April 06, 2006

Touring the world by bicycle

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Whilst researching a 3 week cycle trip in France this summer I came across various people who have cycled around the world for various reasons. Mostly it's because they want to see the world, get fit and escape. All three of those reasons fit me and so I decided I would do the same when I graduate next year. At first I thought it was impossible to cycle so far, but as I read their stories it actually sounded relatively easy physically (not so easy mentally). But whats the point? Well, I hate the idea of having to work and I want to see other cultures for myself so that I can better judge my own way of life. Mostly this is for a greater understanding of the world and myself (physical and mental). Why not travel by other means such as plane? There are many answers to this: 1) I cannot afford to do that, 2) I hate planes due to pollution etc, 3) More intimate contact with each area, 4) Physical and mental challenge. At this point I expect to go alone unless I can find another person motivated enough to try something so crazy (please feel free to reply if you wish to join me).

Following this life changing decision came the planning. There are certain places I do want to go (Everest, China, Rome, Kenya, Australia, …) and others I do not (America and Iraq). It turned out that it would take a year to get to Beijing, just in time for the 2008 Olypmics, so that is my aim for the first half of the trip. Another requirement is cost, since all I have is money saved from a student loan. Here is a list of places I plan to visit:

  1. Alps (France, Germany, Switzerland)
  2. Rome (Italy)
  3. Prague (Czech)
  4. Athens (Greece)
  5. Istanbul (Turkey)
  6. Iran
  7. Pakistan
  8. India
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Mount Everest
  11. Beijing
  12. Hong Kong
  13. Thailand
  14. Singapore
  15. Australia (Darwin, Cairns, Sydney, Perth)
  16. South Africa
  17. Kenya
  18. Ethiopia
  19. Sudan
  20. Egypt
  21. Algeria
  22. Spain

And a few more…

This should take me less than 3 years but I am not fixing any limit to it. My familiy will probably come to various places and visit me on the journey and allow me to have some time off from cycling. It's just so crazy that it might work, either that or I will die trying :-). Anyone interested in joining me for the whole trip, or perhaps for part of it? Seems doubtful.

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  1. Just wondering, what's your reason for not wanting to go to America, as in the USA? It is a fascinating country full of very different, highly varied cultures. Fantastically gorgeous changes of scenery throughout… Sometimes going somewhere you really don't want to consider can be the best idea of all?

    07 Apr 2006, 01:14

  2. I have been to America before and seen most of it. Also, it involves yet more long plane journeys to get there and adds a lot of time to the trip. I may consider it, plans can change, at least then I could say I have been around the world.

    07 Apr 2006, 07:58

  3. Ah. You could maybe do parts of latin america? Not the safest suggestion though.

    09 Apr 2006, 11:50

  4. John

    Howdy… im an ex Warwick student (EPAIS) looking to do a PhD or PGCE in sept 2007 and i was chewing on the idea of cycling Europe or elswhere beforehand, since im both a keen cyclist and a keen traveller! But the hardest part is finding someone to share such a challenging (time, money, effort, motivation) experience. So if your interested in having company part of the way… give me a shout.
    With regards to the USA i am against the politics and the prevailing culture there but in terms of natural beauty it is absolutely amazing, any national park in the West is just superb. So im looking forward to revisitng a lot of the national parks in May-June this year for an 8 week hiking trip!

    Anyways, get at me if your interested

    15 Apr 2006, 11:48

  5. "With regards to the USA i am against the politics and the prevailing culture there"

    ignorant git.

    15 Apr 2006, 14:25

  6. (sorry that was meant lightheartedly but I realise it's hard to know…)

    (I think you haven't spoken to many Americans, you should try it and find out just how many are not part of the 'prevailing culture' you refer to. You might change your mind about what the 'prevailing culture' is.)

    15 Apr 2006, 14:27

  7. (I think you haven't spoken to many Americans, you should try it and find out just how many are not part of the 'prevailing culture' you refer to. You might change your mind about what the 'prevailing culture' is.)

    Unfortunately, the aspect of US culture which we are most often exposed to is the foreign policy, which is [at the moment] at odds with the prevailing ideas in Europe. The occasional lunacy which also gets reported doesn't help, either :-)

    16 Apr 2006, 11:03

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