February 05, 2005

War Long Essay Research

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/war/wwone/shellshock_01.shtml

On shell shock.

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  1. hmmm, I know not what the problem is. Perhaps only Mathew and I are allowed to put new entries on?!!
    Will check it out. xx

    05 Feb 2005, 14:21

  2. hello mr name is Ronald Raymond Richard Rupert Rodger Robin Rumsey. Ba' Humbug. bloggady Blog Blog Blog. War eh? guns and ammo? death, blasts and bangs, poetry, rashions. Theres no time for that! I'd rather just have a big good ol' game of fisty cuffs! Imagine the time saved if mr Hitty and Mr Wilson fisted each other in trafalgar square?!

    19 Mar 2005, 22:13

  3. the lucniator

    baz ur a geek. but your right. a good fisting usually solves all problems

    20 Mar 2005, 13:46

  4. Luce you have significantly lowered the tone of the blog!!!! Trust you!!

    20 Mar 2005, 15:24

  5. haha nyree is the ultimate geek. I typed her "silly" name to find this here blog and many pages appeared, unfortunatly none were eastern-european porno…. but still film reviews and asda are as entertaining as a bearded man putting marrows in ladies' birth canals. EEEEK

    20 Mar 2005, 16:35

  6. Baz you muppet I can't believe you have looked me up you stalker. I am so embrarrased that you found my gay lord postings do you know how much I hate you? I was in sincere mode for the Asda 1!

    21 Mar 2005, 21:38

  7. Basil

    hehe i didn't know how to find this so i types in nyree on google and found it. I especially like the "i would include trainspotting" line as if you were being interviewed by jonathan ross. I've just realised that this had nothing to do with "war long essay research" so i'd quit my wise-cracks and leave… BYE!

    p.s. hitler did it in '44

    22 Mar 2005, 18:04

  8. Am so confused by this post! However having also looked up nyree on google I am amazed on how many other nyree's there are! The songs by nyree from Brazil arent even that bad! When did I say that about trainspotting?

    23 Mar 2005, 12:26

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