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July 11, 2014

PDCA →Applied anywhere and everywhere!!

Writing about web page KBAM

Where ever there is need for continuous improvement, I have seen the PDCA cycle… Mr deming has left this world with a great gift in the shape of Deming Wheel. It can be applied for resolution of any kind of issue an organization or even a person is encountering. The application of this particular diagram is immense. While doing my pma on safety and health management, I came across many different standards that exist for the management of health and safety within an organization. I have come to realize that the concept behind the different standards is quite similar. All the international health standards have the following points in common. Senior management is required to establish the organization’s health and safety policy, ensure the major risks have been identified and required precautions are taken to reduce impact of those risks, ensure documents are properly compiled and audited periodically, ensure that the policy is communicated through out the organization and is reviewed periodically and improved continuously. The guidelines for all these are based on the Demings cycle of continuous improvement as explained by HSE in their book ‘management of health and safety’.

We started the MBE program by studying Deming and we end this program with Deming. Deming’s teachings have been with us through out the module!! It has definitely been a great learning experience for me… Hope it has been the same for everyone else?

July 08, 2014

KBAM, PDCA, EFQM, Kaizen!!!

It is amazing to see how all the concepts learned in the course of MBE are all inter linked and inter connected in one way or another. After reading a few of the other blogs, I see that most of you agree with me. While working on the last PMA, I observed that knowledge management is essentially a concept that has been devised from the Deming cycle of PDCA. What Mr Deming gave to world has great significance, it is just how you interpret and use it. A continuous cycle of improvement is represented by PDCA. What we learnt in KM was to record the learning and share it across the organization for everyone to learn from the past and improve. KM requires the right culture, corporate environment and effective leadership. So does PDCA. What I’ve come to realize is that all these management tools and techniques are very important for one to learn and apply. But at the same time, one should not try to apply all of these together, rather pick and chose the one they are comfortable with as almost all of these will lead towards excellence. EFQM involves all different aspects that were shown to us at the start of the year. I can confidently say today that I have studied all of them and will be able to apply if not all but some of them when I step out of Warwick. J

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