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June 20, 2005

3 Peaks – Finally!

it feels weird now that it's done and over. I can't wait till next year to do it again! It was so great!!!!!

The drive up to Scotland the morning after the final fling was quite fun. Everyone was tired but relaxed and the atmosphere in the car was great! we were just stuffing our faces with chocolate and junk food in preparation for the three peaks. Though by the time we finally made it to the youth hostel we were really tired! But we still had to cook dinner and have the final briefing. The sleep was short – just a few hours waking up to the fire alarm cause the boys burnt the sausages making breakfast!!!!!!! There was tension in the air as people were feeling a bit nervous about the start of the challenge. We've been waiting for so long, preparing and finally we had to do it!

Ben Nevis: I could hardly concentrate on the walking because of the beauty of the place! Scotland is such an amazingly beautiful country and we were so lucky with the weather!!!!!! Bright sunshine and slight breeze just made the walk so easy! And i expected it to be a lot more difficult. Finally getting to the top and seeing the snow was so satisfying – and it seemed like the sun was so close!!!!!!!

The drive to Scafell: hmmm…. we were trying our best getting annoyed at all the trucks pulling out at the most inappropriate times…. but we made it to the lake district in good time and embarked on our second adventure.

Scafell Pike: the lack of visibility made it "interesting". As we could not see the top in a way it was fun as you didn't know how long you still had and you would just walk. But the stones were getting to our feet – first blisters and falls… But our favourite songs helped us to keep the spirit and carry on. Even the sheep were friendly. And how cute were the black ones???!!!!!! by the time we reached the top we were wet through and through and a bit cold… And seems like the standard answer you get every time you meet another team coming down the mountain to the question : how long is lstill left to the top? was always : 20 minutes!!!! Though i did nearly die when one team told us we still had another 2 hours – AS IF…..
on the way down though we got affected by the first injuries. I'm so grateful to everyone in my team for helping me along as i could not walk after injuring my leg. But thanks to all of them we did get down and finally took off for the last mountain!

Snowdon was dark and everyone was tired. Thousands of insects…. I had to stay at the bottom as i could not walk, but part of my team continued bravely. And I was waiting at the bottom for the glorious moment when they would come back down. And then just like that it was over….

The way home i hardly remember as we just all collapsed and slept all the way back to campus. And the only things on our mind were a shower and bed. Was lovely to get back into proper bed and to wash the sweat off. And wake up to a lovely sunny day looking forward to new adventures and challenges…..

June 12, 2005

Practice Walk – Snowdon

Well, well…. yesterday was our practice walk in preparation for the real thing next week. One mountain, one day, 15 people…

It was the first time I've been to Wales. What a beautiful country!!!! And the weather was awesome!!!!! Just as the weatherforecast predicted (and for the first time ever they were right!) it was sunny and hot without a hint of a cloud or rain. Obviously haven't expected that I completely burnt my arms and face and while walking was cursing myself for not taking shorts and bikini with me!

But my-oh-my what a beautiful place Snowdonia is!!!! The lakes, the mountains and although we had to run up and down (as we wanted to see how quickly we can manage it) i still managed to take a few pictures and have a look around!

The walk was not easy, i must admit. At times i was tempted to stop but determination and with moral support of my flatmate i continued up the mountain. And to everyone's surprise (including my own) we managed it in just 3 hours!

Well, next time it will be three mountains not just one so it will be harder! But i'll do my best!

June 10, 2005

3 Peaks

The time is finally on the countdown till the big day when we will embark on the challenge.

Yesterday we went to the Go Outdoors to buy the final things of the kit & equipment. I have never yet spent so much money in one day at one time! BUT it's all worth it and i am so looking forward to the actual day! Training every day at the gym and not only – all the effort that went in…..

The practice walk this saturday is another highlight of the week.

Well, here we go: i am ready, are you?


Well exams are over and now it is the horrible wait for the results. Although with everything else going on the wait for results is kind of pushed out to the back of my mind.

I thought with the exams being behind me now i'd get the needed sleep i lost out on and have the time to start packing up and planning the summer. BUT it seems not to be the case – partying hard and socialising is the priority since it's the last days of uni life!!!!!!

But you can still see me dancing and i'll be right there on the dancefloor every time you look around!

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