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April 20, 2010

Are you Aware of … ?

I am now thinking that whether I lived with awareness at every level of my life or not? Probably the answer will be no. As I have gave the example today in class from my car accident in Cyprus teach me very good lesson. Initially I had no driving experience in right side of the road before go to Cyprus and I was not aware the situation  about how to drive in right side and how to adapt myself to do that, if some bad things happen what would I do?

·        Initially when I went to Cyprus  I should have got training to learn how to drive and allocate some adaptation time.

·        Every country may have different rules and regulations for driving in its road and may require different driving skill to drive and so on.

Those are couple lessons which have learned from my bad experience which I am aware now. However this particular situation is also same for the organisations that they should also aware from its employee that if employee is now what's going on around.

Awareness of the situation is vital for the employee in the organisation. As we discussed today employee may not be aware his/her situation about what’s going on around especially in terms of health and safety. Therefore companies should train them to make them be aware the importance of the work that what they do day to day. However as we have suggested effective leadership can be solution besides the training as well.

Fortunately I have got my lessons learned point after the accident and now I know what I am doing and where I am heading for my day life and career path as well. Sometimes bad experiences provide a basis to think better but the trick is to see something (aware something) before having bad experience. I am now aware of my life at all level therefore I am in WMG right now.

Kowledge Management and Learning Organisation

As we conduct the seminar topic about the How does leadership impact KM effectiveness, provide me a ground to rethink from different perspective the topic. In my opinion Leadership lead the people in the organisation to produce an effective knowledge sharing environment. However the discussion in the seminar triggered me to focus also at the end, leadership would also cause to transform the organisation into a learning organisation.

A strong leadership is able to create a strong organisational culture which can be basis of organisational learning. However, the most significant part to have strong leadership skills for leader may be the understanding people psychology. As Deming stressed every people has different learning skills from each other might be a good example that a strong leader should understand this and establish a learning environment by sharing knowledge overall organisation.

The other point is two types of motivation are exist in literature which are intrinsic source person who gets pure joy from an act or extrinsic sources such as bonuses and grading system. This is probably the parting of the ways for the people two separate ways. Some people may think that bonus or promotion is always necessary for motivation of employee and his productivity. The others think that without promotion or bonus employee should have pride of success inside of himself/herself which I am also advocating it. As long as leader understand the difference between two types of motivation and create a working environment for employee to joy while he/she is working, intrinsic motivation will take a position between employees to share knowledge and help to leader to transform organisation into a learning organisation. Thus knowledge management takes very significant place to be learning organisation in terms of effective leader.

This is what I have captured from end of the seminar (in terms of organisational learning) after rethink again about leadership contribution to the KM. This gate might open new gates to identify new features to analyse and use if possible for my future profession career or provide ambiance to more discussion in my blog.

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