May 29, 2005

Today's News

Yeah so after a discussion with a group of friends this afternoon, I have decided to get my blog started up again!

So what did I do 2day?

First of all, I went to the gym. Good progress on the rowing front. Managed to do the 10km row in under 40 minutes. Infact actually did it in 39:32.6.

Then I went home for lunch. Kempez cooked up an awesome stir-fry feast. Watched the Grand Prix! Awesome ending although lets face it the rules and regulations this season completely suck and F1 is dead!

And now have just come back from coffee with Bea, where I met some of her lovely friends. Also Bea if you are reading this you really should give up smoking!

Now I plan to cook dinner (Curry), settle accounts with housemates and then may head down to maths for a little stochastic processes revision.

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  1. What do you think's wrong with F1 this year?

    29 May 2005, 22:30

  2. The tyre situation is a complete joke! How can you expect drivers to use 1 set of tyres for so long. F1 is the motor sport which demands the most out of tyres. Look at Kimi's tyres yesterday. It lost him the race and might prove very costly later on the the championship. Also there are no longer tyre changes when drivers come in to refuel. The excitement has been lost. I personally blame it all on Bernie Eccleston. Bernie if you are reading this, my personal opinion is that you are a cock.

    30 May 2005, 11:13

  3. You're damn right about the tyres!!! Certainly ironic, considering the safety measures in F1, that drivers are made to drive around with rubbish grip.

    30 May 2005, 22:01

  4. My road car has been using the same set of Michelins on very rough public roads for thousands of miles! The tyre rule just provides an upper limit on the softness of the rubber compound and hence limits cornering speeds a little – it's up to the tyre companies to engineer a tyre which suits the surface of the circuit, to last for the right number of miles. F1 drivers are always on the limit of available grip – so if you give them less grip, it doesn't make it less safe, it just means that if something goes wrong they're not going quite so fast when it happens.

    Unfortunately, the unusually high temperatures at the Nurburgring caught Michelin out at the weekend – N.B. Bridgestone tyres were fine at the end of the race! – which did lead to various safety issues, but doesn't necessarily mean the tyre rule itself is wrong. If Michelin had engineered tyres to last a third of a race (for a two-stop, tyre-changing strategy), they'd have been much softer and the higher temperatures would have meant the tyres going off in just the same way.

    The single-tyre idea has worked really well so far this season – no way would there have been any overtaking at Monaco without it, for example. If you'd prefer the "excitement" of people changing tyres at pitstops to the banality of actually seeing some overtaking on the track (finally!), that's up to you, but I think most F1 fans would disagree.

    30 May 2005, 23:13

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