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January 11, 2010

Meaning of Leader

Today we have started leadership and excellence module which is very important to deeply understand the overall idea about what is a leader mean. As we’ve done an exercise today initially it gave us good idea what are the criteria about being a leader.

The significant criteria that we’ve consider led us to find out what is the ideal leader for our life boat and deputy as well. Then we have started to discuss by eliminating candidates according to what we are imaging a leader in our mind. As I expected everyone in the group selected different candidate with all different qualifications. We have discussed prospective candidates and eliminate to two candidates and then we decided for a leader and a deputy respectively. We have consider all possible qualifications during selection process such as what sort of skills he/she should have, what are the past experiences of the candidate, can he/she use that skills in different situation (able to work under pressure or not) and why people has to follow him/her. Those question seems simple to apply when you look at the board but I have noticed it is not that much easy as everyone discussed with different aspect of meaning of leader. As I realised there is no solely a meaning of leader it differs people to people. So what is a leader? As today we’ve agreed a simple meaning, leader is who inspire people with his/her vision. Leader should use his/her charisma to impress people and also should respect to everyone who works with him/her as well. Thus people will respect him/her and follow him with supporting his/her vision. On the other side to give someone order leader should not use his/her positional power. Basically at that time I cannot say leader for him/her. There are a lot of samples in real life and most of time I have been witnessing too.

Actually those samples are giving me opportunity to see clearly the mistake what I should not do for my future career. I was already aware of them but today I have learnt that I am doing good observation and I am in good way through being leader. Next year when we graduate we are going to start our leadership career. I believe that day is soon and waiting for who believes like me. I am looking forward to enjoy this module with overall exercises.

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