December 22, 2005

My Time Management

Writing about web page

I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself.I am not entirely convinced I manage my time effevtively. I believe there is still room for improvement. For example, I would like to spend less time socialising, especially with my hall mates. I could easily spend two hours in the kitxhen during dinner time:- and it is not because my food takes two hours to prepare.

I would also like to stop procastinating. I usually see something else that has to be done except for what i know I should do: worst case senario:- organise my wadrobe by colour; or arrange my cd collection alphabetically, or tidy my room ; even if it does not need tidying. but i am on to myself now, so I would not fall for the same thing next term.

I am pretty good at setting out objectives:- daily, weekly and in the long term. I like the feeling I get when I accomplish my goals. i am going to try my best to self manage better next term. It is just not worth the headache when I am running out of time.

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