June 07, 2005

As Expected

I love it when I'm right and in this case I am. Today's exams were shocking. Well Differentiation wasn't so bad although I had to think on my feet a lot. There maybe a chance that I scraped a first in that one if I am really lucky. But as expected Applied Analysis was a complete joke. I will be delighted if I get the 35% to pass it! Professor Mackay is obviously a genius. You just have to look at his website to see that. He's not stupid so he must know that the exams he sets are way above the required standard for the second year of this degree. So why does he do it? One rumor is he is trying to find the real geniuses on the course so he can wrap them in cotton wool and look after them. Another rumor is that he sets the exam at the same standard as the exams at Cambridge. Well if that's the case thank goodness they didn't want me!

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  1. Toby Hester

    I had quite a lengthy e-mail argument with Professor McKay after a very similar experience of Applied Analysis two years ago, at the end of which he said my thoughts were useful and would be used to make improvements. That he's still lecturing the same course in the same way is extremely irritating, since I thought I might actually have done some good for future generations for once!

    Good luck with the rest!


    07 Jun 2005, 22:27

  2. i too heard this rumour about mckay trying to find little geniuses to guide through the rest of their uni career. that he aims for the best to pass and the rest of us who otherwise can get 2.1s in most subjects to fail is disgusting. i've complained to the sslc and generally vented at everyone i have seen since yesterday!

    08 Jun 2005, 12:25

  3. b

    hey ollie, just thought's i'd say hi… keep going, exams are nearly done…break for school days??


    11 Jun 2005, 15:42

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