March 09, 2006


And… drumroll …... I STILL fail to actually write in this blog. I have been writing a diary, but thats kinda different, and I write it just before I go to bed….it's also a kinda memory aid….. ok so what have I been doing for teh past few days??? I can't remember!!!

Anyways with the aid of said diary I am able to tell you that I have had the anime soc social, final assignments in Geometry & Motion, Maths by Computer, and am currently trying to do my Lin Algebra and Analysis II …. uber hard Analysis II ….

I have laser quest 2morrow, and then I have the pub social thingy…. I cant wait!! But this term has flown by so fast, its scary…. soon our happy days at Warwick will come to an end (at least for a few weeks, but it sounds so meladromatic saying it otherwise!)

Anyways….back to Analysis …. grr…

February 16, 2006

gomenesai AGAIN!


Wow I cant believe we have so little time left….3 weeks or so…

My birthday is in the hols but I want to meet up with all my friends before term ends…. :D

Might be iceskating on sat….and then there is a pub crawl after….I have finnished my assignment for monday, so Im all clear to go!!!

I feel really bummed out cos we hand in assignments, then realise that we have to finish others for a few days time (and usually not even looked at at that point…) but I still seem to be visiting and doing stuff pretty much every night (failing that msn is my friend)

I have really been neglecting this and my forum again….. (naughty me)

ahh well…...gomen and bya!!!

February 06, 2006

Gomen gomen!!!

I have this and I havent updated it for AGES!!!! (and for once I am not just exaggerating!) So sorry to everyone!!! :)

I have been really busy lately, barely having a night alone…. but thats great!!!!! (Though I am scared now Fred and Kim were talking about curing my tickles with…..duct tape….. Kowaii!!!!

Anyway I have a lecture now, but if there is anyone there( though they have probably given up by now) then gomen, and I WILL update more!! (bangs head in attempt to remember it)


October 06, 2005

Here already!

Well, I seem to be really busy all the time, so I dont think this blog is gonna be kept that up to date…. ahh well….

I cant believe how great it is here!!! Its so strange, but I am having a great time!!

….well really thats about it….


September 24, 2005



Well, I just got this set up, so there isnt anything on here yet, but there will be soon! :D

…Actually thats all I have to say except that it is really chaotic here, with all that packing!


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