October 21, 2009

Where I play football… London Road SC

During the weekend I spend a lot of time playing football, on saturday morning I often play with brazilian friends on small pitches next to the Ricoh Arena, in the afternoon or in the evening I can play with the Erasmus Team and, the most important, on Sunday morning I play for London Road SC (Res) in Withley Common, a team playing in the Coventry and Disctric Sunday League ("Football for fun"...). I really enjoy it and it's a good way to meet people from Cov with whom I can improve my language skills. Playing football in Coventry is also a good way to visit the districts (Radford, Wyken, Whitley, Finham,...).

I already played three matches with them: draw (2-2) / loss (7-1) / win (1-4 and my first goal). To follow us, check this website : http://www.coventryanddistrictsfl.co.uk (we play in Senior Three). We train on Tuesday from 7.00pm to 8.30pm in the Calundon Castle School (Wyken) on artificial pitches. The playing style is more physical and you must be strong in the air, anyway it's a good experience to play football in a country where everybody is living for it.

All the following pictures were taken before the match against Willenhall Wasps on 27th september (2-2). I'll try to take some new pictures with my teammates next week.

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London Rd

October 20, 2009

Where I study… The University of Warwick

Here we go again, there are some pictures of the University, included pictures of the campus and pictures of the Department of Mathematics which is my home department.

Again, there are many differences between the Uni of Warwick and the ULB:

  • lectures have a duration of 50 minutes (from 5 past the hour until 5 to the next hour).
  • we don't have any exercices sessions, except 2 seminars (called "supports") where few students attend.
  • exercices are given during the lectures and it's our own business to do it or not.
  • students have a large module choice: for this year I had to choose 8 modules from a list of about 30.
  • no exams in January, we have all our exams during the third term.
  • a better organization (sorry ULB!) and a good infrastructure (swimming pool, cinema, supermarket,...).
  • the number of students in Maths, more than 200 (and it doesn't include stats students), it seems unbelievable compared to the 16 students in MA1 in Brussels...
  • every student has a Piegon Hole to receive letters or any kind of stuff.
  • a nice harmony within the department, all exams work the same way: 5 questions and your marks are based on the 4 best answers
  • all math students can access a website called mathstuff which stores assignment solutions, past exam solutions and other stuff...

But I have to admit that english students pay more than £4000/year to study at Wawick, that is equivalent to 4400€, more than five times the belgian tuition fees...

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Department of Mathematics

Where I live… Coventry!

Let's begin with some pictures of Coventry! Unfortunately, the city has been partially destroyed during the second world war by the luftwaffe (see "The Coventry Blitz"). So, the city center is quite modern but you can still enjoy it by visiting the old cathedral and the transport museum (free entrance) or by doing some shopping.

My accomodation is located in Craven Street, Chapelfields, about 15 minutes from the City center (or only 3min by bus), and about 20 minutes by bus from the University of Warwick.

I will post later some pictures of the pubs located in my road (not less than 5!), especially The Chestnut Tree which is my favourite one. England and more precisely Coventry is totally different from Belgium and Brussels  and one of these differences is the number of "green areas" called "Playing Fields". Again, I'll upload some pictures of it later.


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The City Arms

September 28, 2009


well done sky blues!

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my blog!

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