April 15, 2005

Mark, I am jealous

When starting my blog I thought I would take inspiration from others around me, as well as what I feel passionate about.

I have to say I am ever so slightly jealous of all the attention Mark has received from his wonderful blog. So I thought "what better way to get all those 'mini people' to respond angrily to my blog…say how awful that pop ska punk band Hypo Psycho are. Truely genius idea in my eyes.

Hence, I just want to get it off my chest that I really believe that Hypo Psycho are an absolutley terrible excuse for a pop band. Some may describe them as pop-punk, or even ska-punk, they do not even come close to these and I am willing to tear off my eyelids with a rusty spoon if I am proven wrong – they are a pop band.

What gives me the right to claim this I hear you ask. Well I have listened to the two 30 second snippets of the songs on their website, yes plenty enough to make such a bold opinion. A proper band would have a profile on somewhere such as myspace, where whole songs would be streamed, so pathetic effort from the Hypo Psycho lads.

Unlike Mark I have not seen them perform live, I have not listened to any of their music properly, I have not done any research on their background and I am not a member of their forums. The last point there is what gives Mark more stead with his views than mine, as forum membership must get you more scene points.

So after listening to one minute of Hypo Psycho music (twice, so two minutes worth in all) I am stating that they are a big pile of smelly poo. I am just jealous that Mark gets all the attention, especially with his blog getting a higher ranking on google. I want to get a higher ranking on google than him as well.

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  1. It was stuck on some evil loop, I couldn't find the mute option…I tried drowning it out with my stereo but I was giving the Smoke or Fire album fat wreck sent Punk Soc , but it was bland and lifeless. They were a long couple of minutes fella, I tell you.

    15 Apr 2005, 01:02

  2. Mike Palfrey

    Nice one oli. My hypo psycho be banished to the bin along with busted :D Nice pimping of the soc website too.

    17 Apr 2005, 21:05

  3. Ant

    So whats wrong with pop? That not cool? Not catchy?

    20 Apr 2005, 16:41

  4. sam

    I absolutely agree! hypo twat pyscho is a shite bbbbbbbb….can't even call them a band…sorry they suck

    31 May 2005, 01:06

  5. ian

    they are good

    23 Jun 2005, 21:34


    oliver williams to turn the music on the site off press stop on the mp3 player DUH!

    23 Jun 2005, 21:40

  7. If you had something to back up your opinions, I may take you seriously.

    25 Jun 2005, 13:38

  8. steve

    What have they done to you? Ive seen them live and they are quite good. Maybe if you looked on myspace you would see that you dont really know what you are talking about.

    27 Jun 2005, 22:27

  9. Mic Hapen

    I think it's great how all you guys who disslike this band are giving them the satisfaction of having more sites about them coming up on google! They must be having such a laugh at the fact you're making them sound more famous!! I love it!! I also think Hypo Psycho are a great pop band. Well done!!

    27 Sep 2005, 21:11

  10. ????????????????

    ur gay williams

    01 Dec 2005, 20:39

  11. ian

    to right??? dude

    01 Dec 2005, 20:41

  12. selena

    I think it's quite pathetic that someone who hates a band would sign up to their forum but there you go…
    If you hate them that's your opinion but they play a great live set and you must have a pretty fucked up, empty life if all you can do is slate other bands. If you think you can do better go ahead…but somehow I doubt it…

    20 Jan 2006, 21:47

  13. ted


    30 Jan 2006, 17:29

  14. cheryl

    hypo are amzing, and they DO have a myspace profile with 4 of their songs on so HAHAHAEAT YOUR WORDS

    dont believe me then go onto

    08 Nov 2006, 12:18

  15. kay-lee

    oh mi god
    how can u people say they suck
    they r amazin n hav actualli talent unlyke alot of shite bands nowadays
    im sorri but i dunt fink u can realli diss a band until u get as good as they r n since none of u are a known band you cant realli say much

    06 Dec 2006, 14:37

  16. Riot

    Trust me, they suck. And they know it, they’re only in it to make a fast buck (or try). They’re under no illussion that their music is credible so in that respect you can’t hate them that much, they’re just meant for kids that don’t actually like proper music.

    Also, I love it how the comments in favour of this band have such mature grammer and spelling such as “sorri but i dunt fink u can realli”..yes, enough said I think.

    19 May 2007, 01:03

  17. Ally

    Hypo Psycho now have a new fan forum!!


    28 Aug 2007, 00:04

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