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January 12, 2010

The Leader Role in Transformation

What I have realised today Leader brings change to organization manager carry out that change. The transformation of the organisation is I don’t thing going to be easy as seen outside. As Paul stressed when we look at the Maslow pyramid we will see organisation parts clearly and then we can identify where we are on that pyramid as an organisation.

Actually, I also realised today that CEO’s are so lonely people. When CEO comes to company him/her noticed some times later that he/she is the only one that going one direction but on the other side other people are going to another side. That so pathetic isn’t it. No it isn’t. If he/she knows how he/she is going to transform organisation there is no reason to do panic. As we’ve seen today’s example must be one of the very good samples about how to transform organisation. I also figured out that how Senior Managers are powerful in the organisation. They may even destroy CEO if they want.

The other issue as Deming described “joy in work”. If people who likes the working environment they will work more effectively and efficiently. To create this environment in the organisation again is not easy. As a leader first of all should understand system (appreciation of system), should identify the variations in the organisation (variation), should predict future outcome (theory of knowledge), and then should understand people psychology (psychology) such as being a good listener and involved in the processes may be good beginning. As I defined Deming System of Profound Knowledge in my opinion is a perfect tool to use for a leader. As long as leader use System of Profound Knowledge transformation is inevitable.

Finally the simulation exercise has strengthened my observation and I noticed that I am confident about the way of being leader. For the simulation we have done some strategies even if we are not studying business strategies at the moment we have done good job. What we have predicted was almost approved. This shows that how we improved our logic to up next level. I am looking myself where I was and now where I am.

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