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September 23, 2004


Good swimming session earlier today. Only one more day of training to go. Praise the Lord! I'll be glad when to week is over.

Good Night

September 22, 2004

I really should warm down!

Good evening all! I have had another fantastic day of physical activity! I am completely shattered!

Pre-season rugby training was even harder today. It was really intense. My legs were pretty much dead before the session and now they are six feet under! Sitting down is a complete no no because I don't think I would be able to get back up again and even walking is uncomfortable.

I blame myself however. I'm lazy and I never take the time to warm down properly if at all. When I was younger I had no need to. I could run for hours and not strain a thing. I'm only 20 on Tuesday and already I feel I'm turning into an old man. When I'm 50 someone please shoot me because I'll be useless!

Oh well, I did Lazerquest this evening. Good fun. Weights and swimming planned for 2moro's session. Oh dear!

Good night!

September 21, 2004

Editing Blogs with HTML

For those with a knowledge of basic HTML, I have noticed that HTML tags can be used in blog entries to improve the apperence of the blog.
For instance you can use the TABLE tag to align pictures better. I'm interested in the limits of this. How far can people go with this idea? Please let me know

The blog challenge

So how about a few blog challenges then? Who can post the nearest blog to midnight? Who will be the first person to have 20 different people respond to their blog? (Has it already been done?) Also votes on who writes the best Warwick blogs. Who will be the King or Queen of the warwick blog?

Day of Rest

More hardcore rugby 2day. Muscles starting to give way. Nearly had to ask the man in Tesco to bend down to get the spaggetti! Legs are killing. More rugby 2moro! Fun fun fun

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