April 28, 2005

I'm trying to be good, really I am….....

…....but people keep encouraging me to procrastinate (including to be honest me).

I've been good all week, not as good as my ideal revision schedule should make me, but making an effort like I haven't since A-Levels some 4 years ago.

10:45…Ready to go, earliest yet, up in two snoozes, only 45 minutes late. I wasted an hour on the net.

11:45… mindful of that fact I've done a car swap with Spuggy because mine is bigger and he's off on a trip this weekend, I decided to go on a hunt for new tyres as mine are getting a little dodgy and I don't want Spuggy to crash my car. I failed to get tyres.

12:40… That out of the way, I discovered RaW have got coverage of Elections Night, so I listened to my interviews and stuff, my voice doesn't sound nearly as weird as I thought.

13:30 – 14:30… I did an hours work (go me)

14:30 – 16:05… Stopped for a supposedly brief lunch break. Got distracted by somebody keeping me up to date with the John Cross affair.

16:05 – 16:10… Worked

16:10… Housemate comes to ask how I am, develops into and hour long conversation about Union democracy

17:10… Looks like I might get to work, other housemates descend on my room and try to instigate trip to pub

17:10–17:30… Protest I need to work

17:30 – 18:30… Pub

18:30–18:45… Locked out of room by mean housemates

18:45 – 18:50… Work!

18:50… MSN Message to phone Spuggy urgently about car (Wet myself there). He is in Varsity, has managed to break the key by 'playing with it'. Asks if I have spare (I did). Suggests I drop it round to his house and he'll pick up car in morning, no way in hell I'm leaving my car in Varsity car park on a Thursday night

18:50 -19:50… Deliver spare key to Spuggy

19:50 – 20:20… Speak to Ellie (allowed!)

20:30… Sit down to work

20:31… MSN, am I coming to mixed hockey social tonight, for an hour or so

20:32… Protest

20:33… Agree to go

20:33 – present… Blog that I tried to revise and that it didn't go well but it wasn't (entirely) my fault.

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  1. U need to go to the library mate, it's the only way to avoid distractions!

    28 Apr 2005, 21:52

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