October 03, 2005

Check this s**t

I was aware of some important lab change or somthing that i had been e-mailed. I had a lecture at 9. I began checking my e-mail at 8:40 thinking "yeh! 10 minutes is easily enough time to check and e-mail. I will then have 10 minutes to get to my lecture, pleanty of time, the walk, at a relatively fast past, is about 5 minutes." I didn't even consider that the e-mail actually would take 15 minutes, and thats not just to check it, thats for the first window to open. ok so now with 5 minutes to get to my 9 lecture, and knowing that this lab could be very soon after said 9 lecture, i refused to give up, i knew that surely the next page will load up quick enough, and i can allways just leave my computer on if i was in a huge rush. By now it is 8:56, and i am shouting at the computer "IT WOULD TAKE DEVINE INTERVENTION FOR YOU TO BE THIS SLOW" bear in mind I am now questioning my 'non-belief' in god as no human could make it this slow. Another 2 minutes pass and still not even a flicker of life in my computer, I am now back to being an atheist as surely my two minutes of belief in said god would make him think "ooooo, i got that uncrackable nut Owen to beleive in me i better realise his preying and make his computer respond to him" but no, he sits upstairs sleeping or playing bingo, bear in mind if god does exist he is probably quite old, i think bingo would be his game, definatly nothing with gambling anyway, although i suppose if he made the rules he can brake them, he can do anything, (except make a rock he can lift (think about it)). Ok finally i get it working , the clock is just turning 9:01, remember what time i started, yeh, 8:40, for all you non-mathematicians this is 21 minutes, a rediculous amount of time to check an e-mail, i'm sure you will all agree. Ok the email says monday 4–6 on it, i did not read the whole thing. got to my lecture about the same time as man started lecture. Lecture was wholely un-educating, not on the lecturer's behalf but because i already knew it, i did my a-level physics, which is all it was. left lecture, bought some books, "fear and loathing in las vagas" I had watched the film the previous night and thought it would probably be easier to understand in a book, after watching it you feal like you have been taking all their drugs, i mean after all you have just sat through a film where people randomly become giant lizards, i hadn't actually been taking any drugs (for those of you who would obviously be shocked by the thought of me engaging in recreational drug practices, i mean i'm not even taking any cold drugs, which i probably should do as at the moment i'm seriously considering death a better option than having these monsterous tiny (probably an oxymoron i know, but by monsterous i mean by nature not by size) killing machines inside me). anyway so far the book has been very funny, suprisingly it almost perfectly correlates with the film, which is quite a nice experience as it takes you back through teh film, which i must say i have half forgotten, again possibly due to all the crazy imagery in it, i find the book funnier, you notice things that you didn't notice in the film, for example, the lawyer calls downstairs to says he's lost his valet stub, when he gets off the phone he says to the reporter "its ok, they remembered my face" which i'm not sure weather it was used in the film, but i definatly didn't notice. By the way i forgot to mention that while reading this book i was doing my laundry. once it had finished, I put all the dryable stuff in the dryer and took the undryable stuff back to my base, where it is now hanging in the drying room, knowing the dryer would take 14 minutes (another way time has decived me today, will explain later) I went to the societys fair, joined the philosopy society list thingy, but could not find the other societys i was interested in joining, so i asked someone, apparenty they will be on tomorrow (tuesday). so went back to the dryer, 14 minutes had now passed, and my clothes were yet to be damp let alone dry, so i stick in another couple of 20ps and hope that they will be dry when they come out. While writting this blog i am saying to myself "what the hell did i do durign those 38 minutes," i didn't read, i must have eaten or somthing. at the end of those 38 minutes it was coming up to 3:45, i have that lab thingy at 4 remember, so i hurriedly empty my stuff go back to base and dump on my bed said stuff. I ten proceed to this 4 o clock lab, i get there in time, my cold is at this point the worst it has been all day, probably because of the stuffy room with all the heaters (computers)at about 3/4 of the way through i decide to check my e-mail to see if anything else important was written down there, everyone else seems to be behind me on the task, so i start thinking maybe this is thier first lab not second (it is my second) so i check the afore mentioned e-mail, wk3 not wk2 i am supposed to be here, bloody hell, i could have slept this off.

i can't actually be bothered to complete this blog i think it should be left as it is, its probably allready of essay length.

**blog completed**

September 30, 2005

Owen's book of all things mechanical.

Owen's bok of all things mechanical. - Owen James
2 out of 5 stars
It starts off well, it has a gripping introduction and the characters seem well structured, the whole book however descends into chaos as soon as the author (Owen James) stops writing a truly insightful analysis of the human psyche, and then just starts drawing pictures of lions chained to lampposts. The whole book is pulled down another notch when he starts speaking in a made up language with vague English words referring to porcupine eating habits. If however you like the random ramblings of some nutcase (and Iím presuming you do as you have got this far through said nutcases review of his own non-existent book) then this book is for you, it wasn't for me however.

Books and stuff

I reviewed a book, its called "Owen's book of all things mechanical." its not very good, in fact its just two pages of scetches of lions.


Yargh, this is my blog! Behold it and revel in its glory! I have no idea what to use it for, so im just gonna do this. YARGH!!!!

**blog completed**

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