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December 15, 2005

London, Imperial and a nice day out.

Well, yesterday I went to Imperial college's postgraduate open day.

Got up at 8, drove to coventry station. That's lazy I know, I should've cycled but I thought I'd probably be too tired when I got back to coventry to cycle back to campus. Once I discovered the parking fee for £6 for the day I decided to definately cycle in future.

I acually got there early. My train was at 10:20 but I managed to catch the late 9:50 one at 9:58. Arrived in London Euston at about 11:30. Wandered off the platform and wandered around for a few minutes trying to work out where the entrance to the underground bit of euston was. I found it, worked out how the underground system worked and jumped on to a tube train to Green Park. Changed there and got on another for South Kensington. Got off, wandered around outside the station looking for street signs, failed to find any. I had a map but couldn't work out the orientation so gave up in the end, found the sun, noted it was almost excatly mid-day and walked in the opposite direction – North. This lead me to the university, very quickly. It's quite worrying that I still use this method of naviagtion, it does work though.

The uni is ok, much like warwick would be if its campus was merged with a city. There are some building sites, some old buildings (not the really old fancy kind, but the old decripid metal kind) and some shiny new buildings. The actual open day wasn't all that much help. The main part was well organised but just the same as you'd expect to be said at any open day. The physics part was fairly unorganised, the same as here. It was just a small room with some posters with a few people from each group standing around talking to people. This is what I wanted but there was only one bloke from the plasma group there, who was helpful, but a theorist and not really who I needed to see. It turns out they have a group open day in feburary so I shall goto that aswell. In fact, when I first got there, there was only one person at the table. She turned out to be waiting for the quantum optics group so we talked until the proper people turned up and turfed her off the plasma table.

At 14:20 I decided I ought to start heading back. The ticket I had wasn't valid between 15:00 and 18:00 so I had a choice between hurrying back or waiting around until 18:00. Next time I probably will wait and have a look around London, since I havn't been in a good many years.

Entered South Kensington station at ~ 14:35 and arrived at coventry at about 16:25.

So really the day was fairly unsuccessful in terms of PhD aquiring, but was a nice day out.

My thoughts on train and tube journeys later…

Excellent random blog entry of the week award

If you are reading this and haven't read that, then read it! It's superb!

December 13, 2005


It's a week and a bit into the holiday's and I've done more work in that time than in whole term beforehand. The Interim report is coming on well, despite hitting the word limit after only writing 1/3 of what needs to be put into it.

It is rather annoying though, learning all this stuff about particle physics when I intend todo a PhD in plasma physics. On that note, I have been sort of offered something from JET, where I worked over the summer holidays. It's a computational project, which isn't quite perfect since I really wanted todo something experimental. However, I am generally better at the computational stuff and it does sound quite interesting. Also, its rather difficult to say no to a PhD at a place I really liked working.

I am also applying to Imperial College, as a backup plan and I'm going to their open day tomorow. This will involve my first train journey in a few years, so should be interesting.

December 05, 2005

Procrastination, Cider and Self–raising Ballistics.

It's now the christmas 'holidays' and I have my final year project Interim Report to write and so I thought I'd update my blog instead. I'll get around to starting eventually… probabaly.

Since I last posted, a lot's happened. A few weeks ago a lot of people I knew who grauated last year and the year before came up for a big reunion sort of thing. I met them at 14:00 with the intention of moving into the Graduate for the night at 17:00. As it turned out the graduate didn't open until 19:00, apparently they were understaffed or something. Then we discover that the School Days event that night is including the graduate, which was annoying since I thought the whole point is to keep the Graduate seperate for people who don't want to go to the big events. As it happened we found a way to stay there after it got included and so unintentionally I was in school days. I had no interest in going to it what so ever and it amused me that while I don't go to the union at all really this year I was in the only event that half my other friends, who do go a lot wanted to go to but couldn't get it. Hah!

Anyway, a few pints of Strongbow and quite a few pints of Old Rosie (the scrumpy cider they serve up there) later and I have to say I was really quite pissed. It is 7.4% or something stupid and I hadn't really drunk much since the end of september. Well, it was a good night had by all of us, also helped by the fact that the single graduate bar man was my housemate from last year and owes me some money, always good when you don't want to queue up for a drink!

Two weeks later we held the Gliding Club's first ever inter-university competition. It basically involved dropping packs of flour out of a open cockpit glider onto a target on the airfield. Sounds easy enough until you consider the glider is 300' in the air doing 101mph. It was supposed to be us against Loughborough and Coventry but Cov didn't turn up so was just us and Loughborough. It was a a really fun day and certinaly somethig a little different.

One of our members has been nice enough to write out a proper report for our website: Bombing Report and also a short video I put together of all the footage can be seen here: Bombing Video

He has also written up the september course, where we made the big gliding video this year and was generally hilarious throughout: September Course

Right… work.

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