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January 31, 2012


Having the discussion whether managers are leaders or whether leaders are managers, gave me an insight into what these two words meant. Managing and leading from my viewpoint are two different things. Leading is about managing and directing people towards attaining a certain goal while managing seems to be about just getting what has to be done with little or no element of leading.

Does being a manager make you a leader? My answer is NO.

I say no because I have had the opportunity to work with a couple of bosses who I thought were not good leaders and based on what i’ve learnt so far in this two days and leaning towards Modar’s point of “leaders inspire and manage change”, it only goes to confirm my belief.

I am of the view that being a manager who is not a good or effective leader would only take you this far (nowhere) as compared to being a manager who is an effective leader.

January 30, 2012

the strength of character

looking at some of the definitions, analysis and explanation of leadership, it is clear that a single definition cannot satisfactorily explain what leadership, leading or being a leader is. i believe that different characteristics such as influencing, giving directions,ability to manipulate, having a shared goal are necessary but there are two characteeristics of leadership that strikes me the most -' strength of character and unwavering determination'.

also during the class session when we were listing down the learning points of the lifeboat exercise, this was one of the points that was listed "if you don't fit a sterotype, it is more difficult to establish yourself".And that got me thinking if Rogers or Brett or Sue or any of the people we choose as leaders were physically challenged or didn't meet up to our "sterotyped" notion, would we have choosen them despite the fact that they had all the necessary characteristics or attributes of being the most suitable leader or deputy?

January 15, 2012


A good company culture right from top level management down to the shop floor level is a very key concept of continuous process improvement be it through the use of lean or six sigma or total quality management in any organisation. on one hand, leadership commitment and a strong support from the management proves to be a very effective factor first in any improvement process. while on the other hand, a good and well motivated set of employees fully ready to participate and involve themselves in the change process is also very vital.

January 09, 2012

lean & six sigma : products & services

while studying about lean and six sigma , i have understood that the basic philosophy behind lean is the elimination of waste while six sigma focuses on the need for quality improvement in order to reduce the number of defects in products. i tend to think that the application of lean principles in an organisation acts more as a stepping stone for the implementation of six sigma improvement process.

though customer satisafaction and adding value to the customer is key in all aspects of business. most of the literature i came across, speak more of lean and six sigma in manufacturing sectors and about products. i am still unclear of how well to integrate lean principles and six sigma tools through DMAIC in an organisation that is primarily service based.

January 2012

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