October 12, 2004

SST1– Historiography 1.


A. Perseus Atlas

Provides a basic map of Greece and is very helpful in providing a greater understanding of Greek geography. However, I did find the site fairly tricky to negotiate and would be quite time consuming on a slow network connection such as dial-up as the images are fairly large. It would be of some help to a theatre historian, as it would provide a clearer understanding of the distances travelled by the Demes at the Great Dionysia in Athens.

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B. Greek Architecture

A vast selection of images of Greek architecture, however there is little or no information as regards building dates or purpose in many cases. For a theatre historian this website would have little if any use other than to provide aesthetic pleasure. There are some very impressive images however of the Theatre Epidauros but provides nothing but a better understanding of how Greek theatres looked:

however, i somehow doubt that the metal structure to the right of the original stonework was there in 360BCE

  • * * * *

C. Ancient Greece and Rome

Many breathtaking images but similarly to point B, general information is limited or hard to find. It would be of better use to a theatre historian if facts were provided about the images however I believe this website was created by a photographer and not an ancient Greek theatre expert.

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D. Ancient Theatre

This website provides a "better map"http://www.whitman.edu/theatre/theatretour/Greekmaps/Greekmap.htm of Greece than the one linked in point A, however it doesn't provide any further information about these theatrons other than their location. Every ancient Greek theatre is listed however they are not links and provides no other information than their name and location, which in itself would be of some use. Also it gives information on other ancient theatres and not just those in Greece, this can install a more general understanding of the theatre.

  • * * * *


I believe that D. Ancient Theatre is the most useful of the websites listed as it gives an understanding of locations within ancient Greece which would not be common knowledge to new theatre students or historians. It helps one to understand more of the references to foreign lands and cities within Greek plays. Also it provides a broader range of theatres outside of Greece, but still within a similar time context.

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C. The following website click here should be added to Ancient Greece and Rome as it has a vast range of information as regards ancient Rome and ancient Greece with specified links to documents regarding Greek Theat*ER* images are provided as well as articles, but it is all easily digestible and provides a simple yet valuable directory for most fields of interest as regards ancient Greece and Rome.

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"Classical tragedy, Greek and Roman : 8 plays in authoritative modern translations accompanied by critical essays / edited by Robert W. Corrigan."

Is not available at present but is due to be returned on the 14–10-04 and the 22–10-04. And can be found on shelf PA 3626.A2

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