March 19, 2005

Best new game in the world

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The best new game in the world officially…trying to get Lucy Abbott (infamously from Cornwall) on as many radio stations as possible. Lucy, 20, blonde, slim and attractive, is a philosophy and politics student at Warwick University (of course we don't mention the philosophy bit of her course). The aim of the game is to get as many comments and requests from the lovely Lucy on the airwaves as poss. So far she has commented about Barry Fry on Radio 5 live, she made an interesting point about Chav culture on Radio 4, requested Dido on Radio 2 and had her funny story about Gollum read out during Trevor's show on radio one. And of course numerous mentions on RAW!!

Its addictive but oh so rewarding.

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  1. nyree thats hilarious. and yes im being sarcastic. i had no idea the extent of your meddling. if you want to play it like that just you wait….... cheers for saying im blonde tho!

    20 Mar 2005, 18:25

  2. I am so funny! And I spotted what you changed you muppet! I had to get rid of a bit of it as it was far too naughty! xx

    21 Mar 2005, 22:00

  3. Thanks for the miracle worker thing dude am awaiting my free sample now!

    26 Mar 2005, 09:09

  4. miracle worker

    no problemo.
    i see the blog has taken off then!!

    26 Mar 2005, 10:45

  5. Are u being sarcastic again?

    My rabbit has gone blind : (

    You should read 'A Confederacy of Dunces' it is hilaroius. And you should comment on my review of peterborough having visited. A nice review of Gladstone street is always welcome.

    26 Mar 2005, 16:30

  6. lucy

    afternoon buttmunch

    wheres the review and ill comment…but i cant promise to be keep it clean! ill suggets they make the tunnel into a propar club!! haha!!!

    poor blind rabbit. and on easter too. how innapporpriate. make sure it gets lots of extra carrots and cuddle.

    dont have any news. went for 6 course posh chinese with parents and scott last night (seasonal i know) and am still recovereing from monster binging sesh and carrots carved in the shape of a bird. mucho effort for a carrot. but was cool! i love being a pie. next time u come vivst we have to go there!!! ud have loved it!

    anyway, may your easter be filled with gambing lambs and oddly shaped chocolate.

    will give u a ring soon! anything to avoid work! (kiddin!) stupid falliicious holiday!

    love ya x

    27 Mar 2005, 15:11

  7. hi lucy, its trevor here. i crashed my car today, need new bumper, my bonnet and wing need some minor work done. i was shouting out from car to a mum who's 2 yearold kid had strolled onto the road un-noticed and that a car was coming. when she realised she started to scream etc etc and at that point whilst i was distracted i bumped into a car at about 5mph but the damage makes it look like 50mph . . .i.m more pissed off that the bloke said he had a back back etc etc….F@*King B!"£$3^d then he slipped up by telling me that he had been golfing for the past 4 days….so obviously that annoyed me more.

    sorry for the babble i need a councellor my audi is broken….... :-(
    hope yr ok tho ? ? x

    29 Mar 2005, 17:56

  8. He has no concept of summarisation does he?!!! There is no such thing as a short story with trev!

    29 Mar 2005, 18:06

  9. The review of pboro is in the reviews bit. but it should come up when u sign in on the 1st page. Trev thought u thinking the Tunnel was a real club was hilarious!!

    29 Mar 2005, 18:07

  10. lucy

    oh no trev! thats harsh. much sympathy. bet u needed more tahn the audi tourch to fix that one. but at least all your bodily bits are still attatched so it could be worse – not much consolation i know but hey. its not a good advert for being a good citizen and saving small kids. i hope he was saved at least. bloody children. dont tell nyree u saved a kiddie itll just give her ammunition….i can see it now…..'incosiderate people who have horrible brats crashed your car!!!'

    oh well, make nyree bring u chicken soup and flatter your ego. i think u deserve it. sorry dude


    30 Mar 2005, 18:37

  11. i know everything

    have finanlly got good reply. anyone wishing for a great number of nyree's poo related stories txt me! i have hundredes prepare to be traumatised.

    revision sucks ass

    12 May 2005, 11:49

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