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December 14, 2007

Death and the Maiden

When your girlfriend’s grandfather dies, and all you can think about when you’re stroking her hair as she’s sitting crying in your lap is how much longer you have to stay there to stop people think you’re an uncaring bastard, it’s a good idea to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible.
Probably not right at that moment, though.

December 01, 2007

A New Thing a Day

Writing about web page

In recent weeks, I've come to two conclusions- firstly, my life is boring, and secondly, I'm not doing any where near enough writing.

So, what to do? In an effort to make my life more interesting, I've decided that for the whole of 2008, I'm going to be trying one new thing a day. In an effort to force myself to do more writing, I've shelled out for a website in which I'll be recording my year of what I'm sure is going to turn out to be nothing but humiliation and awkwardness in the face of new and exciting experiences. The solution to both of my problems can be found at (or, once I find someone with enough webmonkey knowledge to help me sort out what I need, will be able to be found at)

Unfortunately, coming up with a list of 366 anythings is quite difficult, let alone a list of 366 anythings that might be worth doing, non-fatal, and (ideally) relatively entertaining to read or write about. I got to about fourteen, and then found myself completely and utterly stumped.

Basically, then, what I'm asking for is help in coming up with ideas for things to try. They don't have to be big- truth be told, I'd prefer they were small, simple things that aren't expensive and don't take too long, and hence won't interfere too badly with this 'real life' thing that I've been enrolled in- but I'll take anything, no matter how stupid it seems.

Suggestions in the comments, if you'd be so kind, and wish me luck.

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