November 25, 2010

2nd Entry– P1– Core workshop

Follow-up to 1st Entry– P1– Core workshop from Oluwadolapo's blog

Its been so tough finding something really significant to spark up the activist side of me! (if i have one!)

But even though I have not found one too practical, i think my attitude is changing towards little things. when I am not sure whether or not to do something...whether or not too turn down an offer from someone to do something i had not planned to, i just stop thinking of all the cons and i do it (dwelling on the pros)!! And then it turns out I have so much more fun doing that other unplanned thing! 

The most impressive part of it all is my ability to keep calm in chaotic situations and just hope for the best....going phone less for a whole week really taught me this lesson when i realised that being anxious and over worrying about loosing contact with people could have been easily avoided. If I had just kept calm, I would have been able to find a solution about 3 days before I finally got one.

I am still working on finding more practical situations to really improve my non-activist situation. Wish me luck!! 

November 11, 2010

1st Entry– P1– Core workshop

3 hrs well spent!!!!! I just had to discover a fact i kind of always knew....I am so not an activist!!! i.e. i don't like going out for new eperiences...i'm not spontaneous.....! I actualy got no points under activist!! I'm over that depression now and ts time for an action plan to change this (actually improve the situation):

  • Find the fun and excitement in challenges and difficult tasks. Not getting agitated and anxious when things (involving the planning of activities and conferences in my societies) are not going right or as planned
  • Taking the RISK!(off course calculated- nothing too absurd) Having a good go at things! I will not allow fear or uncertainty stop me from trying something new.

But looking on the bright side, i am a 100% reflector and i will work at making that the case at all times!!!

Offcourse, i need to improve my self-promotion and general confidence level just a little bit more!! That will involve working on my own attitude towards myself!

Lets see how far this goes in the weeks to come!

3rd Follow Up on A1

Follow-up to The wonders of the Reading an Note–taking Workshop–Thanks Mrs Sage!!! from Oluwadolapo's blog

The reading is definately going expected. I have been able to really put the action plan into action!

>I now time myself when reading and i must say, it makes reading a lot more effective. The skill of skim reading still has to be honed a bit more..but i'm getting there definately!!!

>The breaks!! They are marvelous ways of clearing my head a bit. so now, even when i am in the Zone, i make it a point 2 clear my head by taking a break.

>my note-taking has suddenly become easier but there is still room for improvement...i have quite a lot of time ahead!

October 31, 2010

The wonders of the Reading an Note–taking Workshop–Thanks Mrs Sage!!!

Follow-up to 1st Entry– A1 Reading and Note–making from Oluwadolapo's blog

Things are looking up now! I just need to keep up with my reading for all my modules and i believe i will be going in the right path! Yay me!!!! And i am turning in my first essay (although its a formative assessment) this week!! My notes and ability to skim read to select textbooks were of great help and i hope something good comes out of it! :-)

October 24, 2010

1st Entry– A1 Reading and Note–making

This workshop on reading and note-making has definitely aided me in getting acquainted to the 'university' way of studying. I am definitely more confident attending lectures and seminars knowing that i am in better control of how i am able to extract information from the lecturers.In the few lectures i have had since the workshop i have tried to experiment the different methods of note-making and i have definitely found the one best suited for me-the Cornell method.

But what i realised was the problem was keeping up with the lecturer during lectures and it was then i saw the importance of revising notes with the 'one rule'- when i just note down a word from a whole sentence said by the lecturer and i am able to go back to my notes the night of the lecture, everything comes back and i am able to add more explanation to that one word. If i am able to keep up with revising my notes so regularly ( a day or two after the lecture), then i believe paying rapt attention in class will be highly beneficial!

Action Plan

-Time myself when reading a chapter of a book and to take regular breaks.

-Ensuring that i give undivided attention to my textbooks when reading.

-Keep the aim of my reading at the back of my mind when reading any materials.

-To produce very sequential notes that i can clearly understand using the Cornelll method of note-taking and linear method as well as mind maps.

I really hope i experience the full benefits of the workshop in the weeks to come!!!! Thanks Mrs Sage!

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