November 11, 2010

1st Entry– P1– Core workshop

3 hrs well spent!!!!! I just had to discover a fact i kind of always knew....I am so not an activist!!! i.e. i don't like going out for new eperiences...i'm not spontaneous.....! I actualy got no points under activist!! I'm over that depression now and ts time for an action plan to change this (actually improve the situation):

  • Find the fun and excitement in challenges and difficult tasks. Not getting agitated and anxious when things (involving the planning of activities and conferences in my societies) are not going right or as planned
  • Taking the RISK!(off course calculated- nothing too absurd) Having a good go at things! I will not allow fear or uncertainty stop me from trying something new.

But looking on the bright side, i am a 100% reflector and i will work at making that the case at all times!!!

Offcourse, i need to improve my self-promotion and general confidence level just a little bit more!! That will involve working on my own attitude towards myself!

Lets see how far this goes in the weeks to come!

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  1. Hi Dolapo!...i think we were in the same workshop!..i totally feel you, im a 0 activist and 10 theorist and 10 Reflector!
    Coming from a totally biased position, I insist that we reflectors have the best qualities! :) Oh Yes!
    ..Hopefully your action points go great!

    Much Love
    Timi xxx

    18 Nov 2010, 10:52

  2. It is really nice to know someone is in a similar situation. For some tym i felt my results were so problematic because i had a complete 0 for activist! Our reflector and theorist characteristics definitely rock but we definitely need to find some balance with activist.

    How far are you going with your action plans?

    Much Love,

    18 Nov 2010, 11:58

  3. A good set of initial action points. I look forward to hearing how you progress. It’s good that someone else has picked up on your blog entry – but that means it’s proably open to eveyrone to read – so maybe you need to check on your “permissions”. There is another person from a workshop who wants to establish contact with other people who scored very low activits in the workshop. Watch out for an email that will be coming round – hopefully end of November.

    21 Nov 2010, 20:49

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