September 14, 2006

What is whole essence me?

I was at lunch this afternoon with a few colleagues at work, and after a few conversation, I made a casual statement about what will really love to do before I die. I said I will really like to affect my generation positively. Taking that thought forward, I think the only way to achieve that, is to get actively involved in Human Capital Development. I think to see other people grow; will give me a lot of joy, and to see my ‘mentees’ get to position of influence and achieve their dreams is amazing.

Come to think of it, I guess I have been involved in this Human Capital Development for so long without me realising it. 1994 I had as an undergraduate in University of Lagos; I was earning financial support for myself through private home teaching. My first student then, a son of a Medical Director in a national hospital, was about writing his WAEC (GCE ‘O’ Levels). After the coaching, he made his paper and proceeded to the UK for further studies.

12 years gone past, I was in the comfort of my Lounge, here in the UK myself, having a chat with a friend, who turns out to have a link with this my first student, who today, have not only graduated, but is working and was getting married the end of the month. What a satisfaction filled my heart. Since then I have started counting and checking up on the student that I taught who had onward moved to university, and graduated. I think I have just discovered what my whole essence is about. Developing others.

Time waits for no man, and I do not know how long I have got to live, but I want to see more people that have had contact, and interaction with me, especially that I have influenced in one way or the other succeed and make something meaningful of life.


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