October 31, 2008

My Letter to the world.

Dear All,

History is guaranteed to be made in this election,” Where were you on Nov 4th, 2008? What was your contribution?” are questions everybody will ask you in the future. I assure you, YOU will ask YOURSELF this question.  Your children will ask you, your children’s children will ask them, “What did grandma/grandpa do?”  What will be your response? What will be your children’s response?

It is up to you to decide, and act from now until that day. I know this is American politics but you have seen how “their” financial crisis has affected us around the world. How “their” foreign policies affects us all.

The world needs a steady hand in the helm of affairs in USA; we do not need people obsessed with war. We need someone that knows what to do about America’s economy, invariably tied to the world’s economy. We need BARACK OBAMA!


What can you do since you are not a citizen?

1.       Forward this mail to everyone in your address book.

2.       Call/email/text at least one American citizen you know to go and vote. Do that NOW!

3.       Pray for Obama’s safety

4.       Start writing your story about how you were part of history in putting BARACK OBAMA in the white house. I assure you, your children, theirs, and your generation to come, will enjoy every bit of it. They will certainly be proud of you.



Osita Oo Nwoye


You can watch Colin Powel’s endorsement here:


Obama’s Closing Argument here:


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  1. Ogaga Okoroh

    OO, leave people to vote for who they want to. It makes no sense telling someone to vote for who YOU want. Everyone has their different priorities and know what they want in their president. A non-American citizen cannot know more than those who the issues are pressing. This is like forwarding a message that everyone should be catholic.

    Then with this ‘history is being made’ garbage. So what if Obama is black? I have told you that if everyone was to vote for their own colour, he would note have made it past primaries.

    P.S.: You did not even ask if I was a McCain supporter (which I am).

    31 Oct 2008, 10:48

  2. Kefe iCE

    Oo, no doubt this guy Ogaga dey beef you badly unto some cosmic shit. Make u no mind am jo.

    31 Oct 2008, 10:55

  3. Ogaga Okoroh

    Just a few reasons why you are being unnecessarily sentimental about the issue:

    “The world needs a steady hand in the helm of affairs in USA” And this will be provided by the inexperience of a 3-yr senator who has not a single passed bill to his name?

    “We do not need people obsessed with war”: How naive. “The man who wants peace should be ready for war”. Do you know what this world would be if the U.S. stopped what we outsiders call ‘meddling’? Anybody could run over their neighbors anytime they felt like it, acquire nuclear weapons and do whatever the heck they liked..

    “What will be your children’s response?” : There’s no need to be so dramatic. Even if McCain plunges America into nuclear holocaust, another person will be president, the country will recover, and life will go on.

    “Pray for Obama’s safety”: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You think this is PDP? Do you know the security detail presidential nominees have?!!!

    “Start writing your story about how you were part of history in putting BARACK OBAMA in the white house”: Be objective OO. Put on this you page 5 negative things of Obama and 5 positive of McCain and I will know you are serious.

    31 Oct 2008, 11:08

  4. Zindzi

    Seriously, Ogaga, are you really that naive that you think that it’s only in PDP that assassination plots are hatched? We all know that Obama has received death threats and at McCain rallies they shout “Kill Obama!” It’s not out of place for us to pray for his safety.

    I think that since Oo is an Obama supporter he has a right to encourage others to join and how he does that is up to him. If u are a McCain supporter then that’s good for you, but can you honestly support someone whose best tag line comes from a plumber(who isn’t even a registered plumber)? His best defence is that he has been in the war. Do you think the American people want to be at war forever?

    I admire Oo’s zest and passion for Obama and while I believe that the United States elections are getting way too much attention, I would like to see someone with fresh ideas and a new set of values occupying the White House.

    You want to see negative things about Obama? Watch a McCain campaign ad.

    31 Oct 2008, 14:22

  5. Count-Duke Olivares

    this focka Ogaga Okoroh should be locked up. I cant believe there are people so naive on this planet

    31 Oct 2008, 15:00

  6. catherine

    well yeah thanks for passing d message round for we all 2 ask people 2 vote 4 obama.it’s good at least african americans and d rest of all black people can all aspire to be greater than what they think they can be in this world.bt y so much fuss abt d elections in the U.S? it’s not as if they giv a damn abt wat hapns in my own country so y bother abt theirs???

    31 Oct 2008, 15:43

  7. ayo

    may the best man win and may God guide him in his decisons

    31 Oct 2008, 20:49

  8. Ogaga Okoroh

    @ Cunt Dick Olivares: As the retard you have shown yourself to be, I should be locked up for expressing my views on a page I was invited to, meanwhile you can express yours ,eh? Just typical.

    @Zindzi: Do you know how many death threats ANY political nominee recieves daily? Dozens. So please do not make out a case of attempted anything when there isn’t one. So what if someone shouts ‘kill Obama’? Are you saying no one shouts ‘Kill McCain’ somewhere? What do you think the rep of America willl be like if its leading presidential nominee were assasinated? Don’t kid yourself by thinking anyhting can happen.

    Do not think of the nominees as so one dimensional. Do you genuinely think that McCain’s total policy plan is based on some plumber statement (only the good Lord knows what you talking about). Rather on their past contributions (they were both in the senate) affiliations (Obama was main with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae & Co. and collected monies from them while forming ‘police’ now).

    Na God save you say you’re not American. The worst thing you can ever do is commonize a war veteran. If e easy, Obama for go. The man has shown his patriotism for his country and you dare to say ” His best defence is that he has been in the war”? This is the reason I say Nigerians should keep out of matters they do not understand.

    And it is out of place to campaign for him. You cannot tell any American what to do with their vote as you have NO IDEA what is important to them and a vote (unlike in NIgeria) is too precious a thing to be throwing away because one foreigner asked you to. The equivalent is a muslim telling a christian what denomination he should belong to because you are all ‘religious’ folk.

    01 Nov 2008, 02:49

  9. Sue

    It’s funny but I never really think of Barack Obama as being black.

    01 Nov 2008, 08:08

  10. Ogaga,

    I would have been appalled by your posts if:

    1. I did not know your history
    2. You did not say to be before your posts “I want to get attention to myself”

    Setting aside my points above, your arguments have shown you lack the basic unit for comprehension… the brain. So because Obama is black, Blacks shouldn’t support him to show “objectivity”? Your type will unnecessarily suffer “his/her own” trying to prove you can take a neutral position. It happened to you in UNIBEN (remember Joy Emagbetere?).

    Do you remember that African Americans have consistently support the Democratic Party? Bill Clinton won 83% of the black vote in 1992 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._presidential_election,_1992. Why should Obama’s be different?

    It will be extremely ignorant to say that the American elections concern Americans only. I will not bring myself to argue that with you.

    John Sidney MaCain:

    I do not, in anyway doubt his patriotism. Is patriotism synonymous with Knowledge? He has no Idea about what to do to the economy if elected.

    If being captured in a war, makes you qualified to be president, Guantanamo bay is a leadership training academy- Jon Stewart (http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=184085&title=John-McCain:-The-Person-He-Is) on 2.25 mins.

    Sarah Palin.

    Her pick was so shamefully too political. Out of everybody, Palin???
    Please take time out to listen to the person who is a heartbeat away from a 72 year olds heart. The person whose hand will be on all the Nukes.


    Sorry for putting three clips on Palin, I was not able to choose the most embarrassing.

    I hope my point is made.

    PS: About me asking people to vote for who I support and believe in? That is what marketing and sales is all about.


    01 Nov 2008, 14:37

  11. Ogaga Okoroh

    OO, your big mouth is why you will ever get respect as a person. Learn to talk.

    02 Nov 2008, 15:18

  12. My good friend Ogaga, why are you taking things so personal? Do not worry when Obama wins, you will understand what all the excitement was for in the first place.

    02 Nov 2008, 21:50

  13. Nina

    Er, guys, .Obama won.

    10 Nov 2008, 07:25

  14. Hahahaha!

    Now its time to do number 3.

    10 Nov 2008, 09:11

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