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October 29, 2011

My cookings

Wow! I could eat them without a stomach ache.

Actually, there are many more than these. But I was so hungry and finished them before taking a photo. lol

cooking 1sam_2343.jpg

My first module in Warwick

Hey !

It started on the Oct 10 - 16 , 2011. I ran to the class on IMC 214.
My first subject was "Prject management planning & Control" or in short PPMC.

The main contents were project teamwork, projects within the company organization, project planning techniques,
cost planning& control and risk management.
It sounded serious ? No ! they were fun and useful especially, the Belbin's test and class exercise.
Wow ! what is the belbin's test? Go on reading.. ^_^

Belbin's test is the self-perception inventory in team roles ! That excited me a lot.
I took around half and hour to complete the test and the results were............

Pic of my scores
Role 1 : SHAPER : Challenging, dynamic and thrives on pressure
Role 2 : TEAM WORKER : Cooperative, listen well and diplomatic
Role 3 : IMPLEMENTOR : Disciplined , reliable and truns ideas into action.
That's cool, isn't it. And I reckon they are 90 % correct.

Move on to the highlight of the module, Product management exercise !
This was learing by doing method which was the new experience for me.
I came from Thailand and we rarely had this thing.
Our group (5 people) came up with a thing like critical analysis model of a 140 days project.
We draw the planning which consists of designers, assembliers, testers, inspectors
subcontracters and suppliers. The goals were finishing the work on time and 200,000 pounds profit.
Lots of unexpected problems occurred during 3 days game. It was a tough time
and I really learnt the important of team work and merged as a good leader
(that what my group members told) lol and finally, we did it !
My group was excellcent and awesome: the earliest finisher, on time and under budget. So proud !
That sounds like the end of this module. Well, it was the end in classroom,

but not my postmodule assignment (PMA). I did it almost 6,000 words within two weeks.
You know, it took longer time than I expected because I lost ways a few times and had to restart again.
It was my first 6,000 words report ! Well, next time , I promise to finish it within one and a half week.

Ok! That's the end of my story. Hope it interests you ! CHeers !

It's me !

Hey ! I’m Bell from Thailand _//
I’m nice, ambitious , willing to learn.
Lastly, I love playing badminton

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