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November 11, 2010

3rd Follow Up on A1

Follow-up to The wonders of the Reading an Note–taking Workshop–Thanks Mrs Sage!!! from Oluwadolapo's blog

The reading is definately going expected. I have been able to really put the action plan into action!

>I now time myself when reading and i must say, it makes reading a lot more effective. The skill of skim reading still has to be honed a bit more..but i'm getting there definately!!!

>The breaks!! They are marvelous ways of clearing my head a bit. so now, even when i am in the Zone, i make it a point 2 clear my head by taking a break.

>my note-taking has suddenly become easier but there is still room for improvement...i have quite a lot of time ahead!

October 31, 2010

The wonders of the Reading an Note–taking Workshop–Thanks Mrs Sage!!!

Follow-up to 1st Entry– A1 Reading and Note–making from Oluwadolapo's blog

Things are looking up now! I just need to keep up with my reading for all my modules and i believe i will be going in the right path! Yay me!!!! And i am turning in my first essay (although its a formative assessment) this week!! My notes and ability to skim read to select textbooks were of great help and i hope something good comes out of it! :-)

October 24, 2010

1st Entry– A1 Reading and Note–making

This workshop on reading and note-making has definitely aided me in getting acquainted to the 'university' way of studying. I am definitely more confident attending lectures and seminars knowing that i am in better control of how i am able to extract information from the lecturers.In the few lectures i have had since the workshop i have tried to experiment the different methods of note-making and i have definitely found the one best suited for me-the Cornell method.

But what i realised was the problem was keeping up with the lecturer during lectures and it was then i saw the importance of revising notes with the 'one rule'- when i just note down a word from a whole sentence said by the lecturer and i am able to go back to my notes the night of the lecture, everything comes back and i am able to add more explanation to that one word. If i am able to keep up with revising my notes so regularly ( a day or two after the lecture), then i believe paying rapt attention in class will be highly beneficial!

Action Plan

-Time myself when reading a chapter of a book and to take regular breaks.

-Ensuring that i give undivided attention to my textbooks when reading.

-Keep the aim of my reading at the back of my mind when reading any materials.

-To produce very sequential notes that i can clearly understand using the Cornelll method of note-taking and linear method as well as mind maps.

I really hope i experience the full benefits of the workshop in the weeks to come!!!! Thanks Mrs Sage!

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