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November 13, 2006

First blog in a million years

So, it’s been a while since i’ve blogged. Mainly because my life is a mad rush between my various activities. Term has been a blur so far with Chicago, Free Concert, Copa submissions, Copa rehearsals, ILYYPNC rehearsals, Tim reynish workshop, socials, going to see awful awful productions of beauty and the beast, chemistry labs, chemistry lectures…

I’m mainly writing at the moment to complain about the prohibative cost of applying for med school!. So far I’ve spent

UKCAT Exam: £60
MSAT Exam: £95
GAMSAT Exam: £235
Book to help me not fail: £20

Total: £410!!!!!


I don’t have that kind of money :’( So how the hell are people supposed to afford it who dont have the luxury of a steady job? By selling themselves on the streets thats how.

I bet if you took a survey of most homeless people it’s because they spent all their money on med school exams. Thank the lord only two of my choices require them or i’d have to remortgage the house – THAT I DONT HAVE!

Anyway i’m off to campus, possibly to cry.


September 11, 2006

Always the way…


September 10, 2006

Awesome week

Have had such a brilliant week.Was working in Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge to get a taste of working for the NHS. Simply the most interesting and fun week at work i’ve ever had. Met so many really nice people and learned so much! I was consistently impressed with the hard working people in the hospital and their general attitude was brilliant, far away from the reports of NHS staff you hear about in the news certainly!

This was topped off with an awesome weekend visiting Sam (and, briefly, Joe and Nikki) in Southampton for the weekend. Was good to see Sam, of course, and Southampton is a very cool place indeed. This was all helped by the fantastic weather all week and weekend! Woooo

Slight downer in that my £500 screen died out of warranty, but shit happens! No point complaining about it.

September 02, 2006


Well Edinburgh was absolutely amazing, i’ve never had such a good 2 weeks (well maybe i have, but not recently). Spent lots of time with good friends, made new friends, saw lots of good shows, spent alot of money (but who cares cos I got paid loooooooooaaaaaaddddssssss of money by work). Also saw some total rubbish shows, new motto in life: DO NOT SEE TOMMY, IT IS RUBBISH. Have also developed a hatred of the cast of a certain show from a certain London University, mainly cos they were rubbish (even if one and a half of them was fit) but also cos they broke mine and matts bases and they stole our stuff!! On top of that they tried to kill Joe by sabotaging a barrier that he almost fell off and died.

In other news i’m working in a hospital from Monday… scary core…. but I’m looking forward to it lots! Also Nip/Tuck is awesome, though not as good as House obviously.

August 13, 2006

Durk Durk Allah

I'm sure you're all aware of the exciting airport–related events of the past few days and, frankly, i wasn't looking forward to my Edinburgh trip today given the news reports.

After finding my flight reinstated after having been cancelled on thursday I turned up to the airport at 08:00 this morning (Three hours before my flight is due to leave) clutching my polythene bag containing passport, several pointed sticks and a few other essentials. Arrived at the check in desk – was checked in within 5 minutes.

Then approached the QUEUE o' DOOM for security. It was long it was tiring it was like it would never end.

It took 10 minutes. Including the time it took to be thoroughly felt up by a security guard and to have my shoes x–rayed (hopefully that might kill of some of the smell)

Soooo here i am left with just under 2 hours (having spent £1000 at the bookshop and £several thousand and Starbucks). Someone is now shouting Geoff across the terminal… hope thats not for me.

Interestingly, web access in the UK is 10p a minute (compared to the appoximately 1p a year it cost me from Thailand/Laos!) and involves using some dodgy ass "i am ripping off your bank details now" style interface. And i can't just wirelessly use my laptop cos, well, it's checked in my baggage along with all my other worldly possesions (have fun stealing my broken iPod, corrupt baggage handlers… MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

Anyway must go, running out of time. AGH

August 07, 2006

Fantasies Come True!


July 12, 2006


Picture the scene.

Geoff dons his shades with manly skill, revs the engine as he screeches away from the traffic lights, girls twist around to check out who this badboy is… so what comes blaring out of the car stereo? The Chain by Fleetwood Mac? No. Born To Be Wild? No. Some kind of awesome hard rock? No.

Spring From The Four Seasons?


July 10, 2006

Summery Weekend Summary

Number Of Hours Spent Travelling: 9
Number Of Awesome home–cooked meals eaten: 2
Number Of Pancakes Successfully flipped: 1
Number Of Towering Flames produced by inadequately flipped pancakes: Lots
Number Of Unwise blog entires written: 2
Number Of friendships irreperably damaged by said entires: Several, at least
Number Of Times killed on the london underground on July 7th: 0
Number Of Small Jazz groups destroyed by low par piano performances: 1
Number Of Times Laid: 0
Kilos of meat devoured: Untold
Number of free minutes wasted leaving blank messages on Zoe's answerphone: 10
Inches Of Sam's flesh seen when he ran from the shower: Too many… twice
Number of emotion–enducing journeys retracing steps of days gone by taken: 2
Number Of Inches between me and the hard hard floor: <1
Number Of Free Drinks: 2
Number Of Meals Eaten Using a Chair as a table: 2
Number Of Greatly Missed friends seen: 1
Number Of Greatly Missed friends texted repeatedly: 3
Number Of Times Won/Lost at Pool: 2/1

June 30, 2006

My Life Summed Up In A Webpage

My Life

June 13, 2006

One Vision

OK So i'm never going to pull anyone again in my whole life, and OK so i've got crap marks in all my exams, and OK my hair was better short but do you know what… i don't care because


Now thats what i'm talking about….

Also I succeeded in passing the WO conductor review, albeit by the skin of my teeth with Sam battling against the hundreds of people trying desperately to cast me from wind orchestra and have me burned on some kind of stake.

Oh and We Will Rock You Is F**KING AWESOME – Hywel is the most amazing guy ever in the world ever and oh my god he's so amazing!

June 10, 2006

Blogs And Double Blogs

Well thought i'd write another blog today, which has in fact been somewhat of a miserable day (tho i did touch someone's boob, possibly gonna be the last such event for some years) but i'm not going to moan because it's sunny!!! Yeeeey!!! Also my medicine textbook arrived Yeeeey!!

Not much going on except for exams, we will rock you, songs for a new world, gala concert, wind orchestra and big band so i am of course barely stressed at all. I would like to point out at this stage that it is just STUPIDLY warm in my room, like really really really warm I think i might die.

So big hugs to Nikki (always big hugs to nikki) and Aimee (cos she seems to need hugs at the mo) if you're reading this, i'm off to build a giant fan out of some washing up liquid bottles and hair spray. Night night

June 01, 2006

Oh yea… i have a blog, now I remember!

Well it's been a while, Chorus Line was still on when i last wrote on here! I'd like to say i've been too busy revising to waste my time blogging but it just simply isn't true. In point of fact i've done almost no revision and am 100% guarenteed to fail, fail miserably. It's all ok though because by the end of this term i'll have done 4 musicals, i'm also in the submission team for 2 (and a half) for next year and doing 1 over the summer that means this year i'll have done 7 musicals, up on the 2 that i've done at any other point in my life.. get in!

I must say im getting worried about the end of term, what am I going to do when sam leaves, no seriously (i'd have to stand up against the desk like this and the teacher would say), i've got 13 weeks of summer and then a scary scary next year with scary hyper–talented percussionist housemates and lots of people i know gone to look forward to. Panic!!!!

But i do have a new phone and it's very shiny and decides what words i'm wanting to put next in text messages and all sorts of other things. It's also just like Joe's so if i hadn't recently decided i'd rather be myself than be Joe it would make me more like him too…

I'm rather rambling here cos i'm a bit stressed at the moment, memorial park & other wind orchestra things have rather screwed me over, revision, money, and just about everything is getting to me but oh well.

Anyway off to revise!

May 10, 2006

I'm revising… really I am…

1. Geoff
2. Oi! You!
3. GeoffGeoff

1. mrfitgeoff
2. drfitgeoff
3. degeniemon

1. Er….

1. My voice – higher than Mount Everest
2. My legs – shorter than some really short thing
3. My eyes – don't point in the same direction

1. Jupiter
2. Black Holes
3. Carnies

1. iPod
2. Sam
3. Internet

1. jeans
2. a random belt from Laos
3. a watch

1. Finzi
2. S Club 7
3. Mozart

1. Whatever – Oasis
2. Have You Seen Them Cakes?
3. Defying Gravity – Wicked

1. Love
2. Compassion and Understanding
3. It To Actually Exist

1. I hate A chorus line
2. I should never have done a Chorus line
3. I love A chorus line

1. Playing Pool
2. Sleeping
3. being with Alastair – Was it really necessary to put a comment in like that, now i'm going to have to go hurt myself

1. Give someone a hug
2. Learn bioliogy
3. Do my lab reeeeeport

1. Doctor
2. Rich businessman
3. Academic (ha!)

1. Geneva
2. Florida
3. Not somewhere cool and unique that backpackers would go like Laos or Thailand or any of those places. They're so original that they're totally unoriginal

1. Buy new shoes
2. Have children
3. achieve something…

1. I like breasts alot
2. I know about computers
3. I have no time whatsoever for clothes shopping

1. I am concerned for the emotional welfare of others
2. I cry alot
3. I like hugs

1. Meh
2. Meh
3. Meh

April 30, 2006

Fun Days

I would like to take the time to list all the amazing people i know here, but i know too many so I can't but i'd like to mention 3 who i've had a splendiforous time with lately.

Lu – We all know that Lu is brilliant, but she also was part of a consortium that got me a very awesome birthday present, and she shuffled her plans all round to come to my meal and she's lovely and i've had many a fun game of pool and bite to eat with her lately and I've absolutely thoroughly enjoyed every minute :)

Nikki – Not only did Nikki put in a huge amount of effort organising my birthday and sorting lovely things out for it but she's also quite brilliant at hugs and put up with me alllll day today (possibly at the cost of her degree, and certainly at the cost of her peppers & mince) yey to nikki :)

Sam – Well he was going to end up on here anyway cos he's Sam but HE's put up with me pretty much every day, got me not one but TWO cool batons for my birthday, been extremely supportive, given great advice and always been around when i need a chat and a cup of tea. Possibly the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Period.

As i say, there are many more awesome people I know (Joe, for example, who also got me half a cool present and came to my birthday and is, well, Joe) but if i start praising everyone who's special to me i'll wear the keys off this keyboard.

Hugs to everyone

P.S. Get well soon Owen, if you're reading this!

EDIT: Just realised i meant to write this blog entry to say I went to town with Sam on Friday and forgot to mention it and we went to see ice age 2 (hmmm) and bought stuff, but i just forgot. So there you are!

April 28, 2006

Stuff n Things

Woooo, 10 minutes free to write a blog! Awesome! So what have I been up to? Labs, labs, lots of labs and more labs. Actually labs have been going pretty well, minimal explosions, decent looking NMR spectra and generally fun and joyousness. Doubt the same can be said for the "Spinning Disk Electrode" experiment next week but oh well :)

Chorus line is going well, have played "one" one to many times (hahahaha) but other than that it's good. I've even kept in time with Owen for one or two bars (though possibly because i was so out of time i got in sync with him by accident).

My birthday was great! Thanks so much to everyone who texted and face–booked (and said hello on the day) and especially thanks to Nikki, who is too lovely for words and organised everything and got me a present and a card and got another card for everyone to sign and gave me lots of hugs too (and yes Lu, thank you for all your hugs too :)). Had brilliant presents from Joe, Sam, Lu, Nikki & My Housemates as well as money and stuff from other people, so can now Watch house while conducting (with two batons simultaneously) in new boxershorts whilst making an erotic sentance using fridge magnets and playing on a computer game… this i couldn't do before!

Had a lovely curry at the Bombay Palace (when i say lovely, the people there were lovely and it was good fun but the service was PROPERLY SHIT!) with a very well chosen cake (thank Alice & Jamie).

Birthday sort of proved that most of my friends (except Katie and Lorna and Jen) from home are all shit! Not a message or e–mail from any of em, bastards!!!!!

Chorus Line Tomorrow :( I complain about it far too much, i actually really enjoy the band rehearsals (when not being shouted at by Owen, fully deservedly) and most of the choral stuff, just i hate One and the bows and a I REALLY HATE PLAYING A KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!! breathe but it's ok, Joe has it much worse than me and he keeps on smiling :)

Just a note to say SAMS DRUM KIT IS TRULY AWESOME, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

April 14, 2006


April 14th has been a very exciting day in history it seems.

In 1846 The Donner party set out to california (they never get there, they get stuck in the mountains and eat each other)
In 1865 Lincoln Was Shot (On a friday in fact… good friday… just like today!)
In 1912 The Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink
In 1927 The worlds first Volvo was made
In 1970 The oxygen tank aboard apollo 13 exploded in an exciting way
In 1977 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (SMG) was born
In 2003 The Human Genome Project was completed

Exciting hey!

April 09, 2006

When you help others, you can't help helping yourself…

So here we are, 1 week of holidays left and i'm stuck alone in the house with 0 food whatsoever about to die of boredom so thought i'd write a nice blog entry.

But i've got nothing to say really…

Have spent the last 2 weeks at work redesigning our corporate image, which was fun but soooo much work! Lots of excitement at the near-dismissal of one of our members of staff for deciding to skive off for an "exam" which never existed… oops!

It's very lonely here now that Sam is gone, one would think i might get round to doing some work, but can i really be bothered? No… no i can't!

The most upsetting thing is that I've lost the memory-stick for my PSP so all my save-games are GONE!! :'( But also it means i can't play it until my new one arrives sigh.

Also if you're reading this and haven't signup for the WO open day concert on saturday yet… DO IT!

March 30, 2006

Sam did it, so i will to!

Played Spin the Bottle?: Yes
Played Poker with money: Nope
Gone swimming in a white T-shirt: Yes, but who really cares? :P
Been tickled so hard you couldn't talk: Yes
Liked someone but never told them: Everyone assumes i like them when they meet me. Kind of pisses me off when i pluck up the courage to tell them and they're like "oh i kinda guessed"... "but i've never spoken to you EVER" "it's just a feeling i got when i saw you walk past me the other day". AGGH
Gone camping: Yes, well, went to V2004 with my ex… it rained ALOT
Had a crush on your brother's friend: Hell no, my brothers friends are all men!
Walked in the rain without an umbrella: Yes.
Told a joke that nobody thought was funny: Yes! Told a joke that SOMEBODY thought was funny: no
Been in a talent show: Lots of times, played titanic… i was like a miniature Joe Davison in my day (Except without the hordes of adoring naked girls)
Started laughing at someone's bedtime: Yes, my own bed time. I still HAVE a bed time.. i'm 21!!
Worn something your mom didn't approve of: She's not the boss of me.
Been to a nude beach: Yea, it was a bit rank to tell you the truth!
Drunk Jack Daniels: Yes
Cursed in a church: Yes
Been called a slut for kissing someone: You what?
Burnt yourself with a curling iron/straightner: Nope, done it while cooking though
Wanted to be a police officer: No, wanted to kill a police officer for denying that my phone was stolen: Yes
Dumped someone: A couple of times, yea
Been hit on by someone too old: I AM the old person that hits on people damnit!
Wanted to be a model: No, i'm not gay
Bought lottery tickets: Yes
Made out in a car: Yes
Wanted something you couldn't have: Yes. Like a car, or a family.
Had sex on the beach: No
Had the drink sex on the beach: No
Seen someone shoplift: Yes, and we went and told someone and they didn't care!
Hung up on someone: Yea
Yelled at your pet: I don't have a pet, doofus
Bought a thong when the cashier was a guy: Like, all the time, oh my god!
Tried to strip when drunk: No
Gotten seasick: No, I'm sea-sick proof. There was this one time, at band camp I mean on holiday and my entire family had some stomach bug and on the ferry they were sick everywhere but I wasn't – get in!
Had a stalker: Yes, but i gave in and dated her for a while!
Played a prank on somone that had them really scared: I told my ex that her sandwich had mould on it, she threw it across the room and ran away…
Been embarassed by one of your family: Yes, always.
Felt bad about eating meat: No
Protested: I don't WANNA eat brocolli sulk
Been to an island: Yes where do you think we live?
Been in love: Oui
Eaten just because you were bored: Yes.. can't you SEE the giant tub of woolworths pick and mix!
Looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said 'aww': No, eww perhaps or, more often than not, why are they hitting on my please god why is it always the ugly ones :'(
Screamed in a library: No.
Made out with a stranger: Not really my thing to be honest
Been Dumped: A couple times, yea
Wished a part of you was different: Yes
Asked a guy to dance: Yes: Asked a GIRL to dance: No
Been asked out by a really hot guy: Yes, i got asked out by the three gay Chris's all at the same time once. If only i were gay, eh.
Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
Went up to a complete stranger and started talking: Yes, when I was drunk
Been sunburned: Yes
Kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert: No, i'd more likely have shook his hand
Threw up in school: No: Threw up in my friends students union all over the floor: Yes
Received an anonymous love letter: Yes, but i think i might know who did it now…
Had to wear something you hated: Some brown trousers my mum bought me.
Been to a luau: Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Saw your ex and wanted to kick his ass: Can't say any of my ex's were men to be fair.
Cursed in front of your parents: Fuck yea
Been in a commercial on tv: No
Watched a movie that made you miss your ex: Yes. Watched a movie that doesn't make me miss someone or other: No
Been out of the country: Yes. Lived in Oman for 3 years, Holland for 1 year & Holidays of course
Been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk: Yes! And he offered to give me a lift and called me love!!! What the hell!!
Went to a party where you were the only sober one: Yes, driving duties
Went on a diet: Yes it's the sea-food diet. I see foods, i eats!
Been lost out to sea: No
Cheated on your bf: No, nor on a girlfriend
Been cheated on: Signs point to yes, certainly.
Tanned topless: Yes
Been attacked by seagulls: No
Been searched in an airport: Yea
Broke someone's heart: ERm, i dunno possibly
Sung in the shower: Yes
Bought something way too expensive: Yes. My computer, my laptop, my MD player, my MP3 player, my keyboard, my PSP, my suit, lots of things for people as presents….
Done something really stupid that you still laugh about: Yup, generally when drunk. "Dear Fame Band…. YOU SUCK… you're the worst bunch of [insert copious swearing here]..."
Been walked in on when you were dressing: Yes
Ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie: No. I am a boy
Been kicked out of the mall: Yes, for loitering… what the hell? We'd been walking around for hours and were tired!
Been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back: Yes, a few times :(
Been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one: No, never had a detention…
Done something stupid when you were drunk: Every time!
Fell off your roof: Nope
Pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone: I think pretending to be scared would probably decrease the likely hood of someone cuddling up to me…
Had a deer jump in front of your car: Not when i was driving.
Threatened someone with a water gun: Not often..

March 28, 2006

Is facebook like this for everyone?


Harsh :(

March 25, 2006

Day 11

Here it is, the end of the holiday, going back to the UK tomorrow (:( :() but it's been a really good week and it'll be nice to get back and see my friends (though the earliest i'm gonna see one is next weekend :() Took my brother to the airport earlier, both relieving and depressing (he's a pain in the backside but he's my brother) and spent the afternoon installing bits into dad's computer (i feel thats a good payment for a 2 week free holiday!).

Anyway gotta go as the internet is waning but i'll speak to you all soon big hugs