March 22, 2009

Finally, Google starts to back Chrome

Follow-up to Google Chrome from Omer's blog

In a previous analysis, I had contended that "competing with Microsoft requires that Google re-evaluates its image and marketing programs. Word of mouth can be a feasible marketing strategy for a start-up but is no longer appropriate for Google to compete in the application and mobile markets dominated by branded products. Google would need to adopt both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing strategies and make more use of its brand in order to penetrate its target markets."

Now, Google has launched web ads for Chrome. Chrome's current market share is slightly above 1 % but we will have to wait for some time to see the full effect of ads. If Google steps up this campaign and lends more support to Chrome from its strongholds in content services (like a native link between Chrome and Youtube, just speculating), we may end up witnessing another round of browser wars.

November 13, 2008

Google Chrome

Writing about web page

Chrome is Google's browser, made available for download early September although it's beta (forever?). I've used it, pretty fast but does not seem to be as skillful as Firefox. My contention is that Chrome and Firefox will merge some time. Acquisition is self-contradictory in the open source world but mergers may make sense, even if it's very difficult.

Here's a content analysis of what Chrome purports to be:

Application oriented, built from scratch to be more stable, starts, downloads and runs Javascript faster, more secure, has a simpler interface, designed like an operating system (multi-process instead of multi-thread), testing supported by Google infrastructure to cover most frequently used web pages, rock solid product, uses the same open source platform with Android, designed for fully fledged Java applications, full text search on web history, a new approach to default home page, incognito mode, removing the browser look when using applications, isolation of plug-ins as much as possible, continuous download of phishing and malware sources, open-source based improvement of standards for improving the web experience, capabilities for developers, relationship with Mozilla and Webkit projects.

April 17, 2007

Travel strategy

Writing about web page

I realized that not many people were using the coach service (National Express) from Heathrow to Coventry. The bus may help people who can find direct flights only to Heathrow.

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