July 04, 2012

Final Blog for Working in a Team.

Follow-up to Working in A Team Follow Up 2 from Oluwasemilore's blog

Dear all,

My final action point for this workshop was to work as a monitor evaluator. I have tried functioning in this role on two different teams The first team was made up of 10 people who volunteered to work for the Peace Festival. I was in the Information stand, which involved answering people’s questions and comments, handing out programmes and questionnaires, selling t-shirts and other merchandise and being the general point of call for the public.

The role also involved keeping records of what is sold and attending to issues that arise in the course of the festival, especially when children get lost, making good judgment.

In the course of the festival, nature had its way and a tent fell down, bruising one of the occupants. Sensing the problem brewing I calmed the occupants when they came to our tent. I also offered them my seat, making double sure that no severe injuries where sustained. I was the only person at the information caravan when this happened and so got in touch with other members of the team to summon the coordinator.

I also reassured them after confirming the accident that they would be compensated accordingly. The coordinator came and I briefed her of what happened from the accident site till she came in. A little smile here and there the tent owner decided that he didn’t want to be reimbursed for his completely destroyed tent. I’m glad that I had the foresight to make a good judgment leaving all the parties happy.

I also had the opportunity of being the monitor evaluator in the welfare team. The head of the team was going to be away for a few weeks and 5 of us were given the task of looking for a suitable replacement. Two candidates were nominated and one was chosen. However, I was able to discern some members of the team had some reservations.

I voiced out the reservations, that the existing assistant leader should take the baton of leadership temporarily as the proper practice. I then said another person could then be nominated to assist her. As I said this, I had made a suggestion on some peoples mind. The matter was raised again and the incumbent made it clear that this was what was in the best interest of the unit. I remained mute subsequently and observed the demeanor of all, and they were visible happy and in support after they were fully aware of the pros and cons.

Following from, my previous action point where I had the opportunity to act in the specialist role. I had to make sure I explained the situation to all other members of the teams. I informed them of the good and bad sides of settling in or out of court. We were all able to see reason that rather than expend time, effort, energy and finance on going to court it made better sense to settle out of court.

The group was divided on going to court or settling out of court. The pro-court group and myself were in conflict, as they were in the opinion that the court was the best option. It took a lot of careful explanation and commitment not to act until we could reach a compromise. We decided to pursue the out of court settlement first and where it failed to pursue the court avenue. All members of the team unanimously voted in favor of this suggestion. Since it was resolved in our best interest there was no need to go to court. We were all glad that turned out the way it did.

The past few weeks I have been playing different roles in a team. I have worked as a specialist, as a monitor evaluator and a complete finisher. The Belbin report rightly identified me as a people oriented person, the roles I have taken up were all action and thinking oriented roles. Unsurprisingly, though I always moved into the team worker role trying to avert friction during the course of the tasks. I come out knowing that as a people’s person I need to be able to strike the balance and be able to adapt to whatever role that I have to play in a team. It might be challenging at first like all these roles were, but you know what they say "life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are". Thanks so much.

Kindest Regards.


June 25, 2012



Hello Everyone,

I attended the workshop simulated by Bev Walshe on how to deliver an effective presentation. This workshop was indeed an eyeopener for me. I learnt about the P's of Presentation; Posture, Performing, Power, Pitch, Pace and Pause. I have therefore set out three action points for myself.

1. To work on my Posture.

2. To use Visual Aids

3. To work on non-verbal means of communiction.

My first presentation will be targeted at working on my posture. I am hopeful this turns out well. Thanks.

Kindest Regards,


June 08, 2012

Organising Yourself and Your Time

Writing about web page Organising Yourself and Your Time

Hi everyone,

I attended a workshop stimulated by Beverley Maynard on Organising yourself and your time. I came out challenged to improve on my time mangement. I have therefore set out some targets for myself. The targets are as follows:

1. Identify and tackle my time stealers.

2. Work on Procrastination

3.Learn and Use the GNATT chart.

I will keep you informed at each stage.



June 07, 2012

Working in A Team Follow Up 2

Follow-up to Working in a Team Follow UP 1 from Oluwasemilore's blog

Hi Everyone,

I suppose we all had a most enjoyable Jubilee Bank Holiday. Here again to write an update on my action points. My second action point was to function in a specialist role in a team. A team of 15 people was formed to cater for the welfare of a church community. I was assigned the secretarial duties. A member of the church and his brother got hit by a car and sustained injuries.

Talks of settlement in court and out of court ensued among the driver of the car, his insurers,the victims and lawyers. The lawyers wanted the case to go to court. The insurers wanted to settle out of court and avoid a legal battle. The victims had signed a legally binding contract with their lawyers. The victims were thrown into a state of dilemma.

As expected the onus fell on our group to resolve it. They brought the matter before the team and i was assigned to it. As a trained Solicitor and Barrister the occasion arose for me to play a specialist role. I had to study the contract and look for loopholes. I also had weigh the pros and cons of settling the matter either in court or out of court, and advise accordingly.My advice was for a settlement out of court. Fortunately, this worked out well.

I am extremely glad to have played a specialist role in the team. I came out of this experience feeling more confident and knowing that if you never take a step... you never know it might have worked out.

Kindest Regards.


May 18, 2012

Working in a Team Follow UP 1

Follow-up to WORKING IN A TEAM from Oluwasemilore's blog

Hi everyone,

My first action point was to partake in a campaign. I was provided this opportunity in the last concluded election into the Coventry University Student Union. The election which was intially slated between 20th and 22nd of March was declared null and void. A re-run was subsequently held between the 1st and the 3rd of May 2012.

I was part of a seven man team. During the election, each day tasks were assigned to us. My role involved creating an awareness of the election. I was also to enlghten the students of the various candidates contesting.

One of interesting task, was when i was assigned to George Elliot Building. This was challenging since a low 1 percent of students even had the slightest hint of an election. I had to give several talks to many individual people and very rarely a group of two people. Although, i was exhausted after about spending hours in that building, i needed to finish this task. I was able to finish this task painstakingly and ended up meeting some people twice.This is a step in the direction of been a complete finisher.

Also in this campaign my role as a teamworker was tested. I had to act as an arbitrator and avert a crisis from resulting from tiffs between other members of the team. This was especially, when everyone was drained after a long day's work. I am really glad to have this priviledge to work in a team.

Thanks so much.



March 26, 2012


Hi everyone,

I attended a workshop "Working in a Team' stimulated by Mary Sage on the 14th of March. Prior to this workshop however i had to do a Belbin Profile Perception Survey. This survey unsurprisingly showed me more as a people oriented person. Therefore, i intend to work on strengthening my action and thinking oriented sides.


1. Work on a campaign team for an election.

2. Function in a specialist role on a team.

3. Act in the capacity of a monitor evaluator for a venture undertaken by a team.

Upon completing these stated goals i will be a more rounded person. I will be in touch.



January 01, 2012



Hi Everyone,

We made it. Welcome to 2012 your year of glory.

I attended the Core Worshop for Warwick Skills Portfolio Award and consequently i set these goals for myself.

1. To set out 15 minutes each day as Thinking time.

2. To critically evaluate problems, write- ups and situations generally before reaching a logical conclusion.

3. To communicate my thoughts clearly both in writing and speaking.

4. Be in control of my time.

5. To read faster with a better understanding.

Thinking TIme.

In the last few weeks I've spent time thinking for about 15minutes. This has helped me immensely. I especially have learnt the difference between "forgiveness" and "forgiveness from the heart". This i had been battling with for about three weeks. On the 27th of December, i realised that i had actually not truly forgiven a friend who hurt me deeply. Afterwards, i asked a mutual friend for his blackberry pin and invited him. We are both cool now.

Furthermore, in the course of the time spent reflecting I have mentally started to make note of my goals for the new year.The goals can simply be summed up as an overall improvement in the spiritual,mental and physical aspect of my life. I intend each week and daily to set targets that would take me one step further.

Critical Evaluation.

In my ealier blogs i talked about been undecisive about attending the graduation of one of my friends. I eventually did feel great after attending my friend's graduation. I realised that from the onset i should have analysed the situation, weighing possible justifications and non justifications. It did help that i wrote down the possible grounds. In future, i will rather the weigh pros and cons of every of situation, than beat myself up about it. It is a step in becoming a more analytical person.

It is really important to be absolutely correct about things. I was discussing about a section of the constitution which bars a person with dual citizenship from contesting for gubernatorial elections. Unfortunately, i asserted a qualified gubernatorial candidate as been disqualified(i had missed up the names of the candidates).I have therefore decided to be absolutely sure of my assertions. Although, more importantly to be able to learn from my mistakes and be humble to admit such errors.

Read and Notetaking.

I have been reading a book by Kenneth Hagin for about a month. Its a book of 29 chapters, which i kept reading halfway before abandoning it temporarily. I picked it up a week ago and I actually did finish it yesterday. I actually understand it better.Scanning and skimming reading methods have helped me a great deal. On the other hand, I had five different articles to go through; where i used the range method. This didn't go to well cause i was at it for hours and had several distractions. I learnt taking breaks and reading in a condusive environment increases reading speed and comprehension.

Two days ago, I actually used mind mapping technique to draw the structure of my report. I find out it made writing the report easier. I was actually thrilled that i could fit things into some sort of pattern. I am enjoying this.

Verbal and Written Communication.

I do try to verify my facts now, as such I am more confident in diseminating information. I was dicussing with two of my friends about life after death. I really found myself contributing meaningfully to the discussion.The key to been a communicator rather than a speaker is getting to know the audience but more importantly having a logical opinion.

A few months back i found out everything i knew about communicating ideas in writing...... was minimal. Methods of doing essays, reports right from the micro structure(paragraph: topic sentence, supporting evidences and closing sentence) to the macro structure(introduction,body and conclusion) was moreorless a novel area to me. I have had the privilege of been a partaker of two workshops on academic writing and there has been a remarkable improvement. I still intend to keep on improving by writing of essays and reports...... practice makes perfect.

Time Management.

I drew out a weekly to-do list to improve my self discipline. This was very demanding. I had to start finish a book and had to do a draft for two essays. It involved a lot of prioritisation and sieving of information. I am really glad i did because i am rounding it up today.

This workshop has taught me to set goals and work doggedly at it. I gained a lost friend. I learnt to verify my facts and be absolutely correct about things. I learnt to be self disciplined. Above all i am known activist, but over these few weeks I have tried developing my theoritical side. I now pay attention to detail. Dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's". We really can do anything once we set my heart to. I do intend to keep developing myself. Nothing is really impossible.

Happy New Year.

Kindest Regards.


December 29, 2011


Follow-up to FOLLOW UP 2 FOR READING AND NOTETAKING. from Oluwasemilore's blog

Hi Everyone,

Compliments of the season. This is my third update for this workshop. Managing my time during the festivities has been rather challenging, trying to balance my time between family time and writing my essays. I have learnt not to beat myself over it rather to do what i have to do. Being SMART has been of great help. Doing the right at the right time in the right way... i am learning to comply with strictly. I have two deadlines and am delighted that i will meet them.

I tried making a weekly to do list. I am really striving to complete the set out goals. I also try to make my daily to-do- list to ensure that i achieve part of the week slated goals.Although, in the last two days i have been doing it mentally i am meeting each day's goal. I will definitely keep you all posted. As the year draws to end I wish you the very best. Cheers.


December 13, 2011



Hi Eveyone,

The term has ended for many of us, for some like myself its work all the way because of exams and essays due in January. I hope we are all settling well into the festive season. This would be my last entry on this workshop. My intial plans were:

Week 1: Internalise the principles and practise them.

Week 2: Familarise myself with the referencing system used.

Week 3: Practise writing an essay.

Week 4: Do another essay.

I however, had to reappraise my plans to inculcate essay writing at each stage. I wrote a formative essay. I took into consideration opening statement, supporting evidence and closing statement. I also used the Havard style of referencing. I however did not study the material nor do a good outline before putting the idea to paper.. The assessment came and it clearly highlighted what i had identified earlier on. It is a lesson i learnt. Next time i would study the text and start early.

Right now, i am writing two essays which are due in January. I am trying to read materials for the essays, so that i would have a more defined outline before i do a first draft.The essay i am working on right now is "Renegotiation of Private Foreign Investment". The second one would be a Corporate Social Reponsibility Report. I am at the stage of researching.

Before attending this workshop i had a blurred understanding of what an essay entails. Upon attending this workshop i knew this was an herculean task. However, studying the tips on refencing, paragraphing and doing a formative essay i am becoming more relaxed. I now know if i don't give quality attention to research and understanding materials i won't be able to do a good essay.

Plagiarism i hear about very often. Things i never considered to be plagiarism were classified as been one. I never saw the need to reference an idea expressed in your own words which you arrived at by a variety of sources. We do need to reference summary,quotes and specific ideas. We do not however need to reference wise sayings and terminologies.

This workshop has benefitted me immensely. Thanks so much Dr Mihai.

December 12, 2011


Follow-up to FOLLOW UP 1 ORGANISING YOURSELF AND YOUR TIME from Oluwasemilore's blog

Hello Everyone,

The term is over now, but in reality their is still a lot of work to do for PG students... essays and exams in January. I have both good news and bad news.The bad news is i procrastinated doing my formative essay till the weekend of my house move, so i ended up writing the essay an hour before submission. That expectedly did not go well.The good news is i learnt never to leave what i can do today till tomorrow. I now have a diary planner that has important dates highlighted. Each day i try to make a to-do-list. Its not easy sticking to it, but i ensure i do what must be done before I do what needs to be done. This has helped a great deal.

My major time stealers have been my phone and Tv. I have had more sucess with Tv than my phone. I try not to watch tv unless i have put in good days' work. I watch tv if i feel too saturated or just to cool off the steam. My phone is the other major time stealer. I am either chatting, checking my mails or on the phone. This wastes a lot precious time especially when i am reading. I have decided to switch off my phones when i am reading. I will now chat between 8pm and 9 pm. However my mails i will check on them about three times a day so that i dont miss out important information. Time is precious so i will try to relish every single moment.

Thank you all. Merry Xmas in advance to you all.

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