November 19, 2004

About One World Week Festival

Follow-up to Warwick One World Week– The World's Largest Student Run International Event from Warwick One World Week's blog

In the middle of the bleak British winter people of Warwick are to be offered the hottest event on the University’s calendar. Recognised as the world’s largest student run international event, January 2005 is preparing to launch the biggest and brightest One World Week to date.

This celebration of cultural diversity within student life will run from 13th to 22rd January 2005 hosting a huge range of festivities day and night and transforming Warwick campus and the union into a global melting pot.

For those of you who have not witnessed One World week before be prepared for the explosion of colour and carnivals, performance and parties, fashion and feasting, and music and mayhem!

Alongside the festival runs the forum, your chance to interact with leading speakers on the issues which affect both home and international students.

These energetic and enthusiastic days are designed to offer students the opportunities international recognition brings, and what is more, the chance to witness must-see events such as the One World (it’s time to) Party!!!

Warwick One World Week– The World's Largest Student Run International Event

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Warwick One World Week, recognised as the world’s largest student run international event, OWW is a fusion of cultures and traditions, conversation and debate, unique to the University of Warwick and the 800 students or more that participate each year. In its 11th year of running, and in unison with the University’s 40th birthday, this years OWW is a celebration EVERYONE should know about!!

First established in 1995 as a small scale project, OWW was intended to inspire thought and appreciation for other cultures and customs as well as deliberation and discussion of many challenging topics in international affairs. Over the years, the success of OWW has allowed it to become a model utilised by other student unions around the U.K as well as becoming a member of UNESCO’s culture of peace campaign, and appearing in their international calendar of events.

This years OWW promises to be one of the best yet, comprising a combination of the Forum and Festival.

The topic for the Forum 2005 is titled ‘Youth in the New Millennium’ and consists of 4 main components- the Focus Talks, Interactive Discussions, the Weekend Conference and the Arts. Guests and speakers include Kent Jones, Professor of BABSUN College USA; Bawa Jain, Secretary General of the World Council of Religious Leaders; Professor David Little of the Harvard School of Divinity; and Ewin Judd,the Director of UNICEF. Through debate, discussion and interactive lectures involving students and these distinguished speakers, the Forum aims to create a universal view based on the understanding, appreciation and acceptance of the world’s mosaic of cultures.

The Festival is a celebration of culture and diversity incorporated through the Europe, American and Caribbean, Middle East and Africa, Australasia and the all new UK day. At night, events such as Holla, SensAsian, Hot Banana, Apreski and Zorba are just a few of our stunning events attracting leading global acts, musicians, DJ’s and performers. All this, as well as the World Carnival and World Party makes OWW a celebration full of numerous events, transforming the University campus into a global melting pot of cultures, colours, food, fashion and music.

Now you tell me…who would want to miss out on that!

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