gods include Apollo, Bacchus, Bel/Belanos, Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Faunus, Cupid/Eros, Odin, Orion, Frey, Robin Goodfellow, Puck, and The Great Horned God.

On traditions etc., due to lack of time I just link to this article , which is a bit arbitrary though, since google spits out a lot..

Anyway, the next meeting will be on Satanism wiki.

March 09, 2006

Meeting tonight at 7pm in the Graduate

Follow-up to Meeting on Tarot from Pagan Society

… discussion Tarot and other things..

and voila:

.. good night with some card reading and discussion. Special thanks to Cristina for excellent divinatory services =)

I may briefly comment on the healthy scepticicsm ot the scientific mind, which was expressed during the discussion.

Critic: The problem with using the Tarot cards to, say, increase awareness of your current life situation, desires, hidden confilicts or fears etc. is that

  1. drawing of the cards is random and may point into the completely wrong direction
  2. since the cards are interpreted either by you or another person, the message will always be subjective and hence not reliable or trustworthy.

Tarot-advocate (me in this case): I believe that this critique is based on a difference in perspective. Tarot is a tool used on the grounds of the conviction, that your subjectivity and the nature of relationships with people are important in life. And it is exacly this realm that you aim to explore when working with Tarot cards or comparable tools. So a Tarot reading explicity builds upon personal reactions and interpretations of the cards.

And for the randomness, well, that is for everyone himself to decide =)

For that I'll quote some anecdote accredited to Niels Bohr, who had a horse shoe over his desk. One day a student asked if he really believed that a horse shoe brought luck. Professor Bohr replied, "I understand that it brings you luck if you believe in it or not."

February 16, 2006

Mystical Qabalah

Follow-up to Meeting on Tarot from Pagan Society

This wednesday we joined the highly interesting meeting of the Earth Spirit group in Coventry. They hold regular meetings every month typically featureing talks and discussions, but also including celebration of festivals like the spring equinox and participation at the Leamington Peace festival in June. So I believe we will be back.

That very meeting featured a talk and discussion about Crowley's Qabalah, moderated by a very competent speaker.

Here are some books recommendation for further reading:

  1. Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune [ Amazon link ], ISBN: 1578631505
  2. The Shining Paths, Dolores Ashcroft, Nowicki, [ Amazon link ], ISBN: 1870450302
  3. Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford by Lion Milo DuQuette, [ Amazon link] ], ISBN: 1578632153
  4. Simplified Qabala Magic by Ted Andrews, [ Amazon link ].
  5. Tarot Workbook by Emiliy Peach [ Amazon link ]
  6. Qabalah: A Magical Primer by John Bonner [ Amazon link ]

Also two links on ritual work (Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram):

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