May 05, 2008

Cycle Path or car park?

Please don’t block the cycle paths!

library road

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    This happens quite often on Library road. I’m told, although I don’t have personal experience, that other cycle paths on campus suffer from the same effect.

    05 May 2008, 09:33

  2. Knee out and take off a wingmirror.

    05 May 2008, 17:33

  3. Steve Rumsby

    If that was on a public road, it would be illegal parking. Rule 140 of the Highway code says:

    You MUST NOT drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation.

    Call security and get it clamped…

    06 May 2008, 14:53

  4. Steve

    I was on the cusp of calling security to get it clamped, however I hesitated when I saw the ‘University of Warwick’ logo on the side of the van.

    06 May 2008, 15:17

  5. Steve Rumsby

    The more such stuff is ignored, the more it will happen. If nobody reports it, it must be OK, right?

    07 May 2008, 12:08

  6. Robert O'Toole

    A relatively minor offence in comparison with the truck driver who drove at speed down Library Road THE WRONG WAY, narrowly missing several students (who understandably weren’t expecting traffic to come in that direction), and heading fast towards my wife and 2 year old son driving up the road in the correct direction. I had to actually stand in the road to stop him.

    Reported to security? Yes. Any action? No.

    07 May 2008, 16:55

  7. Steve Rumsby

    Of course, the driver was entirely in the wrong here. I’m not trying to suggest anything else. But…

    who understandably weren’t expecting traffic to come in that direction

    But there’s a contra-flow cycle lane on that road. People should be looking for traffic coming from that (the “wrong”) direction. I know that people don’t, because more than a few people have stepped out in front of me without looking when I’ve been cycling down there. But they should be expecting it, and they should be looking.

    07 May 2008, 17:06

  8. Steve – if they were walking across from the other side of the road then they wouldn’t have looked straight away.

    07 May 2008, 22:39

  9. Steve Rumsby

    What, they’d get half way across and then look to see if it was safe to finish the job? The road isn’t that wide! And actually, my experience is that, unless you, or somebody else, shout at them, people who don’t look the “wrong” way before crossing don’t look at all.

    I’m not completely convinced that the cycle lane is safe as it is, to be honest. It needs better signage (“Look Both Ways”) so that people are more aware of the contraflow lane. From the middle of Library Road, it isn’t at all clear.

    07 May 2008, 23:39

  10. I was just giving a reason as to why people might not be looking. Come on, you must have seen happy, chattering social science girlies (I have a definite imagine in my head) wandering out across to Ramfal (Ramfeal/Rhamfahl) and not looking at all.

    08 May 2008, 15:01

  11. Steve Rumsby

    Yes, of course. I know people do that sort of thing. Especially happy, chattering…

    Which is why I’ve never hit any of them. I assume they’re going to do it doesn’t come as a surprise. I still wish they wouldn’t though:-)

    08 May 2008, 15:29

  12. As a cyclist I’d argue that we have a responsibility for our own safety AND others. Bikes are quiet – people don’t hear anything so step out and we should make sure we make our presence known – a bell is better than shouting IMHO.

    But what about this –
    it is so shamelessly wrong to have a 115dB airhorn on your bike (ie. louder than a pneumatic drill) – I love it!

    08 May 2008, 16:43

  13. Steve Rumsby

    Shouting is rude, indeed. I don’t do it often. I don’t find a bell works very well, personally. A loud but polite “excuse me” works better. An AirZound is a tempting accessory, but not for use on pedestrians. Actually, the times I’d wished I had one were all to vent frustration after a stupid manoeuvre by a motorist, rather than to prevent one. On that basis I’ve resisited the temptation, because I don’t think that’s very helpful.

    08 May 2008, 17:00

  14. Pedestrians do need to be on the look-out for – and be more courteous to – cyclists. But at the same time, as with any car-driver, cyclists really, really need to take more care. If I’m driving a car and I see pedestrians starting to cross a road or in the middle of crossing, I will slow down. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a cyclist down Tottenham Court Rd. (Goodge Street) approaching the (green) traffic lights without slowing down when seeing an idiot listening to her (see what I did there?) cough or his iPod or reading a paper or doing whatever it is silly people who shouldn’t be allowed to cross roads do when they are crossing roads, and then muttering when they’re forced to slam on their little brakes to avoid killing hurting the dolt.

    10 May 2008, 23:17

  15. mick


    You obviously haven’t read the cyclist’s edition of the Highway Code that says that you can;
    - Jump red lights with impunity
    - Cycle the wrong way down one way streets
    - Ignore pedestrian /zebra crossings and just keep going
    - Cycle on/off pavements at your leisure

    and all done with self-righteous indignation when people toot and whilst showing contempt for other road users.

    12 May 2008, 09:11

  16. Steve Rumsby

    cyclists really, really need to take more care.

    Absolutely. I’ve said before that on average I think I see more stupid behaviour from cyclists that from motorists, including:
    • Stealth cycling – cycling at night, with no lights, while wearing dark clothing
    • Emerging from junctions without looking or stopping, in front of oncoming traffic
    • Running red lights
    • Not stopping at crossings
    • Pavement cycling
    • Moving right to turn right without checking behind
    • Carrying shopping bags swinging form the handlebars

    All of this I’ve seen within a mile of here. As a cyclist who makes the occasional mistake but tries really, really hard to co-exist peacefully and safely with all other road users, cyclists doing the above get me cross.

    12 May 2008, 09:30

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