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October 23, 2011

Team Work with being excellent

I learnt to work with people with stronger personalities then myself. I have learnt how to implement the excellence model not only in an organisation but within myself. I have also helped others do the same!! Thank You to my group and to Paul..

You have to be excellent to be in an excellent organisation.

October 22, 2011


Appraisals are not the only way to appraise your employees. Allot of people do not agree with appraisals. What else is there to measure peoples/workers/employees performance in an organisation? Incentives can be given to help motivate the people in the organisation!

October 21, 2011

The Journey

The journey has truely begun for all MBE students!! Well done all!!

Imposing Opposition

How do you tackle an imposed veiw by an opposed veiw?

October 20, 2011

Organisational Learning

After learning the 5 disciplines of organisational learning which were: -

1) Personal Mastery - Aspirations of one

2) Mental Models - Reflections thinking

3) Shared Vision - Focus on mutual purpose

4) Team Learning - Group interactions

5) System thinking - Learn from the change

So the questions I have for all is: Is it the individual that learns in the organisation or is it the organisation that learns? and What impact will organisation learning have in the business to adopt this concept?

October 13, 2011

Adequate Time Managing

The success is in how you keep your time to complete a challenaged task!! You have to balance your time adequately to manage the full capacity of the hours of the day. Remembering there are 24hrs in one day, the minimum I need to sleep to have a productive day is between 5-6hours! What is yours??

Balancing your time is the most useful tip of the day!! :)

Time manageing is in the hands of the enabler to provide the right results!! If your day does not start off managed you will not complete your challenges to acheive your goals.

October 11, 2011

Creating Excellence

My ideas of thinking out of the box on theory to create a Center of Excellence for the institute/surrounding we are in. Keep in mind for those doing the Management for Business Excellence course at Warwick University, lets all create that excellence in our lives that can be sustainable for the future to come.

These groups have not been created for its competitive skills but for its comparative, leadership and team building skills. To work in a group you can achieve more then working individually as the input of knowledge is not just your own but several ideas. Lets help each other achieve that high standard of work, which can be a stepping-stone to success for the future to come. The group can also help motivate eachother.

Teamwork is achieving a common goal by appropriate combinations of activities and cooperation. To work together in a team/group can be a challenge but lets all learn to accept, adjust, accommodate, and analyze all situations and work together.

October 2011

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