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February 01, 2006

The Boar: ITS, ID and Investment banking.

For some reason I decided against going to my lecture this morning despite getting up in order to do so. Instead I have been reading this week's Boar. I have to say I disagreed with most of what I read. A short run down:

  • ITS - 3 articles on how incompetent they think ITS are, including one double page spread. While the occasional point is valid they again seem to merge a veriety of different problems all into one. See my IT Services and Resnet entry for my views on ITS bashing.
  • "Darwin versus God": While the article manages to keep fairly neutral, I do dislike anything which tries to give credibility to the idea of Intelligent Design being, in any way, a scientific theory. It may well be right and evolution wrong for all we know but evolution is a debated and tested theory now fairly well supported with evidence. I.D. is not testable and has no evidence (And no, you can't count not being able to explain things in any other way as evidence. Should we count the unknown acceleration of the Pioneer space probe as some divine creator blowing on them for amusement?). Evolution is a scientific theory, I.D is not, end of story.
  • "Invested Interest" – An article about the Careers Service being almost entirely devoted to financial companies. Mostly I agree with this one, the careers service seem to basically only give us the things that turn up on their doorstep – i.e the financial companies that directly push for warwick graduates. Surely the job of the Careers Service is to get out there, find other companies and encourage them to come here so we get a wide choice of graduate employeers?

Morning winge over. I shall try to make my next lecture and will have to be late for the Resnet focus group meeting. Incidently, this week's focus group meeting is at 12.30pm in Room H355, Humanities Building. If you have anything useful to say about resnet please turn up, they need as much feedback as possible at the moment, apart from being made aware that the Boar don't like them. Does the Boar like anyone these day?

October 27, 2005

Graduate Careers

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I was writing a comment on the above entry but it got a bit long, so its become a post.

I looked around a few of these coperate graduate fairs last year and came to a stratergy. If you read the company name and the big text on their stand background and can't work out what they do, ignore them.

To give some examples you might read 'BT – British Telecoms', Ok I know who they are, probably not the best but i've got somewhere.
DSTL is "Defence Science and Technology Laboratory", ok thats great, I know what they do and who they are in 5 words.
But then there are the big companies such as, and this is my favourite as we get bombarded with rubbish by them, Accenture:

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation. Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and govenments. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, Accenture can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

What the hell does that mean? It's an entire paragraph of absolute rubbish that tells me nothing at all. The word 'technology' is the only one that actually gives a vauge idea of what it means. To this day I still have no idea what accenture do.

Fortunately, now I'm planning todo a PhD and have a good idea of where I want to work anyway so have told the careers service to remove my details from their database. I now no longer receive City and Finance job offers and careers information. I originally put myself on the careers system under Science/Technology. I really wish the careers service would try to find some real and useful science jobs for warwick's graduates and stop trying to tempt them to waste their lives on finance jobs.

Rant ends.

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