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October 20, 2005

Illness, Airfield and Lost

It's been a little while since last updated mainly because nothing particularly interesting has happerned.

At the begging of last week I was begining to think that I may have managed to avoid the 'freshers flu' (Why is it called this? Its not flu, its a cold usually and everyone gets it, not just freshers) thats been going around. Of course, I shouldn't have thought that because I then caught it. As usual I tend to get these things a little worse than everyone else and so was feeling generally very ill at the end of last week. I managed to get to all my lectures and then on sunday was feeling a tiny bit better so decided to take a group of people to the airfield anyway, just to get out of the flat and off campus.

It was a merky miserably day but we had a couple of people on the trip who seem keen to keep coming which is always nice to see. I didn't fly myself as with a cold I would have just made a complete mess of it. You can't really fly when ill as you don't have enough brain power, the altitude changes can mess with the pressures in your head if your nose is blocked and its rather difficult without your balance being completely right.

I have now finished watching the first series of Lost. I can say overall I liked the ending, it was suitably wierd although it would have been nice if it had at least answered some of the original questions before throwing some new ones at the poor viewer. Seeing the black rock was good, I really didn't expect that.

We now have a reasonable idea about how our 4th year project is going to go. It bascially involves looking at the data from a big particle accelerator (BaBar) and trying to find a signal that corresponds to a new particle.

October 08, 2005

A day of nothing

Well, that was a succesfull day of avoiding doing any work.

I got up at 10 thinking I would make an effot to start reading stuff on my 4th yr project. By 18:00 I had done the following:to:
Finished fixing my printer
Read lots of blogs
Watched some scrubs
Fixed the gliding club's internal database
Wrote a rant about warwick sport (see below)
Watched an episode of Lost
and helped my borther fix my dad's computer back in devon.

At this point I managed to get the books down from the shelf and had just started reading when I got an MSN message. So I spent parts of the evening (interspaced with eating and such) fixing the computer of a friend I havn't seen since the first year. As is always the case with computers it took a lot more effot than expected but she gave me plenty of tea and biscuits to help and I got to find out how and what everyone on my hall in the first year is doing now.

The net effect is that I have read a single page of a book, hmmm. I forgot how hard motivation at the start of a project like this is. The funny thing is that working over the summer, despite being nearly 8 hours per day was relativly easy. There is something about student life that makes doing a realtivly small number of hours work disproportionately difficult.

p.s on the subject of Lost, for those who have got bored of it around eps5–7: keep watching. It gets intersting again around ep9.

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