February 01, 2012

Variations in Leadership

Give me your definition of a leader …….ask this question to 50 people and I am sure you would get 50 different definitions.

Working with my team members in doing the analysis matrix seemed pretty easy because the definitions of leadership were already stated out in black and white, so all we had to do was to match the most relevant… but asking each person to brainstorm and come up individually with ideas pertaining to what we thought leadership meant was a whole different ball game altogether.

I think it’s an ideal phase for me now in my development process while still in this “safe environment “ to test the waters by trying to understand the basic key attributes and characteristics of leadership ,identify situations where being a direct or indirect leader can be most effective and also improve my ability to work in teams.

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  1. Fotini Savva

    I think you have identified the challenging part of our environment!! That is inhomogeneous! If people were thinking the same way then things were going to be simple and from my view they were going to be boring!!! So, more opportunities for us to exlore and learn!!!

    01 Feb 2012, 21:05

  2. Swati Sharma

    Well said Tega, this is the exact situation we faced, every one had their own definition of leadership. And going by the matrix we realised that we are defining our leadership to one particular context. And we didn’t want to restrict our thoughts. So, we tried taking the holistic definition of leadership, which too failed. I agree with all the definition of direct leadership but how will you define leadership in general (for all situations, kinds etc). Need an answer to that, I am more intrigued and my mind is coming to this question time and again.

    01 Feb 2012, 22:40

  3. Pauline Mmbaga

    We are indeed lucky to have this safe learning bubble. And as Paul assured us,we will most definitely come out of this course more confused that before possibly but we will have learnt something valuable. I still disagree with the idea of trying to constrain the notion of leadership into one closed definition because it essentially suggests that this is what it is and not anything else which is not true as we have clearly seen today.

    02 Feb 2012, 01:29

  4. Daniella Abena Badu

    Well, as you will all agree there isn’t a single definition of leadership. Defining leadership in terms of politics will be different from defining leadership in terms of “entertainment”. Presidents tend to have a lot of followers but so do celebrities. Coming up with a single definition that fits both categories might be difficult but what we can learn from all this, is to take the positive attributes in the definitions we are given and make it our own so that we can exhibit good leadership in our future work places.

    02 Feb 2012, 08:34

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