May 27, 2006

Punk Soc Explosive All Dayer 3

Writing about web page

This is gonna be great fun:

Punk Soc Explosive All Dayer 3

December 09, 2005

All–dayer Photos

Writing about web page

I have finally got round to putting up the photos from the all-dayer in November. It is going to take a while but they will eventually all be up there soon!!

You can see them here

September 28, 2005

Thank You For Your Hypo Psycho Comments

Follow-up to Mark, I am jealous from Oli W

Thank you all for your comments on my first Hypo Psycho entry

It appears some of you missed the whole point of the post, never mind as I will explain it now for you and your simple minds:

Mark's original blog entry was on his personal Warwick Blog , he was not going out of his way to try and tell as many people as possible that he didn't like the band Hypo Psycho. Mark was instead just blogging his opinions on a band he had seen perform live and did not feel were that good, if you bother to look his blog also has entries where he praises bands – this is something called an opinion.

My blog entry was aimed at the people claiming that 'this website should be shut down' and how disgraceful it was that he could say this about the band and promote it so openly on the internet. The only reason people discovered his blog entry, other than friends who know him anyway, is because Warwick Blogs appears quite high on google search results.

To summarise:

My view on Hypo Psycho – I really couldn't care about them, I do not know them so have no reason to wish ill upon them.

My view on over-reactive 'fans' – please calm down.

June 14, 2005

Breaking News Story…

Wow, apparantly smoking and obesity age you ( link ), I really would never have guessed. It is such a good thing that so much time and effort is spent finding this stuff out for us.

June 05, 2005

World Domination

One way of avoiding revision = google.

Although this has thrown up some interesting results, it appears me, or at least my ever-so-obvious alias 'Oli W' is slowly taking over, in google searches anyway, link

Also impressive, it distracted me from revision anyway was this result

I wonder how many wonderful 'scene' points that gets me…

So, google first, where next? Only time can tell, (insert cheesy evil laugh)

April 27, 2005

Week 2 Interviews

Have managed to get an interview with Flogging Molly in Brum on Friday, I have also received confirmation, just now, that I will be interviewing Mad Caddies on Sunday. It is going to be immense stuff, stay tuned to the radio to hear them.

No Logo – Tuesday Week 2

Wow, such an amazing night of live music. Pickled Dick entertained, as they do, and seemed to go go really well. Replica X were great, a really enjoyable night.

April 26, 2005

Mail Part 2

Ok, after the Sunday off, our housemate had to be in for a bumper arrival, and for sure the fella was! Several envelopes he refueses to open arrive, as well as a fair few free samples. You are lucky enough for us to be nosey and open his free samples, he had three today (such a lucky fella). The first free sample is a mouth wash, the second is a bold detergent sample. The third sample is what we think pushed our housemate 'over the edge', we think he may have had some panty liners sent to him, nobody has wanted to open the packet yet!!! Any volunteers please present yourself.

April 23, 2005

Mike's Mail

This first week of term has been a bad one, with everyone seeming to have deadlines or exams. One thing has kept me entertained, even to the extent that I look forward to when the postman arrives each day. The reason for this, rather odd thing to wait for each day, is that my housemate is receiving a rather lot of junk mail. Today he received some bird seed, after a bumper day yesterday (where he received a whole host of items including roof tiles and a quantity of 'horny pills'). You can visibly see the rage building up inside him, at least he will get a day off from it tomorrow – being Sunday.

I guess you have to have something to keep you entertained in the exam build-up, am sure the wonder and excitement of 'what is Mike going to get in the post today?' will provide entertainment for our house.

I think he should be dead happy aobut it all, he is getting loads of free stuff, and each day is like a mini Birthday where he receives new goodies in the post.

April 15, 2005

Mark, I am jealous

When starting my blog I thought I would take inspiration from others around me, as well as what I feel passionate about.

I have to say I am ever so slightly jealous of all the attention Mark has received from his wonderful blog. So I thought "what better way to get all those 'mini people' to respond angrily to my blog…say how awful that pop ska punk band Hypo Psycho are. Truely genius idea in my eyes.

Hence, I just want to get it off my chest that I really believe that Hypo Psycho are an absolutley terrible excuse for a pop band. Some may describe them as pop-punk, or even ska-punk, they do not even come close to these and I am willing to tear off my eyelids with a rusty spoon if I am proven wrong – they are a pop band.

What gives me the right to claim this I hear you ask. Well I have listened to the two 30 second snippets of the songs on their website, yes plenty enough to make such a bold opinion. A proper band would have a profile on somewhere such as myspace, where whole songs would be streamed, so pathetic effort from the Hypo Psycho lads.

Unlike Mark I have not seen them perform live, I have not listened to any of their music properly, I have not done any research on their background and I am not a member of their forums. The last point there is what gives Mark more stead with his views than mine, as forum membership must get you more scene points.

So after listening to one minute of Hypo Psycho music (twice, so two minutes worth in all) I am stating that they are a big pile of smelly poo. I am just jealous that Mark gets all the attention, especially with his blog getting a higher ranking on google. I want to get a higher ranking on google than him as well.

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