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March 06, 2006

saturdays are so much fun!!!

i went horse-riding wiv Alice 4 the 1st time ever on saturday…..needless 2 say i was pretty scared of falling off and gettin trampled on…..but it was so much fun!!

i had "Shamrock" who was possibly the fattest horse i've ever seen….she was much better than "Cracker" (Alice's horse) who altho mite've been the tallest horse ever, was really lazy

my legs hurt a bit now tho….i've been using muscles that i didn't even know existed!!! owchie!!!

anyway….i've got my impossible Fourier Analysis to do…..last thing tho:

ever get that feeling wen u're so totally happy that absolutely nothing can possibly get u down and u don't want 2 do anything but think about what's making u so happy??

me too

January 03, 2006


i think i've caught a serious bout of panto-fever

i've just seen Dick Whittington at the Cambridge Arts Theatre

"he's behind you!!!"

"oh no he isn't!!"

"oh yes he is!!!"


December 29, 2005

saturday night fever

i know it's a thursday, but i went 2 see saturday night fever last night (a late xmas present from my wonderful girlfriend alice)


if u love 2 dance along 2 70's music then go along…..so good

picked up a few new moves which i'll soon b trying out….oh yeah

October 18, 2005

NEIGHBOURS IS 20!!!!!!!!


neighbours is 20!!!!

a special neighbours day!!!! breakfast on bbc even had a special show!!! with andi peters!!!! yes…andi peters!!!! this day doesnt get much better…....the wonderful union of andi peters and neighbours…..brings a tear 2 your eyes doesnt it??!! :'-)

everyone rejoice!!!!

best day EVER!!!!

i'm so happy!!!

August 25, 2005

holy moly!!!

for anyone wiv a sense of humour and who isn't easily offended click this link:

hollymoly personality test

also check out c**t's corner

if anyone is easily offended then easily offended people click me


August 23, 2005

it's my birthday

and i'm NOT getting old!!!!
no matter how many people tell me i am!

i'm still gonna watch bob the builder and none of u can stop me!!

so blurgh!!!

August 17, 2005


just watchred the "highlights" of england's thrashin at the hands of the danes

i used 2 like sven's i'll-experiment-as-much-as-i-can-during-friendlies-because-im-swedish-and-like-it attitude to friendlies but 2nite i was well &truly flabbergasted (hope that's actually a word…..find myself sayin it quite alot recently…..dunno y!!)

2 suffer our worst defeat 4 25 years!!!! owch!!!!

and seriuosly now…...as much as i like the guy and as well as he plays in the premiership…...y does david james still make appearances??!!!
i dont rate him that highly as a player but on some occassions he's been "ok" 4 city…..but never ever has he been great 4 england and i think 2day summed it up…...his teammates dont hav the confidence in him…...the supporters dont hav confidence in him…...i doubt even he has confidence in himself wen it comes 2 internationals…....yet sven insists on givin him match-time

stupid swede

im not dissin any other swedes or the family of vegetables …...(i quite like swede the vegetable tbh)...... just sven

i dont want 2 rant 2 much more cos i mite get angry…...u won't like me wen im angry….gggggrrrrrr

July 12, 2005


1 bottle down…...3 to go…....gotta try and save them…..but so they're good!!!

weissbier's so goddamn beautiful

July 05, 2005

news just in…..well….sort of

just read on teletext (yes….im bored…..being bored is wot summer holidays r all about!!!)

a hacker got into our unitemps thing and deleted some files and shit …....police don't think anythin was copied but they're obviously not ruling that out
he/she got access 2 loads of info and bank account numbers!!!!

just thought i'd better spread the word 2 let people know

unitemps hacked!!!

June 16, 2005

cash cab

those 2 guys just won a grand in a taxi ride…...i love tv!!!!

love it!!!

finished my exams…..

had maccy's 4 lunch…..

had a nap…..

remembered i left my lion mcflurry from lunch in the fridge (which i'm currently scoffin down).....

watchin cash cab…..these 2 business men r doin fuckin amazin

well good

June 12, 2005

moon powered by the sun

just heard possibly THE stupidest thing…..EVER

rue (part of "rue and james" on mercia fm) thought the "moon was powered by the sun"

that is stoopid…..VERY stoopid….. i can understand that "arty-farty" arts students might not understand basic physics…...still

moon powered by the sun???!!!!


any stupider comments would b welcome cos im worried about the intelligence of our radio broadcasters

"the moon's powered by the sun".......4 fuck's sake

"you selfish twat

the note left under my wipers after parkin in abbey fields car park

in my defence…..someone else did it right in front of me too and he thought i would've been ok

turns out someone else didnt….haha….:-P

at least they didnt slash my tyres

June 09, 2005


chav's now officially in the collins english dictionary!!!
chav's in the dictionary!!!


chav (from cheltenham…CHeltenham AVerage) is now defined as "a young working class person who dresses in casual sports clothing"

how cool is that?!

gotta love those chavs!!

chavette, chavish, chavtastic and regional variations are also there

other words included are "asbos", "squeaky-bum time" and "bouncebackability" (footie things)


love it!!

June 05, 2005

to me, to you!!!

went 2 cambridge yesterday 2 c alice…..obviously was intendin 2 hav a good day…..little did i know of the surprise alice had planned!!!!

guess who was on at the corn exchange in cambridge?! (title's a bit of a give-away)


OH MY GOD!!!!!

couldnt believe it!!!

"Pirates of the River Rothers" was amazin!!!!
paul and barry got on the "jolly rodger" instead of the "folly dodger" wiv a bunch of pirates on the hunt 4 a treasure chest. of course hilarity ensued througout the trip!!! abso-fucking brilliant!!!!

the usual "to me, to you" "oh dear, oh dear, oh dear" and "hellooo" were mentioned many times!!!! :-D

they even had that guy who's in all the shows as the baddie!!! little did i know he was part of a double act (the bang brothers)

slapstick!!!! water everywhere!!! chucklevision music!!!!

definitely the best show i've EVER seen!!!! admittedly we were surrounded by parents and 5 year olds who were shoutin and joinin in …...but that just meant i had to as well!!!!

oh how it feels 3 b a toddler again!!!!

after the show, which was only 2 hours long!!! :-( we went 2 this hippy-festival-thing called "strawberry fair"...anyone heard of it??

supposedly its quite a big thing and it fills this field up wiv all sorts of people and things…...there's drugs and alcohol everywhere!!!

there were police out and stuff but they didnt seem 2 do anythin

anyway…..back 2 revision

i still cant get over how funny the chuckle brothers was!!! they had a scene wiv a plank and people gettin hit over the head with it…...perfection….absolute perfection

THE CHUCKLE BROTHERS ARE LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 01, 2005

hot or not?

in another attempt 2 stop revisin i've found the joys of www.hotornot.com

i've spent absolutely ages ratin the pictures (women 18–25) lookin at some weirdos who've put their pic on the net

i'm tempted 2 do the same myself 2 see wot kind of score i get…...but it'd either be totally demoralising or would make me really cocky…...don't realy fancy either

i challenge anyone to find someone wiv scores higher than 9.9 or lower than 2.8!!!

im so bored

i hate exams

May 24, 2005



can't b arsed

ive not blogged 4 ages (i was boycottin the system after the whole name's-too-long situation) but im just SO bored that i've decided 2 hav another go

it's just an attempt 2 waste some time really….just can't b arsed 2 do owt

revision sucks

still….i've got the last episode of 24 season 4 to look 4ward to!!!
should b ok…..nowhere near as good as season 3 but that was just out of this world!!1

just seen the last episode of desperate housewives!!!! O!!!!!M!!!!!G!!!!!

SSSSSSSOOOOOO good!!!! i wont spoil it 4 anyone who's not seen it or doesnt care but its brilliant…..all the things come 2getha and its cool….and the new family r so creepy…can't wait 4 them 2 get involved in the 2nd series…...i've been googling the 2nd season already and it looks amazin!!!!

anyway…..i can't even b arsed 2 write anymore on this….mite eat


May 09, 2005

new blog

i got a new blog 'cos admin cancelled my last one 4 my ridiculously long name :-(

at least ive got it back tho!! :-D

love u all!