January 28, 2005


VAWN AGAIN is now available for download on DC++. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the original 'Bhan Vorn', 'Vawn Again' is the natural progression for a sequel and is full to the brim with chase scenes as well as public performance pieces. A must see.

A film described as a "Masterpiece", not my words, the words of Vaughan Jacob.

So download and enjoy my darlings.

The presentation of 'Vawn Again' is brought to you by Owen W. Hughes productions and contains such household names as Samuel W. Brassington, Gethin W. Jones and Jack W. Howson.

October 29, 2004

Old King Cole's Fresco work

Writing about Frescos from The Green Flower Gang

A very vague answer in a delibrate attempt to avoid work. I think Old King Cole is a very compitent individual and thus means his standard should be a lot higher. He has however made several good comments, some in relation to the texts and that is the only saving grace of this poor attempt. Also his structure is questionable…he has inserted images in half way through some of the answers resulting in great confusion whilst trying to decipher the answers.


October 18, 2004

No Choice…but to question.

Writing about web page http://www.thenewestindustry.com

5 out of 5 stars

THE ESSENTIAL PUNK ALBUM! Cardiff veterans No Choice release their first album in over 5 years on Cardiff's Newest Industry record label…[run from Monk Dave's basement in his house] inkeeping with the DIY ethic of Punk Rock.

To describe No Choice I don't know where to begin…I suppose you could compare them to Strike Anywhere and Trial By Fire but there is much more melody in No Choice's tunes and the amazing rumbling yet melodic bass lines means you can't listen to them sitting down. There is very much a political hardline message throughout the album, the first thing you hear is George W. Bush saying "nobody likes war in America, we're a peaceful nation, nobody wants there to be war"
I've had the pleasure of opening for these guys with my band a few times and my guitarist Mowgli had the pleasure of touring the US with them as their guitarist, Ada had other commitments he couldn't leave. The tour was with legends within the field of Against Me!, Planes Mistaken for Stars and many more. No Choice have also released a 7" split with the female fronted Canadian melodic punks Fifth Hour Hero with 2 new and slightly different tracks…worth a buy for sure.

Go and buy it at Newest Industry

October 16, 2004

What's Hugh's favouriote food?

October 15, 2004

Web Evaluation

A good evaluation contains:


  • Clear division
    Easy to follow and understand by use of spacing and bold/italic fonts.
  • Fact and opinion
    A combination of facts taken from the given links and deciphered and interpreted by the author
  • Link to relevant web page
    Easy access to mentioned web site
  • Images
    Makes the whole review a lot more interesting and easier to use


Review of Marie's SST1 Histography work

  • Good structure and well laid out
    Easy to follow with good use of spacing
  • Combination of bold, italic and standard font
    Makes the layout look a whole lot more interesting and easier to follow
  • Personal opinion and actual fact
    A balanced combination of her own personal opinion and actual fact taken from the web sites
  • Clear and concise language
    Gives a formal tone to the review and also adds clarity [If one understands the words]
  • Links given
    The links given are accurate however they are not active [clickable] links

Review of Hannah Clapham's SST1 Histography work

  • Structure fairly basic
    The structure is fairly basic although the information within is accurate, it is not easy on the eye
  • Use of Italic font
    There is use of italic font within the review however it is scarce. This makes the review quite hard to follow as it is all monotone.
  • Personal opinion and actual fact
    Good combination of both aspects of opinion and fact.
  • Clear and concise language
    Very understandable and basic language however the spacing can make it feel a long, drawn out affair.
  • Links given
    One active link is given however the majority are unactive links and require copying and pasting which is far too much effort ;)

Review of Kate's SST1 Histography

Very well made! Great use of pictures and active links to provide a brilliant easy to follow review… WELL DONE, KATE!

October 14, 2004

The man, the myth, the legend…

Whilst being roudy students last night [Wednesday] we [myself, Gethin, Jack, James, Hannah, Julia and Laura] were playing a guessing game involving people's names and we have come accross the best name in history........Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for... drumroll ......... GLYN COSTELLO

We are not worthy!

October 13, 2004

Welsh people take note!

4 out of 5 stars

Anybody who's from South Wales, or in and around the Swansea area needs to see this film if they haven't already! An all star Welsh cast with Rhys Ifans[Notting Hill,Little Nicky] , Llyr Evans, Morgan Hopkins[Very Annie Mary] as well as nearly anybody who's ever been on Pobl y Cwm and Pam Fi Duw?. Not to forget Dougray Scott [MissionImpossible2, Deep Impact] playing the dodgy Copper, Terry Walsh.

It's an accurate portrayal of life in the South Wales valleys, filmed in Swansea, Port Talbot and Neath it's a must see for anybody with ties to the area and is bizarre watching a film and knowing where they are.

It's a story of drug use, murder, revenge, prostitution, rugby and karaoke.

Classic Quote:

Ifans: Why is it a 2 litre bottle of coke costs 27p?
Evans: Super-duper deal
Ifans: Aye, but a 1 litre bottle costs 37p?
Evans: That's f***ing weird, cos you's paying less for more like
Ifans: I knows
Evans: Why's that then?
Ifans: I don't know, it's really f***ing weird!

A must see for anybody!

Wakey Wakey…Elliott Smith's here

5 out of 5 stars

OH HE'S GOOD!!! He's been waking me up every morning with this corker of an album…the lovely acoustic intro in 'son of Sam' is perfect for a nice gentle wake up, and keeps you interested enough so you don't fall back asleep. My favourite track is number 4 -Everything Reminds Me of Her, brilliant…just brilliant.

Undoubtedly one of the obvious songwriting talents of the modern era, his combintion of instruments and his husky yet melodic vocals combine an interesting blend of everything I like about music. He's the reason I picked up a guitar and his untimely suicide earlier this year was tragic.

Check him out.

October 12, 2004

SST1– Historiography 1.


A. Perseus Atlas

Provides a basic map of Greece and is very helpful in providing a greater understanding of Greek geography. However, I did find the site fairly tricky to negotiate and would be quite time consuming on a slow network connection such as dial-up as the images are fairly large. It would be of some help to a theatre historian, as it would provide a clearer understanding of the distances travelled by the Demes at the Great Dionysia in Athens.

  • * * * *

B. Greek Architecture

A vast selection of images of Greek architecture, however there is little or no information as regards building dates or purpose in many cases. For a theatre historian this website would have little if any use other than to provide aesthetic pleasure. There are some very impressive images however of the Theatre Epidauros but provides nothing but a better understanding of how Greek theatres looked:

however, i somehow doubt that the metal structure to the right of the original stonework was there in 360BCE

  • * * * *

C. Ancient Greece and Rome

Many breathtaking images but similarly to point B, general information is limited or hard to find. It would be of better use to a theatre historian if facts were provided about the images however I believe this website was created by a photographer and not an ancient Greek theatre expert.

  • * * * *

D. Ancient Theatre

This website provides a "better map"http://www.whitman.edu/theatre/theatretour/Greekmaps/Greekmap.htm of Greece than the one linked in point A, however it doesn't provide any further information about these theatrons other than their location. Every ancient Greek theatre is listed however they are not links and provides no other information than their name and location, which in itself would be of some use. Also it gives information on other ancient theatres and not just those in Greece, this can install a more general understanding of the theatre.

  • * * * *


I believe that D. Ancient Theatre is the most useful of the websites listed as it gives an understanding of locations within ancient Greece which would not be common knowledge to new theatre students or historians. It helps one to understand more of the references to foreign lands and cities within Greek plays. Also it provides a broader range of theatres outside of Greece, but still within a similar time context.

  • * * * *


C. The following website click here should be added to Ancient Greece and Rome as it has a vast range of information as regards ancient Rome and ancient Greece with specified links to documents regarding Greek Theat*ER* images are provided as well as articles, but it is all easily digestible and provides a simple yet valuable directory for most fields of interest as regards ancient Greece and Rome.

  • * * * *


"Classical tragedy, Greek and Roman : 8 plays in authoritative modern translations accompanied by critical essays / edited by Robert W. Corrigan."

Is not available at present but is due to be returned on the 14–10-04 and the 22–10-04. And can be found on shelf PA 3626.A2

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