April 16, 2005

That who to vote for election thing…

…surely written by a lib dem? I haven't seen one come out with anything other than that so far, even my own.

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  1. A lot of conservative supporters have come out as conservative supporters.

    16 Apr 2005, 14:26

  2. I must have missed the masses of conservative supporters who did it!

    16 Apr 2005, 14:32

  3. I came out as Green…

    16 Apr 2005, 14:35

  4. Milly

    Could it be just maybe because the vast majority of people should vote for Lib Dems but don't because of this "oh, a vote for the lib dems is a vote away from labour and to the conservatives" concept.
    It annoys me so, I vote for the people I want in not for someone else so that another won't get in.

    I do hope that what I have just said sounds arse backwards as the logic behind the concept is ultimately stupid! Vote for the people you want in power you wallies!

    16 Apr 2005, 14:44

  5. Hmmmmmmm, I don't agree entirely I'm afraid Milly.

    Say you've got party A, B, C. So then, C are your favourite, you hate B, and you're relatively indifferent to A but you would have shoot yourself than see B elected, then if C are in a distant third place you should sacrifice your vote for them, and vote A to ensure that B don't win.

    However I am inclined to agree with you if the three parties are close together.
    Of course they could solve this tactical voting nonsense altoghether by using STV when of course you could vote C, A, No further preference and everybody is happy.

    Sadly in my local constiuency there doesn't seem to be a Monster Raving Looney party candidate which is a real shame.


    PS A = Labour, B = Conservative and C = Lib dem in this example, for anybody who didn't get that, ahem.

    16 Apr 2005, 15:23

  6. Milly

    True true, but the thing is if everyone who says "I'd vote C, but I think I owt to vote A incase B get in" voted C, C would win and all would be happy.

    Yes lets STV it up and have John as returning officer – if there was any foul play he'd annul the entire election and I'd get to hear my dad talk to B campaigners over the telephone (possibly the funniest thing I've heard in a long while)

    16 Apr 2005, 16:55

  7. I think the Lib Dems have a lot of good policies which are close to people's hearts, but their problem is that nobody trusts that they would actually pull it all off. You would be a pretty cruel person to vote against giving the elderly free long term care, as in the quizz, but who is going to pay for it all?

    16 Apr 2005, 17:30

  8. Centre left parties and policies tend to do well in such internet questionnaires, as judging from previous quizzes. And of course a far higher proportion of students tend to be Liberal Democrat-leaning than other sections of society.

    16 Apr 2005, 18:19

  9. I came out as Amnesia.

    16 Apr 2005, 19:10

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