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February 19, 2012

Learning from experience

Why is it that some people do not want to learn from other peoples experiences? Learning from other peoples experience actually makes you want to know how they overcame the problem(s). Alot of people want to make their own mistakes and learn from them themselves. But those who share their mistakes from their experiences help people overcome similar issues... Learning from other people's experience actually makes you realize what the world is really like once you start working in the real world.

I came across two qoute:

  1. "Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action" (Benjamin Disraeli)
  2. "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Leadership Is Not All About Winning!!

From a week of the Leadership module I have learnt that Leadership is not all about winning but it is about learning to be an effective leader in your team or environment. Even though I have been in the winning team three times now, I have learnt that you have to make the atmosphere in your team to be a learning from mistakes one. Making the atmosphere more friendly and fun, will help make the followers more motivated to follow. There are some key qualities to be an effective leader that I have learnt from this week:

  • Having a Vision, creating goals to achieve what you want.
  • Having the ability to communicate and listen to others in yout group/team other then yourself.
  • Creating that fairness and openess atmosphere.
  • Have confidence not only in your group/followers but in yourself.
  • Taking responsibility and exploreing other members of your team.
  • Be able to encourage, motivate and inspire other members in your group.

February 15, 2012

Team exercise leadership refelection

I learnt that there are a lot of different types of leaders, after the Hotel exercise. I have learnt that there are autocratic leaders, democratic leader, silent leaders, authority/dominance leader and those who want to be led. The group we had all these various types of leaders. I have realized that it is the surrounding some leaders are in, that they do not show their true colors, and do not come out of their cage, unless they feel the environment they are in is a friendly one or not. In business it has been said that there is no such thing as an in-direct leader but I believe there is such thing as a silent leader. A silent leader is a person that lets the team feel his or her presence by reassuring the team’s performance. Because the team was doing really well in the exercise and if the team was felt as the leader was autocratic it would have put the teams atmosphere in jeopardy. As the team knew the situation that was being faced and the leaders that came in were debriefed of the current situation. We learnt that our team was not a leader led team but joint individual leaders there were 3 main leaders 1 silent leader and 1 assessor. We all created a fun, friendly and secure environment where we could all open up and show our fairness in the team. The best part was when there was an argument; there was always a bargainer that would meet the two that were arguing halfway.

February 05, 2012


From a whole week of Leadership and excellence module, it has got me thinking on what leadership really is? There are so many meaning for leadership, but the definition that best suits me is,

Leadership is a process of communicating creativity through an experience inspired by role models/examples to create openness, motivation, fairness and integrity. Also having an insight to recognize all situations, showing authority and interacting.

So if the leader tells to do something or enforced his or her veiw, this makes him/her a direct leader (An example would be Hitler). But if the leader does something that benefits the world and people learn from it and follow without being told to follow is known as an indirect leader (An example of this would be Mother Teresa). But the question that comes to my mind is Does the dominance of a person make them an effective leader?

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