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January 31, 2010

Leadership Challenge; Strategy 2

In this exercise I have tried another strategy which is more involved a leader style. In this task the different situation was leaders is not allowed to take briefs paper with them to the team.

This situation was just like the real. In the real business life as a leader you get the information and explain to your team. If you don’t understand what are you going to do or you are confused there is no possibility to understand by team members as well. The time was also limited as we could decide the result.

I have used about 20 minutes to understand the information that has been given and then backed to team members to brief them but actually I was confused which means I was not too sure about what I am going to do. Therefore I could not inform them effectively and they have also confused. They always came with question that wanted me the answer. This gave me a lot of pressure and this reflected to the team members as well. I have tried to solve problems by myself with focusing team works unduly. I gave some duties to the team members but I couldn’t observe them if they are doing properly. I could not use time management because I was no time to measure it. In short, as a leader I have messed up everything.

This experience made me realised that as a leader whatever task is given to you it must be understood very well and then brief to team members. Confusion gives you and your team damage with time, money, and the important one is wrong direction. You cannot set a goal and vision in that situation. Secondly, if you involved too much to processes you are not able to observe around that what’s going on. Even if you delivered duties to each team member you are not be able to observe them and control them in appropriate direction to achieve the goal. This gives them lots of pressure to each member and they just expect you to solve problems and wait answers. Therefore we couldn’t use our time and we’ve lost but I have learnt a lot key points as been mentioned.

Especially this exercise provides me a ground to observe how easy a leader can make a mistake and go to different direction without a vision. After analyse those points and write some blogs I can deeply see the situations very clear. These key points will help me to find out my personnel leadership style in terms of my future career.

Hotel Challenge; Strategy 1

In this exercise as a Leader I have decided to apply Paul’s strategy to observe what does going to happen. Time was given to understand Hotel situation and first I have tried to understand the system. Otherwise I knew that no one in team will understand anything at all.

When I backed to my group I have explain the situation and separated all team members in different positions and gave them duties. Thus, every team members knew their duties. After I did all briefing I have set our goals and vision for our group and then step back and observed them. I didn’t work before in any project with people in my team that’s why I didn’t know their psychology as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The observation would give me some clue to see that.

The other issue which happened naturally that team members come to me with question but also with some answers as well. I was expecting opposite way actually but it didn’t happened that way. I realised that if team members comes to you with appropriate possible solutions first you gain time which is very important, second you give them chance to use their brain to think about it, and third they will feel that their thought is valuable. This also give chance to understand their capacity in different situations and how they are using their knowledge to predict future.

As a Leader I have also motivated them and encourage them to provide far from pressure environment. Because I knew that everything will be messed up. If in every decision they made I go and judge them I could lost their potential. In that time I could only give them stress but not joy. This would affect the variations in our strategy and either way we will lose.

Finally I have learnt lots of learning points from this exercise and at the end of the day I had felt that something changes in my leadership concept. System of Profound Knowledge also helped me to analyse situation and see my vision clearly. I can see better how Leader should be now. This change opened my vision and I can see now something much more well. I had outstanding chance to observe my potential with this exercise as well. Therefore I would like to thank to Paul to give me this opportunity.

January 12, 2010

The Leader Role in Transformation

What I have realised today Leader brings change to organization manager carry out that change. The transformation of the organisation is I don’t thing going to be easy as seen outside. As Paul stressed when we look at the Maslow pyramid we will see organisation parts clearly and then we can identify where we are on that pyramid as an organisation.

Actually, I also realised today that CEO’s are so lonely people. When CEO comes to company him/her noticed some times later that he/she is the only one that going one direction but on the other side other people are going to another side. That so pathetic isn’t it. No it isn’t. If he/she knows how he/she is going to transform organisation there is no reason to do panic. As we’ve seen today’s example must be one of the very good samples about how to transform organisation. I also figured out that how Senior Managers are powerful in the organisation. They may even destroy CEO if they want.

The other issue as Deming described “joy in work”. If people who likes the working environment they will work more effectively and efficiently. To create this environment in the organisation again is not easy. As a leader first of all should understand system (appreciation of system), should identify the variations in the organisation (variation), should predict future outcome (theory of knowledge), and then should understand people psychology (psychology) such as being a good listener and involved in the processes may be good beginning. As I defined Deming System of Profound Knowledge in my opinion is a perfect tool to use for a leader. As long as leader use System of Profound Knowledge transformation is inevitable.

Finally the simulation exercise has strengthened my observation and I noticed that I am confident about the way of being leader. For the simulation we have done some strategies even if we are not studying business strategies at the moment we have done good job. What we have predicted was almost approved. This shows that how we improved our logic to up next level. I am looking myself where I was and now where I am.

January 11, 2010

Meaning of Leader

Today we have started leadership and excellence module which is very important to deeply understand the overall idea about what is a leader mean. As we’ve done an exercise today initially it gave us good idea what are the criteria about being a leader.

The significant criteria that we’ve consider led us to find out what is the ideal leader for our life boat and deputy as well. Then we have started to discuss by eliminating candidates according to what we are imaging a leader in our mind. As I expected everyone in the group selected different candidate with all different qualifications. We have discussed prospective candidates and eliminate to two candidates and then we decided for a leader and a deputy respectively. We have consider all possible qualifications during selection process such as what sort of skills he/she should have, what are the past experiences of the candidate, can he/she use that skills in different situation (able to work under pressure or not) and why people has to follow him/her. Those question seems simple to apply when you look at the board but I have noticed it is not that much easy as everyone discussed with different aspect of meaning of leader. As I realised there is no solely a meaning of leader it differs people to people. So what is a leader? As today we’ve agreed a simple meaning, leader is who inspire people with his/her vision. Leader should use his/her charisma to impress people and also should respect to everyone who works with him/her as well. Thus people will respect him/her and follow him with supporting his/her vision. On the other side to give someone order leader should not use his/her positional power. Basically at that time I cannot say leader for him/her. There are a lot of samples in real life and most of time I have been witnessing too.

Actually those samples are giving me opportunity to see clearly the mistake what I should not do for my future career. I was already aware of them but today I have learnt that I am doing good observation and I am in good way through being leader. Next year when we graduate we are going to start our leadership career. I believe that day is soon and waiting for who believes like me. I am looking forward to enjoy this module with overall exercises.

November 01, 2009


Most of people still trying to understand meaning of leader and most of them again confuse about difference between a manager and a leader. Therefore most of organizations managing with wrong knowledge and result is disaster.

When I was my bachelor degree I was studied this subject but I could understand that it wasn’t proper. We can think that because of education system actually this may be a result but my opinion the Lecture who teaches us had no idea about leader. With this sample I would say that people with wrong knowledge they are choosing wrong career for their self and when they come to top of the organizations they are assuming that they are a leader but actually not.

If I would try to give definition of leader and manager I can say that manager copy something but leader do something original. In my opinion this is the biggest and clear different between them. Therefore being a leader brings you being a originality. Leaders get involved in all process to get best result. Actually an EFQM leadership criterion is a good example for this. Leader, according EFQM, with vision and behaviours also guide other team members and identify where the change is needed. Because as I said previously leader aware of all process with inspiration and motivation.

According to Paul Taffinder manager ask “how” and “when” and leader ask “what” and “why” (Big Change 1999; 46).In this case I can say that leader looks at the whole pictures, managers just follow someone’s ideas (other word copy something). This definition led us to see point good enough. In other words I can say that manager follows act of the leader. Then I would like to ask a question for your career. Are you going to be Followed or are you going to Follow?

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