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May 16, 2005

Places I have been

Country of the world I have been to…it seems a lot by the map but only a few in the list! Summary 26 visted countries- that's only 11% of the world!

create your own visited country map

Map of US: states I have been to. 7 states and that is a mere 13% of the whole US

create your own personalized map of the USA

Map of Europe I have been to: 14 countries and it's 27%!

create your personalized map of europe

May 15, 2005

The fittest survive or the most read?

Yet another day. Yet another year. I thought life would be interesting at University that I won’t get bored but this year have proven wrong. I blame it mostly on my injury or (I should but it as Ex-injury). I need to get out more often and regularly. I need to get more fresh air regularly. As I catch up with friends who are still on their gap year I am not sure whether I am depressed by the fact that they are out and about having no worries of exams or lucky in a sense that I still have a little concentrate let from school for me to cope with exams!

Exams exams exams… is that all academic have evolved to? I know that it is suppose to benchmark people so for employers or who ever else easier to identify the quality they need in people. Now it had become ridiculous I think. You have to take a personality test to prove that you can get a long with people so you can be hired? WHAT?! When had it meant that if you failed to answers these questions in a certain way or you so happen that you didn’t get on with the person access you that means that you are unable to work with other people? I still believe in experiences rather than text books. Not everyone can learn from text books efficiently that they would be able to apply to situations. Whereas “putting one at a deep end” makes them have to learn fast and apply what they already know. The world is all about survival the fittest not about who can read most, which is not what I believe God's design is about.

May 11, 2005

Another year rather than another day!

Yet another year has flown by. Still don’t really know what I am doing. Travelling aimlessly… well at that time there were reasons and points but now looking back at everything it seem rather pointless. I don’t know exactly why and how but I have yet entered another pessimistic spell. Maybe because of exams… an allergic reaction to exams. I don’t seem to know what my brain does to my body these days. Kind of I know it is working hard spinning hard but I seem to have last track what it is doing! What it is doing to me! I feel rather lost… so lost that somehow I think/I seem to have to found my Nemo that I still feel I am lost somewhere… I am not saying I feel like I have lost something… just lost maybe in translation as I experience a decline in my understanding in this language I am so tying in……

May 07, 2005

To Gosford….

Please LOG on to see the pics… (especially Red May).

What a week–end

A wedding to attend to and a ball in the space of 3 days! It was fabulous fun though! :>

Wedding party of a dance partner of mine from April 2004. Did a jive in a opening for a concert! It was fun and shocking to everyone elses! :> Kind of time of my life thing as I have managed to shock so many people! Espeically those who think they know me well! At his wedding I was sitting next to an old schoolmate of mine… from kindergarten!


Fun night with dancing.

Ball on Sunday night. Just like to say.. fabluous carbaret! Thanks to Espen :>

April 29, 2005

Odds on…

Following on from a conversation with one of my more house-sharing-friendly housemates, and in an attempt to delay writing another essay, I'm opening a book on various household chores. Names will be withheld as I don't know how much the lock on my door can take, and I'm not actually taking bets, its just that light mockery oft gets results.


That casserole dish sitting next to the sink being washed by Monday: 2/1
That casserole dish sitting next to the sink being washed by the person who used it by Monday: 20/1
The rice in the pans left by the sink being scraped into the bin: 10/1
The rice in the pans left by the sink being used as an ad hoc plug: 1/100
Five or more plates being found in Housemate X's room just after putting the dishwasher on: 1/10
Surfaces in the kitchen being so clean you'd eat your dinner off them: 1000/1
Blue carpet turning brown: evens

Best be getting on with that essay now, more odds to be coming soon.

April 28, 2005

Regularity could help to improve health!

As exams are getting closer and closer I should be more concerned about them and doing something or rather a lot about them. I have started revising and all, but I still seem to lack concentration here and now. Maybe that is due to the lung infection that I have at the moment. Well I hope that won’t last long!
This term suddenly I felt like I am at a place for academics rather than for the ride. I suppose that attitude is important and should have felt like that from at least last term onwards but honestly I haven’t been.

Sometimes I really don’t know what to do with myself. For example I worked so hard over the holidays (just not academics) that when I got back to Uni and finished all due holiday work I felt relaxed and rested, and then I got ill. For me… my life is just never ending work… business, travel, business travel, academics, personal skills, interpersonal skills… Work never seems to reduce how ever hard I work… but still I am not discouraged and I am still striving through each day by doing as much as I can in the time and health given!

I never seem to manage to do all the things I want to do… but I am getting through them slowly and steadily… A few things on my list are doing the dinghy instructor course, driving licence, Yacht master, all the medals in Latin and Ballroom dancing… etc so the list goes on… I suppose one would say that since I am still young I have plenty of time to achieve these goals, but realistically thinking I don’t really, as the purpose of doing these things is to open up more opportunities to have more fun and explore more of my abilities and limits to a certain extent. You are only young once… Sometimes I wish I don’t need any sleep at all so I can do more. I suppose a way to keep myself healthy enough to do everything I do now is to sleep well regularly and eat well regularly and breath fresh air regularly!

April 17, 2005

Exams cometh..

So this is it. The penultimate day of the Easter holidays. I'd like to say I had a productive Easter, but I don't want to make baby Jesus cry. So the less said about essays and revision, the better.

What else have I managed? I've come close to several coronaries thanks to the relegation-battling (or not as recent weeks have shown) exploits of my beloved red and blue sportsmen. I've been rejected from another Summer placement – though I did make it to the interview stage (hoorah!) – clearly establishing that the city does not take kindly to eyebrow-piercing-shaped-holes-in-your-eyebrow. I've established that Top B is irreplacable, and getting drunk daaan saaaf is far too expensive, though television and working showers are a luxury I shall miss.

Plans for this term (in chronological order) – Organise a Free Spirits Social to the best club night in the region (failing that, Ikon will do [cheap shot I know]). Finish the dark prophecies of academic enslavery (also known as outstanding essays). Success at the coming of said dark prophecies (exams). (I'm not sure if that made sense either, but it sums up my mood towards them).

That's the stuff I have to do out the way. Now what I want to do:

– Get along to the promised utopia that is Spearmint Rhinos.
– Get along to the promised utopia that is Spearmint Rhinos again.

One track mind indeed.

Enough of the bizarre metaphors, and back to the real business. Television. Hustle is the greatest televisual treat of recent years and finally Tuesday nights are given a reason beyond sticky shoes, plastic cups and an altogether unsettling feeling the morning after. Also worthy of a mention is Doctor Who for its all round retro sci-fi comedy efforts, conveniently placed for getting drunk to before Skool Dayz.

And there it is, my most disjointed, aimless, rudderless and most random blog yet. I leave you with these words from a wise old sage (that'll be me after a heavy night on the bus home): "Clothes are the greatest invention of all time. Before clothes, buggery was easy. People everywhere would be walking along, and before you could say bugger, they had been. So remember, my people, clothes are your first line of defense against buggery."

(Might I add, I've had a few this evening as it is)

April 15, 2005

Exam Time Tables 2005

So peeps, exam timetables are up at the Arts Centre. Looks like our Education Officer and Deputy President Kamiar Mohaddes plan worked! Apparently thousands of us sent complaint e-mails to the Administration Office and they were furious enough to post them without telling anyone…

Still, there was a crowd outside the Arts Centre when I went to see when my exam will be. Six exams: first one May 16th, last one June 4th. 4 weeks of revision for my hardest module. Why can't I motivate myself until the wall I'll run into head-first is clearly visible? Vacation was such a waste of time yet again…

It's not like it had not been crunch time since lectures finished last term, but it undeniably is now…nevertheless: don't panic!

April 08, 2005

WordPress 1.5

Writing about web page http://www.sdpacheco.de

With a new version of WordPress, the blog engine I have used for a while now, comes an re-design of my site. I'll surely continue making minor changes, but for now I'm putting this baby on the air :)

I hope you like the new look and feel. Thanks to Ioannis for his thoughts.

The latest WordPress version impresses all around. The new pages feature, essentially posts outside the blog chronology, along with a few plug-ins, allows me, to run my entire website off WordPress – still with the exception of my photo galleries.

The new theme system, while being rather spophisticated in it's own right, has made adapting my old design a bit of a pain, and I have ended up modifying the default theme, which is based on Kubrick.

The WordPress Wiki has also received a major upgrade and has helped me a great deal with getting to grips with the new features and changes.

April 07, 2005

Slaves on E–Bay

Writing about web page http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=slave

Now how about that? I fear we are already trusting our automatic systems far too much. At this point still a hearty good laugh though!

Also, search for day trips warwickshire at the moment yields as first result BBC - Coventry and Warwickshire Features - Day out in Coventry. Go figure.

On that note, does anyone have any suggestions for a pleasant day trip in Warwickshire? We will have access to a car and everything. Stratford, Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle are too obvious…

March 22, 2005

Yet another addiction of mine–Travelling

Currently located in New York. Last Sunday we went to Stamford for Tri-State Challenge (a Latin& Ballroom dance competition). Was dancing 20 dances – well technically 4 categories doing all 5 dances in each. As I lack partner I joined Mrs Chong in dancing in Professional-Amateur category. First Open comp and I managed to get 18 firsts and 2seconds in my 20 dances!

The travelling of this Easter holiday (which I am currently on) its itinerary has changed for the 7th time already! Still enjoy travelling though wish I have no exams at the end of it! Great excuse for travelling is BUSINESS! :->

March 09, 2005

Societies’ Exec

After going to so many elections for societies’ Exec now I have a good idea of what it is all about. What you will do and how willing you want to make a difference really didn’t matter a bit. It is the ability to boast about yourself and making false promises that will earn you the position!

Well I am not in any Exec this coming year. But I am very sure that I will begin to make a difference one way or another for the love of the sport sake!

My other addiction…. theatre

I love the theatre. Whether watching a production or teching one. For those who knows little in terms of theatre please me describe. General speaking tech theatre is separated into 4 different areas: Design, Stage Management, Lighting and Sound.

It is rather obvious what Lighting and Sound does. They design it, another group of people rig what is designed (usually lack of crew means designer does the rigging too), yet another person operated the lighting board during the performances (usually not the designer but one of those who helped to rigged), and I missed out the designer programme the lighting board in terms of which cue has which light on a certain level to achieve certain effects.

Sound- well the “design” the sound in terms of speakers placed at certain place or number of speaker to achieve certain effects. Research and get sound effects.

Stage management: well, this is a very vague area. As the SM team does everything else excluding operating the LX (lighting) board or the Sound desk. This includes props making/finding/buying, helping to paint or create the set, invent new ways to solve a problem on stage instantaneously, making sure most of the cast and more importantly all the crew are happy, cueing the show and rehearsals, making sure rehearsals and performances run very smoothly, try to compromise between director and the budget! And so the list goes on…. But you should have a good idea the stuff involves.

If you are someone who learns very quickly I think tech theatre holds a lot of benefit in terms of learning people management, time management, stress management and how to react responsibly and instantly. That’s how I learnt and still am! Great fun, lots of work (mentally and physically) and lots to learn!

March 04, 2005

Maybe NOT!

Maybe I am crap at giving speech about myself. Somehow I don’t seem to have a problem with facts and opinions about things. But when I have to convince people that I am THE one I lost all effectiveness in speech. (Maybe this entry should go under PDP instead!)

Recently I have been writing a lot of “business” e-mail. After attending to Warwick skills module of “Effective Business Writing” it seems to me that most of the time I communicate with “business” related people too personally. The thing is that I DO know them personally and their business is VERY personal to them too. Couldn’t help to start wondering is too personal the way to go or is it rather a “NO-GO”.

I have never studied Business as a subject so I wouldn’t really know I suppose. So far these Economics lectures seem common sense to me rather than something I have to learn! Is me the problem here… How am I going to pass this module if most things on the syllabus seem so blatant to me!

Is my reason of being at Uni a matter of networking than career building? That’s the thing though I like to do many different things in different field/industry. So in the grade theory of the Careers Services that I am not really motivated enough in any thing I want to do. I have to disagree on that one. When I am passionate about one thing I will just go for it and work my way there meaning even if I don’t know much about it I will find out more and try it rather than making sure everything works before attempting.

One of the tips form the career service that I attended to their presentation today mention that one need to understand one’s personality to enable a career decision. Well I know my personality. I like to stretch myself in all areas. Physically in my sports, dancing and Tech theatre, psychologically challenge in my business and in Tech theatre, creativity challenge in marketing in my business and Tech theatre, challenge in terms of dealing with all sorts of problems and people in everyday live and in EVERYTHING I do.

I love challenge. I suppose I am even addicted to it too. Always finding new way to stretch myself constantly. Or is that the thrill of being adventurous.

March 03, 2005

Future Social Sec or photomaniac??

This is only my third lesson missed so far since I came to Warwick. I came along to classes every week with only 3 exceptions, even though I might not have been feeling up for dancing every week I still came along to see my friends. Friends that I have met through this club and from fencing! (There is a strange link between Fencing and Latin and Ballroom dancing.) Apologies for not being here today due to my commitment in the Tap Show and Hot Mikado. Ensuring those in the show that they will have some lights and sound to dance and sing to.

I have been to every comp this year. Support our team even though I never get any further than a maximum of 2 rounds in any of them! I still went along to every comp to support our team, to support YOU. To cheer you on and take MANY photos for you which most of them are now on my blog though due to lack of time or rather sleep I haven’t quite managed to up-load the ones from Sheffield and Nottingham fully yet. Though, I promise that they WILL be here before the end of term.

I love dancing. I am addicted to dancing. I hope that if you vote for me as a social sec so we could have more opportunities to dance outside of classes and comps (not to say that dancing in classes and comps are not fun!). Just more chances to dance in a relax atmosphere with music and a dance floor. To show off what we have learnt!

I will end with a wish of mine: I wish that there are less carpeted floors around so we could dance in more placed and more often!

February 11, 2005

The ridicule of dancing

Just to show my dedication or rather addiction to dancing that I have been get up at 8:30 or 9:30am for more that 5 morning in a row to go dancing! Sam worked out that we danced for 12 hours last week! It was fun… sometimes tiring…. Getting up so early and yet still dancing till late at night. I suppose it is the addiction of it that keeps you going! Plus having a bunch of friends mad enough to get up so early with you to dance! It is a good for me that I actually get up in the morning looking forward to something I enjoy before having a few hours that I usually spend sleeping to work (or to write a blog entry!)

Dancing is addictive. Once you know you can dance you just want to DANCE. I am not saying it is easy. Latin and Ballroom is very technical and it is that you spent so long learning and now you can fun just dancing it! :>

Well I have to get up for 8:10 am to meet up and go to Sheffield for a competition! And guess what the competition is Latin and Ballroom dancing!

February 09, 2005

Day dreaming

The days go by and I am still day dreaming through the hours. I couldn’t exactly say that the days repeat itself again and again as they don’t. But somehow all my feelings turned numb making everyday no different from the others. When there are people around who don’t want to associate with you but when they have no one to turn to you are their last resort. It never really bothered me but suddenly it kind of HIT me. I know I am very much my own person but am I so much my OWN that seem unapproachable by others? Or am I just too approachable that they feel like they need a challenge?

Now I am in my second term at Uni but somewhat there are parts in me that I feel I am in my second year in England (being in Year 10) again. The shaved head and the sleeping pills. This combination which I thought I left it all behind when I left prep school. Unfortunately, it hadn’t. I am living life to the full (so-to-speak) but at times I just feel like everything is ON TOP OF ME literally. It is exhausting. My life seems to be an uphill of ecstasy and then a downhill of depressions. Even through years of training from depression I still don’t seem to be able to cope it well. I suppose that is depression for you isn’t it?! Other wise it would be call depression? I fought for weeks/ months to try not to get into it but it’s too late now. It had taken over me! It is like loosing control on a car when the electronics failed to work when the vehicle is at its highest speed. It is not a matter of not knowing what to do. I think out of everyone else I know best what to do. It is more of a matter of WHY. After all I am a scientist. I love asking why. Why should I bother? Why does it matter? The damage is done.

Not being able to do what I love doesn’t not help me. I am surprise that it took quite this length of time before the evil of depression begun to slam at my face! Surgery was at the end of last July. Nine months to heal completely. Nine months of no sailing and practical tech theatre. Loosing the ability of being able to go out there and sail and not have no worry about anything on shore! If I sail now I know that I will do more damage which could mean that I would not be able to sail again EVER. I cannot not begin to imagine that. Meanwhile, I will sit still and strap myself to the seat and let the depression ride by then hours of ecstasy will come….

January 15, 2005

Smoke me a kipper, I'm back for breakfast

A whole 2 months, is it really? I'd better post again then.

There's no real point to this, just a smattering of random goings on in my world. Maybe I should start by updating you all on the state of Leamington's road-goers? Well, it seems that the "Fog Lights – Off" setting remains elusive, the speed limits have dropped by ten miles an hour (though someone obviously forgot to change the signs and/or inform anyone outside of Leamington), a significant number of cyclists are presumably bed-ridden with pneumonia and finally no one bothered to read the section on roundabouts in that shiny new copy of the Highway Code Santa brought them.

In a mini-rant moment, I would also like to congratulate the student driver of a white Nissan Micra, which had obviously failed its last thirteen M.O.T.'s, for taking 15 years off of my life while I followed him in the queue between Campus and the A46. Go get that exhaust looked at buddy, theres cleaner air in a bus depot crammed with flatulent gingivitus sufferers.

In other news, recently found were some still-inflated-balloons under the sofa. These were initially believed to date from Roman times, and were considered to be conclusive proof that those toga-clad colonials knew how to party! Sadly, closer inspection (read: any inspection which allows the logical human brain to identify the object as a balloon) revealed that the balloon was in fact only from a house party in late November 2004.

In entertainment news:

Peep Show and 24 = good, Christmas programming = bad.

Finally, academia. Um, actually thats probably best left out of here.

November 16, 2004

More Leamington–Inspired Motoring Madness

Follow-up to Wobbly Cyclists and Speedlimititus from Crossing the i's, Dotting the t's

Well its been a few weeks since the local motorists last brought my blood to boiling point, but its been quietly simmering away, and recent developments mean I can no longer keep my cool…

So what is it now? People still too slow? Well, yes actually, but thats not the point right now (By the way, ye who sent an email criticising my choice of speedlimititus - you're right, it really is more like speedlimitphobia but it really is lacking in some of the alliterative effect, don't you think?). And credit to the cyclists, they seem to be having greater success in their battle against gravity. However , this time there are two new problems.

The first seems to have been induced by the clocks changing by just a single hour, and the somewhat inevitable onset of Winter. As darkness descends somewhat earlier, the esteemed motorists of Leamington have responded, with a unified outcry of "let there be light!". Fog lights, to be precise. There's just a little problem with this. For all the darkness out there, its really not been foggy yet. And you see, well, fog lights….. The situation is further compounded by the uncertainty as to when the sun sets at the moment – in sheer panic certain members of the motoring public have deduced it is better to simply keep their fog lights on at all times: day, night, fog, rain, snow, and more than likely in blinding sunlight too. At first I confined this befuddling novelty to that of the boy racer's world. But no, the use of fog lights has even been witnessed on Volvos and Rovers.

The result? Well, my retina's now have two scars about a car bonnet's distance apart. Headlights are enough to see at night, so stick to 'em please. Failure to comply will result in my pulling over, and unleashing my housemate on your car, in a San Andreas inspired vigilante fury.

Secondly is a less seasonal problem, more brought on by the fact that other drivers are morons. Indicators. Indicators and roundabouts. If you come onto a roundabout, wishing to take an exit that is, when you go onto the roundabout on your right, by all means, indicate right. But once you have passed the exit before the one you wish to take, indicate left. How you weren't taught this is quite beyond me. Its in the Highway Code, look it up. Until then, that person waiting to pull out of the exit you just took is NOT shaking some coffee beans in his hand. Its me, demonstrating the point to your whole existence.

October 27, 2004

Wobbly Cyclists and Speedlimititus

OK, I've had my month and a half of driving round here now. I'm not going to complain about the traffic in the mornings, or the lack of parking on campus (NB: I haven't paid a penny in parking charges so far – go me). This rant is aimed at two things: Wobbly cyclists and drivers with that dire affliction – speedlimititus.

Firstly: There are a considerable number of cyclists in Leamington. Good on them I say. You're saving the environment and getting fit at the same time (mind you, that cold you're catching is gonna put paid to that). But you'll notice that Leamington to Campus is an 8 mile (via the A46 for the risktakers among you, Kenilworth for normal folk) or 10 mile (via Stoneleigh for those with a penchant for mild risk survival) trip. This is not a walk in the park (quite literally), and by mile 9, climbing the hill up towards campus, you're legs must tire. This tends to make you wobble ever so slightly, or in some cases, veer suicidally across to the middle of the road before sweeping back across and clattering into a bush (maybe this particular cyclist was just drunk, but it was 11am).

I've rambled – what I mean to say is this – stop and rest, and stop wobbling in front of me as I'm coming past, forcing evasive action half way across the road for me. Oh and there seem to be a lot of ageing cyclists who wobble out of practice rather than fault, just get off the road and into a bus, please.

Secondly is this curious epidemic of speedlimititus. It afflicts a wide range of drivers, particularly the elderly, recently passed drivers, or in Leamington, anyone who a) Has a car capable of seating more than 2 people; and b) Does not have a lecture, or anything for that matter, to get to. Symptoms include:

– Extremely slow acceleration. Presumably to prevent from accidentally tipping 31mph. – Extremely gradual braking. Afflicted persons often begin to brake some half mile before the junction which requires said decceleration. This is presumably to pre-empt every possible change in the speed limit. – And now the big one: a tendency to drive (or "peak", if you like) at a minimum of 10mph below the speed limit, though it seems 20mph is a requisite on national speed limit roads. – Finally, these people have a fetish for hanging/sticking things in the back window, with dramatic slogans such as "BACK OFF - baby on board" or, my personal favourite as it is often in 30 inch high letters, readable from the moon, "If you can read this, BACK OFF", presumably aimed at warding off alien invasion.

This is an epidemic that must be dealt with. I do not encourage the breaking of speed limits, merely that folk drive at the speed limits where possible. Please stop pulling out in front of me, travelling at 30mph, and proceeding for a full mile before getting up to my speed.

Finally: those who are suffering at the hands of these plagued persons, I plan to release a car sticker aimed at countering their dramatic slogans. These should be placed in the front windscreen, behind the rear-view mirror. In mirrored writing they shall read – "SPEED UP – I eat babies". (OK, its not quite so dramatic, but I felt "I'm a paedophile" pushed the bounds of good taste)

August 29, 2004

Superhero politics

4 out of 5 stars

A friend of mine, Kaoru, recently voiced her concerns about the political messages behind Hollywood movies:

I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend. Remember when I went to see Bowling for Columbine I felt really uncomfortable and I didn't really like it? I tried to explain to you why I didn't like it but I myself didn't really know what exactly the reason is. Now, I know.

I hated the idea of having political thing behind a movie. And when I was watching F911, in the beginning I felt the same way. But in the end I noticed that Michael Moore is just straight out in making his movies.

I noticed that all the rest of the Hollywood movies are just the same. They are all political propaganda. I went to see Spiderman 2 last month and I really enjoyed it. But now, when I come to think about it, Spiderman's red and blue costume just reminds me of the American flag. The villain who looks a lot like Iraqi gives a great terror to the city of Manhattan. And the final message that the audience gets from the movie is "It hurts to become a hero but you need to sacrifice something for the world." Doesn't that sound a lot like somebody that we know??

And I'm really frightened when I imagine small children watching that movie without knowing this message being imprinted in them. It is exactly the same technique Hitler and the Japanese government used during the WW II.

Tell me I'm wrong cause I really hope so.

Hmmm. I felt she was definitely on to something, so I did some research:

The Rhethoric of Superheroes lecture notes

  • The superhero, by virtue of might and intelligence, is in many ways above the law. He or she cooperates with the law because he or she chooses to, not because he or she is compelled to.
  • Superheroes fight supervillains and stop natural disasters, but they rarely if ever involve themselves in political struggles. Superheroes usually follow a moral or physical authority without question.
  • Their moral world (with some important exceptions) rarely allows for ambiguity.
  • Problems are resolved not through dialogue but through battle or warfare.

Religious angle

Lots of voices

"With great power comes great responsibility."

"I believe there is a hero in all of us: gives us strength, makes us noble, eventhough sometimes we have to give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams."

"No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try: it's the ones I love who will always be the ones who pay."

Peter Parker wants "life of my own". He "is Spider-Man no more".

Doc Ock: dangers of technology. Dürenmatt, Die Physiker!

"Why loylaty to Spider-Man and not your best friend?"

"There are bigger things happening here than me and you."

All things considered, I'm too lazy to properly congeal everything into a well-shaped argument, so I shall content myself with an image of the relationship between Hollywood – and indeed media in general – and government similar to that of research at MIT and the Pentagon.

Apart from the larger issues, Spiderman 2 was thoroughly entertaining.

May 23, 2004


Writing about web page http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/rick/10-29pdc03.asp

Wallop is Microsofts latest blog technology that will tie in with MSN Messanger and focus on relationships between bloggers, improving on the Friendster idea.

The link I am writing about will send you to a keynote speech by Rick Rashid, featuring Microsoft social computing group researcher Lili Cheng. It's quite long, so you best do a page search for "Lili Cheng".

I also found two articles on Wired and Microsoft-Watch .

Quite interesting, have a nosey…

May 17, 2004

Why the exclusivity?

Writing about web page http://www.sdpacheco.de/wp-blog/archives/2004/05/17/university-of-warwick-blogs/

I have just published and subsequently deleted a test post that was meant to test the pingback and trackback facility to external blogs.

While at least trackback works internally, neither do with external blogs, neither inbound nor outbound.

I find that's a shame as it seperates the Warwick blogs from those in the rest of the world and thus goes against what the blog community is all about.

Embrace blogs

Follow-up to Speaker's Corner from Shared Psychosis

Kieran was right about my post being tongue-in-cheek. So what if blogs mean the americanisation of the soul? It's an aspect of the soul I would not mind being American…

Why else am I here, blogging?