February 20, 2014

Is there a solution for office politics

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Politics, why would someone indulge in such a dirty game, be it in an office, family or any other setting. The answer to this is very simple, to gain power over a group or against a certain individual. Next question would be, why would someone want power!? Another simple answer, because of human nature and psychology. Yes it is not true for all human beings, but every group of individuals may have one particular person who indulges or get his hands dirty with politics. He is the one who spreads this disease in the group and influences others to get involved as well. This particular action results in many conflicts within groups and between different people. So what is the solution for this, how must a leader deal with politics within his team members?

This was our topic of discussion during the seminar. This particular discussion led to another question in everyone’s mind in class, can politics be eliminated or not? Some held the views that politics is inevitable whereas a few people thought that elimination of politics is very much possible. The reason for the first view was that, since it is believed that it is human psychology to indulge in politics, it is very hard to get rid of politics. However, they believed that promoting equity within a group could definitely mitigate politics.

The top management develops every office culture. This means that if politics exists within the office it has started from the top management and then transferred down the prism of hierarchy until it reaches the lowest level employees. This results in every employee to get involved in office politics. Top management starting with the CEO must try to refrain from politics. This would suggest that none of the top management is power hungry. As a culture of harmony is developed at the top level, it would certainly be seen as a culture through out the office resulting in zero politics within the organization.

Both views are correct as both are backed by their own justification and reasoning. I personally believe there is definitely a solution for politics. CEO must keep an open mind for everyone; he must refrain from favoritism or talking behind any other employees back. He must act as a role model for his top management to follow. As the top management is the immediate team of the CEO, it is the CEO responsibility to ensure none of the senior managers are power hungry. Only then will the office be free from politics. However, these are my views and are open for discussion.

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